Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Narrative is a general term of a story.


Goldilocks: doesn’t have a home, even though she didn’t have a home you can’t just barge inside a house. Well anyway when she walked in she went to the kitchen and ate porridge.

Mama Bear: is a mom of 1 child. She has worn that panda since her mum was alive.

Papa Bear: is a dad the husband of mama bear the dad of baby bear.
Baby Bear: is a the only child in his house. No brothers and sisters.

The three bears went out of their house to go for a walk when suddenly a little girl named goldilocks walked inside their house. She was looking for a home. “This is perfect” she said. Goldilocks went to the kitchen to find some food. “Porridge!” she shouted ,licking her lips. “Mmmm, very yummy porridge I had. It made me so full, I’m going to sleep”

Goldilocks went upstairs and saw a bed. She lay down on the bed and went straight to sleep.
About 10 minutes later the little girl heard noises from downstairs. “That was a nice walk wasn’t it” said the little bear to his papa and mama. “Yes,Yes it was” replied papa. The little bear went upstairs to go for a sleep.

“Aaaaaaaah” cried little bear. “Mama, Papa come here” As soon as mama bear and papa bear came upstairs, they looked at Goldilocks. And things started to get really bad.

To be Continued......

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  1. Exciting.....nice version of the story of Goldilocks! ia - o le mea ga maua i le tago i mea a isi tagata aea bub!....dont touch whats not yours...and dont go into strangers houses! ok - finish off your story some time so we can see what actually happens!!! mum x