Wednesday, September 28, 2011


YUM!!! Room 13 were making alfajorcitos. They are the best!

“Mmmm Delicioso”, I said as I enjoyed the alfajorcitos. As I was licking my fingers and lips the sticky gooey dule de leeche which is kind of like caramel slid down to my fingers. When we were done the dule de leeche and the biscuits and the knifes went toward the next kids. The alfajorcitos was very sweet. I was so greedy that I wanted some more.

Alfajorcitos is an Argentinan favourite and popular treat. I watched the others kids make their alfajorcitos.1st they got 2 biscuit each then they got dule de leeche then they spread it on their biscuits then they sandwiched it together and finally they rolled it on the coconut.

Watching the other kids eating, I saw lots of them crunching the alfajorcitos with their big wide mouth. It was tempting for me to eat some more but we weren’t allowed. As I was watching, I saw Sosaia put lots of yummy duce de leeche on his biscuit.

“Yum”! I said. You should try it. If you don’t know how to make just read my story. That was the best.

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  1. It looks so yummy and the way you described it makes me want to eat an alfajorcitos too! i hope you didnt eat too much of the biscuits otherwise you wont have enough room for your dinner! Your story writing has improved alot jojo....good girl! love mummy