Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Future Computer called the Scanputer

This is my future computer called the Scanputer. On this picture that I have worked really hard to show you has all the information. One day you can invent something. So you better read it very carefully. You can get some ideas from this.

Bar Camp

Bigger tents so I have more space to sleep in.
A thing that I want to add is rock climbing

No Limitations

B: I want a big tents like a size of a elephant so we can have fun.
A: I want to add more tents so each and everyone of us have one
R: I would want to replace our kitchen in the marquee into a real kitchen


Narrative is a general term of a story.


Goldilocks: doesn’t have a home, even though she didn’t have a home you can’t just barge inside a house. Well anyway when she walked in she went to the kitchen and ate porridge.

Mama Bear: is a mom of 1 child. She has worn that panda since her mum was alive.

Papa Bear: is a dad the husband of mama bear the dad of baby bear.
Baby Bear: is a the only child in his house. No brothers and sisters.

The three bears went out of their house to go for a walk when suddenly a little girl named goldilocks walked inside their house. She was looking for a home. “This is perfect” she said. Goldilocks went to the kitchen to find some food. “Porridge!” she shouted ,licking her lips. “Mmmm, very yummy porridge I had. It made me so full, I’m going to sleep”

Goldilocks went upstairs and saw a bed. She lay down on the bed and went straight to sleep.
About 10 minutes later the little girl heard noises from downstairs. “That was a nice walk wasn’t it” said the little bear to his papa and mama. “Yes,Yes it was” replied papa. The little bear went upstairs to go for a sleep.

“Aaaaaaaah” cried little bear. “Mama, Papa come here” As soon as mama bear and papa bear came upstairs, they looked at Goldilocks. And things started to get really bad.

To be Continued......

Monday, November 26, 2012

The scary ugly looking monster.

In the dark forest with the moonlight shining from above, a little boy sat across the lake holding a stick and on the stick was a marshmallow. The little boy sat by the fire for warmth.

A scary creature crawled out of the lake, hunting for food. With his yellow eyes he saw a bright light and a little boy. The creature crept behind the trees, licking his lips for food. Its green tail slapped against the trees.

The scary creature walked behind the boy. As the little boy heard the tree move he turned around and saw the big, ugly creature. The little boy pointed his stick at the creature incase danger happens....

Friday, November 23, 2012

Our parents paying for our Netbooks

Having our parents paying for our Netbooks is really cool. The reason why they pay for our netbooks is because they love us. Our parents pay 15 dollars a month, and I think that is really good.

Netbooks are not for playing games and listening to songs. We use our Netbooks to work on
and to share what have we learnt and created to the world.

This man called Pat Snedden, who is the chairman of Manaiakalani came to our school and talked about our lovely parents paying for our Netbooks. The results were that, together our parents are 1 and ½ million dollars. Our parents love us so much! So I would love to say a big THANK YOU to my parents.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My made up toy The Amazing Backstroke flyer

This is all about my made up toy called the "Amazing Backstroke flyer".  The movie that I have made for you has all the information about my invention.

So you better read it and one day you can invent a toy. Hope you enjoy my movie!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Film Festival Review

This movie "The Test"
is really interesting and funny. It is about these boys saying hi or sup to each other during the final Math test.

This class had made an amazing movie that you should watch. They a really lucky to show it to everyone.

I love this movie because it is funny and hilarious! You should watch it because you might laugh and you might think it is interesting, because they are really good actors, especially this boy called Reyhan.

Since they done a really really good job on this movie, I am giving them a 10/10.
They are really talented kids. This is me merging into Raihan’s face.

Here is a link to their blog

Thursday, November 15, 2012

50 Word Story about the Film Festival

This movie was made by the Tlented Room 18. Here is a link to
 their blog

Watching The Test by Room 18 was so hilarious! They were told to sit quietly when you're finished, but then they made some really weird facials during the test. I think they were saying “sup” to each other. They were great actors, especially Reyhan. He was a really funny boy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My friends and I made this movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Our whole class had the chance to make a movie. We had to plan, prepare, film and edit all by ourselves. Our class had our own film festival to select the best two, to be shown at the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Here is my group's entry!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

High Jump-Athletics

“Wooh” I breathed slowly while trying to focus on the High Jump. Porscha and I were the last 2. I had first every year, so I had to come first again. I have to try hard!

The ten year old age group is really hard. Harder than the ones I had done when I was 8 and 9. The bar started really high.
Porscha had already made it over. She looked relaxed, and it looked like it  was too easy for her.

It was my turn to jump. Seeing Miss King videoing me, I felt like I was going to get distracted.
But no, it was alright. “Ready if you are Jordenne” Miss King called out.

Heaps of people were cheering for me. I took one step back and looked up. “Go” I whispered to myself. I ran as fast as I could and jumped over. I closed my eyes.

“Did I make it? I asked myself. “Try again” said Miss King. Quickly I walked back to the spot where I was. “Come on Jordenne I can do this” I said.

Running really fast, I jumped and I....Failed! Porscha was the winner and I was the second place. “You did good Jordenne” Asena said while putting her hands over me for a hug. “Thanks” I replied.

Porscha and I walked over to Miss Ouano. “Porscha made it over  1 metre 13 and Jordenne made it over 1 metre 10” Miss King said to Miss Ouano. “You guys did great” Miss Ouano said happily.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Scary Story

On a really snowy day, snowflakes fell peacefully from the sky. I was skipping along the narrow alleyway towards the village blackboard to write my name because today was my fifth birthday. Slowly I bent down and picked up the chalk, to write my name. A....L......M.....A.

I heard something really strange behind me, I turned around and saw a doll inside a shop.
That shop looked really creepy and old, I hadn’t ever seen anyone inside there before. I walked towards the window and saw the doll. It was really dark inside.

Rubbing my hands against the window, I wiped the frost away to get a closer look at the doll. To my surprise it looked just like me. Quickly I rubbed my eyes and looked back at the doll. It was gone! I saw a door to the shop, I ran towards it and tried to open it. But it was locked.

Angrily, I stepped back and folded my arms. I saw snow piles in front of the door, so I picked some up, made a snowball and chucked it at the door.  Stomping away, I suddenly heard something. I turned around and saw the door opened.

I ran towards the door and slowly I peeked inside, there were heaps of dolls. But I just cared about the one that looked like me. There I saw the doll. Stumbling my way towards it, I suddenly kicked a toy.

It was a boy riding on a bike. I picked it up and let it go, it started moving fast towards the door. That doll was trying to escape. As soon as he got to the door, it suddenly slammed in his face.
I stood back up and looked back to the doll. But it was gone again!

I looked around. The shelf, table and everywhere, but there was nothing. Slowly I looked back towards a high shelf and there it was. I jumped on a chair where I could climb up to reach the doll. Trying really hard to reach it, I didn’t notice that heaps of other dolls were looking at me, trying to warn me.

Slowly, inch by inch I tried to grab the doll. I touched the nose and suddenly. “SNAP”. I was inside the doll, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. I was breathing heavily.The only thing I could do was look around that shop!

I saw another doll popping up from the basement. It was the next girl....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

As Charlie was walking home, he looked down and found a coin. Charlie bent down and grabbed it. He held it into his hands and walked to the shops and bought a Wonka bar.

“May I help you” the shop owner said. “Can I please have a chocolate bar, a big one please” Charlie answered. The shop owner went to grab the chocolate and gave it to Charlie. “Here have this, the scrumdiddlyumptious”. Charlie snatched it off the shop owners hands, and ripped the cover off. He shoveled it into his mouth without even chewing.

“Excuse me” the shop owner said while he was putting his hand out for the coin. “Excuse me”.
“Oh sorry, here” Charlie answered. Charlie walked towards the door but then he stopped and went back and asked for another chocolate bar for.

The shop owner saw Charlie coming to him again. “May I have another Wonka bar for my grandpa Joe please” said Charlie. “Here why don’t you try an original one. I don’t need to hide anymore because all the Golden tickets have been found” replied the shop owner. Charlie gave him the change that he had and walked outside.

He saw heaps of people jostling around the news paper. “Hey, the fifth ticket is a fake” the man in the crowd shouted. Charlie realised he still have a chance to win the fifth Golden ticket, so he went behind the shop and slowly started to rip the cover off the chocolate.

As Charlie was ripping the cover off, he saw a GOLDEN TICKET. He quickly closed it and ripped it again really fast, and held the ticket in front of him. Suddenly a woman came and grabbed Charlie’s hand and shouted”He’s got the fifth Golden ticket”.

People were pushing through each other and trying to get the Golden ticket. He held it up so no one would get it. Charlie heard someone calling him”Charlie, Charlie” it was a man from the crowd.

The man held Charlie’s hand and pushed everyone so Charlie could go home. “Run home Charlie, don’t stop running” The man shouted. Charlie ran all the way home and showed his family the Golden Ticket.