Friday, February 28, 2014

What does Waitangi mean to us

What does Waitangi mean to me??"Hhhhhhmmm.." Well watch this movie that my friends and I made about "What does Waitangi mean to me?" I hope you really enjoy!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thank You

Dear Parent,

I would like to say thank you for taking time off and coming to the picnic with our class. If it wasn’t for your help where will we be? Not at the picnic of course. We would be at school doing work! So thank you a lot for coming. Thank you for looking after my friends and my bags. You have been very kind and helpful. You have been the best helper.

You might have noticed that at the picnic there were lots of sports. There was Volley, Softball, Touch and Cricket. Mr Goodwin took the volley. Some parents took the Touch and Cricket and Ms Va’afusuaga took the Softball. Everyone was having a lot of fun!!

The picnic was the best. We had lots of fun, playing sports and hanging out with my friends. My favourite memory was mostly playing volley. Why? Because volley is one of my favourite sports. The picnic was fun, because my friends and I got to have time off learning.

Thanks once again.

Kind Regards

Jordenne Eteuati

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What is a Netbook and how do you work it?

What is a Netbook?
A netbook is a socializing tool for the students of the Manaiakalani cluster, it is technology  and it is a mini version of a laptop. Netbooks is a device we use for lots of learning and it is portable. It is used for learning at Pt England and at other schools around Auckland. Instead of using books we use Netbooks for creative learning. We use for researching, sharing blogs and going to our learning sites.

What are the parts?
There are lots of parts on the Netbook. One of them is obviously a keypad. There are a whole heap of keys, well to be precise there are 82. Keypad is where we type, we type our stories, when we search something up and doing your password. There is an earphone port, an on/off button, a screen, usb port, touchpad, camera, speakers, charger and a battery. All of those parts are useful and important.

How do you work it?
A netbook is very easy to work remember its just like a laptop but smaller. There's actually nothing to talk about of how it works. Its all the same.

And that is all you have to know about. (If I have left something out please comment below and tell me)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Duffy Show

Yesterday afternoon we went to watch the book lover, he loves reading books and his name is Duffy. It was pretty cool but what I didn’t like the heat in the hall. Everyone was sweating but not as sweaty as the Duffy characters, Rosie, Duffy of course and Bingo the rugby player.

This show was about Duffies uncle Bingo who plays rugby but didn’t like reading, he said that Books aren’t his thing. But Rosie had a book that she wanted to give Bingo. So Duffy and Rosie tries to help him by making “The Best Book Ever” We had to make weird noises. Whenever Duffy opens the book we had to make that sound that he told us to make.

When they were done making the best book ever, Bingo came out from the bathroom finishing combing his hair and said “Oh I’m going now” He waved his hand in goodbye. “But wait!” shouted Duffy. “You have to come and read this book its called “The Best Book Ever” Bingo walked back in and stared at the book. Duffy slowly opened the book and suddenly they were all tangled up with madness.

All the noises we made was on them literally on them. The pirates was on them, the wild things and all the noises we made. In order to get them out we had make the sounds we did. On Duffy there was a spider on him and the spider is from the wild, so we made a snake sound “Ssssssssss” When he got out it was Rosies turn she had a pirate beside her. “Arrrrgggghhhh” we shouted. “Get off! Gett off! Theres a fly on me.” Bingo cried. But it was a dinosaur. “Aaaaaaah” Bingo got out and ran to the door and said “Thanks for…...thanks for uh whatever that was” And he ran to catch a cab and went straight to the airport to Sydney, Australia for his grand Finale.

Duffy and his friend Rosie were sad. They had nothing left to do. “Good evening Bingo” said the flight hostess. Bingo went to the plane and sat down. “Please fasten your seatbelt while on the flight. Thank you” said the flight attendant. Bingo was really bored, on his hand was a present wrapped in grey wrapping paper. “Oh whats that on your hand. Its grey, grey is my favourite colour. You should open it” said the fly hostess.

When the woman left Bingo decided to open the present. “Open it! Open it!!” His left arm shouted. “I am, I am just wait!” Bingo opened it and it was a book from Rosie. It was her favourite book and that book was about ballet. Bingo opened the book and started reading.

About a few hours later it was time for Bingos grand finale. “Turn on the TV!! Bingos on!” shouted Rosie. Duffy quickly ran to the Television and turned it on. On the TV Bingo was on it he was running he was passing the ball to his left and right and when he got the ball he started doing ballet. “What is he doing”??” Duffy asked. “He read my book! Bingo read my book!” shouted Rosie.

Bingo was doing a ballet dance while running for the try. He jumped up and twirled and scored for the try! The crowd goes wild! “Yeeeeaaaaah Bingo!” The camera men and the news reporter ran to Bingo and asked “How did you feel about that?” Bingo was so tired that he said “I feel awesome and that was all because of Rosie and Duffy” Rosie and Duffy were so happy. And now Bingo loves reading books. THE END!!  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What are the 3 Ps?

Tomorrow we are having a holiday for Waitangi day. Its the day where Maoris and English untied. And here are the three P’s.

1. Protection: For an example, when someone is getting bullied always defend and protect them. But if you're the one getting bullied just stand up and protect yourself. For an example at P.E.S we need to protect our gears, taking charge, keeping our school tidy and especially protecting little kids by being a role model and being cybersmart.

2. Partnership: Partnership means working together. For an example when you're playing a sport all you need is team work, you need to co-operate and support each other. You need to be united with other people come together and work together. And that's all you need to do. For an example at P.E.S we need to love one another and care about them. P.E.S we always need to be kind and help other people.  

3. Participation: Participation what does it mean? The first three syllables in Participation is “Part”. For an example at school rugby trials are coming up and you love it. You know what to do take “Part” in it. Joining in and volunteering to play. For an example at P.E.S we need give it a go. Some people want to play but they are scared they might not make it in. That's why you just give it a go. And that's what you need to know about “Participation”.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holiday Highlight

My highlight was going to the movies to watch frozen. It was alright. 
But my little cousins Eden and Eva they thought it was “AWESOME”. They loved every part of the movie.
And they loved the song "Let it go" sung by Elsa. 
They always sang it when the movie finished. My cousins were pretty addicted to the song.

My favourite character in the movie “Frozen” was..........well its pretty obvious because nearly everyone likes him. And his name is Olaf. If you don’t who Olaf is, he's a funny snowman created by Anna’s sister Elsa the Snow Queen. He was so hilarious. This character Olaf must be really hard to create because he can move his body parts around!

Well apart from the movie it was fun spending time with my little cousins and even my auntie and uncle. Who is your favourite character and why??