Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aussie Rules

“Yay”! It’s Aussie Rules today. I was so excited. When the bell rang after lunchtime I quickly ran to class and lined up. Room 13 room 19 had to the bottom field to play our game.

“Oooh”! I shivered, wind blew through my hair as I was walking. I sat down and saw a lot of mud all around the rugby field. Finally the wind stopped, I started to get warm. The weather was so changeable.

Megan and Allysa were our coaches. They taught us some awesome skills. First they taught us a warm up skill. My partner was Kashya, she was a really good partner. Our warm up was called Jumper Bumper. We had to bump our partners over while hopping, 3 times, if you did you sat down. I thought it was really dangerous. I tried and tried then yay I bumped her off. When we finished, Megan blew her whistle. We moved on to our next skill.

Our first skill was bouncing the ball 10 times. We had to bounce the ball as we bent down, walk then run. It was a pretty hard skill.

When we finished playing bouncing the ball on the concrete. We played a game just like baseball, but if you are a batter you had to kick. Each person from room 13 and 19 had to line up in front of Megan or Allysa. Walking towards the muddy field, we sorted out that we would be the fielders, and the other team were kickers. While we were playing Thea kicked the and I nearly caught the ball. When we finished we were the kickers were fielders.

While I was waiting Mr Harris told me to come with him to practice how to play just in case I got it wrong. When I finished practicing with Mr Harris. It was my turn to kick. Allysa blew her whistle so I know when to kick. When I got to kicked I got the ball from Allysa and ran around the dimond bouncing the ball.
My team was cheering as I was running. I tried to run fast but they caught me out. We played on until we went back to class.

It was a very nice day, and nothing is better then Aussie Rules


YUM!!! Room 13 were making alfajorcitos. They are the best!

“Mmmm Delicioso”, I said as I enjoyed the alfajorcitos. As I was licking my fingers and lips the sticky gooey dule de leeche which is kind of like caramel slid down to my fingers. When we were done the dule de leeche and the biscuits and the knifes went toward the next kids. The alfajorcitos was very sweet. I was so greedy that I wanted some more.

Alfajorcitos is an Argentinan favourite and popular treat. I watched the others kids make their alfajorcitos.1st they got 2 biscuit each then they got dule de leeche then they spread it on their biscuits then they sandwiched it together and finally they rolled it on the coconut.

Watching the other kids eating, I saw lots of them crunching the alfajorcitos with their big wide mouth. It was tempting for me to eat some more but we weren’t allowed. As I was watching, I saw Sosaia put lots of yummy duce de leeche on his biscuit.

“Yum”! I said. You should try it. If you don’t know how to make just read my story. That was the best.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Black Out Day!

Filled with huge excitement I got dressed for school. Today at school we are celebrating the All blacks for their very first game for the rugby world cup.To support our country we wore black clothes.

Running down the footpath I saw my friend walking down the breez .Coins jingled in my pocket as I bounced about excitedly - I was going to buy a sausage for my lunch.

Arriving at school, I noticed that the teachers were wearing all black. Miss Tito and Miss Va’afusuaga even had a silver fern painted on their face. At assembly Mr Burt kept telling stories about the times when he was at the rugby games.I love the way he tells us stories.

In our classroom we painted some All Black players. We traced around a small person and then we decorated it with different colours. It was a lovely morning.

After morning tea , we all met up the courts to play some rugby games. The sun was shining above us and the sevens boys had set up some fun looking games. I was in team Russia and we played some games that involved kicking, tackling and tagging. Then the bell rang and it was time for lunchtime.

At lunchtime I ate my sausage under the shade of some trees - it felt like summertime.

I had such a great black out day and I really hope that the All Blacks can win tonight. My brother is supporting Tonga, but I don’t know if they can win.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rugby World Cup

It was lonely sitting in the train then it suddenly stopped.The air condition was busted.
Sweating on my seat it almost felt like I was going to catch on fire!! While fanning myself
I couldn’t breathe. 5 minutes later, I got out and walked along the tracks. Finally I got to Eden
Park. Making my way to my reserve seat. I realized that I missed the opening ceremony.

Kashya RWC from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.