Monday, October 15, 2012

White Sunday

Celebrating White Sunday, heaps and heaps of families enjoyed watching
the children. White Sunday is when the kids celebrates!

On Sunday, we all got ready for the children's special day! "It is happening" I said
to myself. "It is happening". It was White Sunday!!

I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth really fast and clean. We were in a
big rush. We're suppose to be there at 9.00. Finishing brushing my teeth,
I went to the kitchen and ate breakfast. "Hmm, that was nice".

"Your clothes are here" my Nana shouted. As I walked to her, I saw my dress and it
looked beautiful. I slid inside and I said "Wow I look pretty, I'm going church now".

Walking towards the door I touched my hair and "Aaaaaaaahhhhhh" my hair was messy!
I quickly ran to my aunty and said "Can you do my hair please". She replied "Yes".

My aunty Rivalana, done my hair as a bun. Last year she platted it on the side.
She is really good at doing my hair.

As she finished doing my hair she gave me my earrings. I poked it through my ears and I looked even more 
prettier! I put on my bracelet , my shoes, my necklace and my wreath. "I'm done, I can go church now".

It was time for me to go . Walking inside the hall I saw heaps of kids. They all looked pretty and hansom. I saw my cousins, I said to them " I'm so nervous and excited, there is going to be more
than 100 people. 

We all got into our classes. My grandpa came, he is the minister. He told us to be loud,
be confident and especially smile. "Let us pray" my grandpa said.

When he finished, we all sang a Samoan song while we go inside the church.
We do that every year. When we finished we all sat down.

My grandpa went to the pulpit and told the parents
not to come to the front of the stage to video or take pictures. He said you can sit at the front seat and do it.

First it was the little kids. They were sooo cute! When they all finished their part, they sang "Soon and very soon". That is the time that our class have to go and get ready.

Crawling outside of the church, we all had to get dressed. It wasn't our turn next. It was the other class. We are after them. Our teacher just told us to come. 

It was the other classes turn. About 5 or 10 minutes later, I saw the class coming down off the stage. It's our turn.

The narrator went on. Our story was about Jobe, the servant of God.
I was in scene 3. So the first two characters went on. When they finished their part,It was the other peoples turn.

 We were on after them. Seeing them coming off the stage I felt
sooo excited. Walking up and looking at the people I said my part. 

It was the other persons turn. After her part I had another one.
"Loud and clear, Jordenne" I said to myself. When I finished we both walked off the stage.

The only ones left was our summary and our song.
Finishing those two part, everyone clapped while we were walking off the stage.
I was so happy!! 

When all the classes were finished. All of my cousins came to my house and had a feed.


  1. That was such a nice write up on White Sunday - I actually felt like I was there! You looked beautiful Jo in your new ofu. And aunty Lana did your hair really nice. It reminds me of when I was your age getting ready in the hall for White Sunday. I would be excited but nervous too. And all the other kids looked really nice too in their new clothes. I loved how you described the whole sounded like you had a really enjoyable day. Malo lava Jojo. Love you. Mum x

  2. Hi Jordenne,

    I really like how you said when you touch your hair and it was messy and you gave it to your cousin and she did your hair nice and done. I really like how you said you like WHITE SUNDAY I like it to. Keep up the good work Jordenne.

    From Asena.

  3. Hi Jojo,
    What an exciting recount of Lotu Tamaiiti. I really liked the way you described what you saw and how you felt - Well done. I also agree that you looked very pretty and Lana did a wonderful job on your hair.
    Thank you for sharing all about a very important day as a Samoan Christian. Keep up the good work Jojo.
    Love Aunty Ria xx

  4. hi jordenne,

    you look so pretty! Your story is so cool! I really liked your vocabulary. you are so lucky you have white Sunday. You have a very nice,pretty and beautiful culture. Keep up the lovely work and may god bless you and watch over you!

    <3 Hannah!

  5. Oooohhhh yes the good times practicing really hard to make it perfect.
    And now it starts all over again ;)