Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The day my Netbook dissapeared

Sitting down listening to Miss Garden, I was thinking about my Netbook. “Man! I still haven't taken it to Mrs Tele’a, when I should've had long time ago for her to fix” I whispered to myself. We had to go to a friends blog and comment on it. As our teacher told us to go, everyone stood up and walked towards the Netbook cupboard. I was the only one heading to the flatscreen, I didn’t want to go on it so I asked Iron.

“Can you share your Netbook with me, please?” “Yeah you can” she replied. So we went to the hallway to work. 3 minutes later while talking to Iron, Miss Garden came and said “What is going on girls, and Jordenne have you given your Netbook to Mrs Tele’a?” I started to get scared so I said no. “Jordenne, I am starting get very angry. You were supposed to give it to her long time ago. Go to the cupboard and get it”.

As I was walking to the cupboard, I looked down for my Netbook and there was NOTHING!!
I started freaking out. “No, no, no this can’t be happening”. I went and told Miss Garden to see if she has it. But no she d. I went and told Mr Mark, Mr Sommerville and every single teacher around the school, but their was one more teacher.... Mrs Tele’a. She was the only hope I have.

I started to calm down and walked to the I.C.T room to see if Mrs Tele’a is there. “Found her” I whispered. While walking to her, I crossed my fingers. “Mrs Tele’a do you have my Netbook?”
I asked calmly. “Nope” she replied. “WHAT!!! Nooooooo” Mrs Tele’a tapped me on the back and said “Yes, I do have your Netbook. I forgot, I came and got it because you were suppose to give it to me about 2 or 3 weeks ago” I started thanking Mrs Tele’a and went back to class. “Yay! Problem solved”.

Smelling test for Omaru Creek

Testing Omaru Creek for -

I am going to find out: What the water smells like in Omaru Creek

I am going to test this by: Smelling the water

Resources and equipment: String, bucket, jars and four types of water samples

I predict that: The culvert water is musty and foul and the bridge water is funky and smelly.

I think this because: People chuck rubbish and it is different compared to the sea.

Results of my tests

Fresh and clean
Tap water
clear and odourless
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Putrid and foul
Omaru Creek water by bridge
water plants

My conclusion (what I found out): I found out that the bridge water is stronger than the culvert water. And the sea and tap water is odourless.

Why I think this is: Because we had a good sniff, we can tell which one is stronger.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mangere pools

What a cool ending for the year 5 and 6 camp, because we went to Mangere pools.  My friends and I were excited to go and have some relaxing and fun time. One of our teachers said there were slides, so I got even more excited.

Waiting so long for the big slide to open, I started to get bored. Five minutes later I turned around and saw people lining on top of the hill, I ran up and joined  them. My heart was beating faster and faster  because I felt nervous. As I was getting closer to the slide, sweat dripped down from my forehead. It was finally my turn.

I hopped inside the water and zoom, off I went. “Woohoo” I shouted. Today, my life begins. I was screaming really loud. Water splashed into my face as I skidded through the cold water. Zig zagging around the slide it felt like I was going to slip off, but luckily I stayed inside. I jumped out and started to get dizzy. “That was awesome” I shouted with excitement. And I ran up to line up again.

The line for the slide was too long. So I went with Hannah to this really deep pool. As I hopped inside the water I went all the way down to the bottom, then I floated back up. Trying to catch my breath, more and more water splashed in my face because of people jumping in.

Hannah came and got me up and said “Are you alright?” “Yes” I replied. I asked all my friends if we could go back to the pool where we were before. So we walked slowly down the hill without slipping off and saw everyone eating. “What they are eating already?!” I started to power walk towards the yummy food.

After eating all those yummy food I had a rest and went to 1m pool. “Mmmm, that was nice” I said. It was time for the fun to end. Everyone went and got changed. That was the best camp ever!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Camp concert

This was at our camp concert, and this is my team called The Force.

Jordenne rounding compensation

In my numeracy group we learnt how to solve addition problems using rounding and compensation.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First day of Camp

Walking to the bottom field for our first activity which was Top town, it is an obstacle course. As I was I wondered “Who are we going to challenge first?”. We sat down Mr Jacobsen which is going to be referring told us that we are going to challenge The Band. Our team was called the Force and I was the leader with Christopher.

While sitting down listening to Mr Jacobsen telling us the instructions, I heard someone talking so I told them to listen. After sitting their for a very long time we finally started to play. We had to go and fill up the balloons. Everyone was struggling because it was too small and the tap was too big.

Pehso came up to me and gave him his which was already filled up”Here” he said. He gave to me so I can tie it. “How did you fill it up?” I asked him. “From the water fountain” he replied. The Band and The Force were gathering around two fountains.

I walked towards the bucket next to Miss Lavakula, I was seeing if we have any balloons. Looking down I was scared if their wasn’t. “Yay! There are heaps” I shouted. I heard the siren.
We had to fill it up for twenty minutes, and it was over.

We all ran down back to the bottom field. “GO ON YOUR FORTS!!” Mr Jacobsen shouted at us.
Taimana and I carried the bucket of balloons to the place where we have to throw to the other team...The Band.

Hopping into our fort we all got ready. “GO” The referee shouted. Our first thing was that we all have to hop on a board. If one person falls out then one point gets lost. There were three boards when everyone gets on it we all have to get another one and pass it in the front. We had to go across the river.

“Come on guys we can do it” I encouraged them. One or three people went off the board. Four points went off. Everyone was trying hard and then one person from our team got injured..Sean. His legs were cut from the wood.

About five minutes later our opposition was already there. They had to wait for us. Finally we were there. We had to throw the balloons at them and whoever gets wet the most takes one point off.

“GO!” Mr Jacobsen shouted. We all threw balloons to each other. Everyone was gathering around the bucket for some more balloons. I was reaching inside bucket and felt nothing. There was nothing more but water. We were the wettest.

In first place was The Band. Whoever win had to go their fort and lift their flag up. When we finished our obstacle course the winning team was.............THE FORCE!!!! My team was jumping up shouting “Yay we won!”. “Go back and sit down” Mr Jacobsen said. We all went and sat down.

Our last activity for the day was Kayaking. When we finished we all went back to school and had lunch and a rest. It was awesome.

Monday, March 11, 2013


One hot summers day, Mr S’s groups were excited to go to the pools.

Hopping inside the pool, I started to freeze like an ice block, I stood there looking like a statue while the teacher was talking.

Doing some freestyle for the warm up, I stood on the island trying to catch my breath.

Coming out of the pool I was soaking wet, the water was dripping from my body while I was walking to the changing room.

As I went to hang out my togs, the room was suddenly filled with the smell of Chlorine and chemicals.

Walking animation

Here is my walking animation. HOPE YOU ENJOY MY SHORT MOVIE!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Test

Struggling on a really hard question, I started to panic. Sweat slid down through my face as I was trying to think what the answer was. “Uhhmm, what is the answer?” I whispered to myself. I was so confused.

This was a reading test. There were so many hard words that I couldn’t say and the stories were so long. I had to read it all over again to find the answer to the question. Reading, was really hard.

Since I didn’t know the answer, I started to guess. So I skipped to the other question. When I finished all my questions, there was 30 seconds left. As the time was running out, I started to go back to the question that I was stuck on.

I read the story with five paragraphs and BAM! I got the answer. I finally finished my work.
There was 10 seconds left. “TIMES UP!” Miss Garden shouted.
We logged out,  lined up and went back to class. I felt very good. “Wow! that was a cool test”.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Year 5 and 6 camp

Next week we are having our year 5 and 6 camp. Did you know? Pt England is one of the schools in Auckland that does their camp in their school grounds? Isn’t that just amazing.

Have you heard of tent city? It is a place full of tents, and that place is going to be Pt England. Our school is going to have a year 5 and 6 camp, and it is going to be fun with lots of activities that our teachers have prepared for us.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The seed

Once upon a time, there were two tribe of beetles, one was called the Scarabs and the other was called the Chafers. There was a border that divided their two lands, and no one was dared to cross it.

One day a strange thing happened. These beetles were working, and as they were working something like an object fell from the sky. The two tribes tried to figure out what it was.
They took it to their scientist, the Scarabs were looking very close to it and the Chafers were

After experiencing that strange object. They finally found out what it was. It was a cherry stone.
The two tribes knew that it could grow cherries. So their kings ordered their tribes to pull it on their side.

But they didn’t which tribe to take it to. So the Scarabs and the Chafers declared war. Both tribes prepared their amours, spears, nut shields, cannons and catapults. It took years making it for the war.
They built tunnels and shafts to secretly invade their territory.

They were about to start the war when they noticed that the seed was gone. Both tribes was put into silence. It grew it self into a cherry tree. The tree could reach the Scarabs side and the Chafers too. So those two tribes started to share the cherry tree.

Omaru Creek map

Here is a movie that I made about Omaru Creek in 2008. ENJOY!!


Fiafia, it is a cultural celebration performed by Pt England students. If your child has been dancing, rapping or singing at home, guess what? they are been practising for the cultural celebration. If your interested, come along and join the fun on April 18th.

Do you know what fiafia is? It is when Pt England students perform in front of people every 2 years. Everyone has been practising so hard for the cultural celebration to come.

Come on everyone and lets have some fun watching the amazing Pt Englanders perform at the Fiafia night on April 18th. Fiafia is cultural celebration, which means come together, celebrating and especially being happy! If you want to see the Pt Englanders perform, come along and lets have a great time, so don’t miss out!!