Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Michael Jones

Josephine and I worked so hard to get this presentation ready. Our all black we have chosen is michael Jones for our presentation because he is so strong.So sit back and enjoy our story line.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Wow! As we went in the hall to play badminton I saw lots and lots of rackets and shuttles. Their was a lady in the hall waiting for us call Loreen.

First she told us to sensible get one racket each. I got my racket sat down. I was listening to her while I was going to sit down. Loreen first taught us how to serve. She told us to get a shuttle from that bin in the middle. It not really a bin to put rubbish, its where they put the shuttles. She told us if we get a shuttle we have to practice serving, and every time she says shuttle we sit down as fast as we can and do the other activity. We grabbed one shuttle each and practice serving. I tried to hit it but I kept on missing. “Shuttles, I heard a noise saying shuttle, I quickly sat down fold and listened to Loreen.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ma'a Nonu

Weaving in and out, the mean machine Ma’a Nonu went through the opposition line.
Down the field he ran away fast to dive through the try line. Slipping out of the tackle he barged through the opposition team and side stepped through them. He used his great skills to smash in and try to get the ball.
The charging bull Ma’a Nonu quickly passed the ball to his team mate. There were lots of players that had been tackled down, but there was one man who was still standing and he had the ball, his name -Ma’a Nonu. He ran through them to get a try. Horray! The All Blacks cheered.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu was a professional New Zealand Rugby Union player who played 63 games after he debuted for the All Blacks in 1994. He was the first global superstar in rugby. He made a huge impact on the game.

In 2003 Jonah Lomu had kidney disease. He couldn’t play rugby because he had kidney problems. The side effects of dialysis meant he suffered nerve damage, he may have ended up on a wheelchair. Luckily for Jonah, Grant Kereama decided to donate him a Kidney. Jonah Lomu really wanted to go back and play rugby. But the doctor said to quit because of his kidneys.

In 2005 Jonah began to comeback. He tried playing for Wellington, Hong Kong and France. But he soon gave up his dream of being an all black again. He retired on 2007.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beep Test

“Woof”! I puffed. I was really tired on that beep test. It was so hard that I wanted a rest but I didn’t. Because as Miss King said If you are tired or thirsty just try you best. Then I did. I was soooo bored that I thought that It could really fun, then I found out it was boring. Miss Va’afusuaga was there because she came and help us how to do it. She said that the girls were first, then I ran up to the line to start. I was so nervous when I steped on the line. Miss Va’afusuaga pressed the button and it said it is starting in 5 seconds. Beep I jogged towards the line before the beep. Then it went on and on until the three last person which was me, Kashya and Iron. We were trying to get to the line first. The next minute Iron went out and me and Kashya were still in. Lot’s of people were cheering for us too. On 9.1 I went out. Then it was just Kashya. She was trying her best to stop, she was puffing and puffing until she stoped. Kashya went out on 10.5.


Rugby school played a game of football with 100 of players in . They weren’t really playing real football. They were permitted to not run with the ball but could hold on to it. They played with no fixed limit of players, you could put any number on the team, maybe even 100. An enormous rolling maul gathered all together and heaps of people had major injuries as a result.
In1823 William Web Ellis ran with the ball and scored a try on the opposition goal.
In 1845 the first set of the rules were written for the new game called rugby.