Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holiday Highlight

My highlight was going to the movies to watch frozen. It was alright. 
But my little cousins Eden and Eva they thought it was “AWESOME”. They loved every part of the movie.
And they loved the song "Let it go" sung by Elsa. 
They always sang it when the movie finished. My cousins were pretty addicted to the song.

My favourite character in the movie “Frozen” was..........well its pretty obvious because nearly everyone likes him. And his name is Olaf. If you don’t who Olaf is, he's a funny snowman created by Anna’s sister Elsa the Snow Queen. He was so hilarious. This character Olaf must be really hard to create because he can move his body parts around!

Well apart from the movie it was fun spending time with my little cousins and even my auntie and uncle. Who is your favourite character and why??

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