Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The day my Netbook dissapeared

Sitting down listening to Miss Garden, I was thinking about my Netbook. “Man! I still haven't taken it to Mrs Tele’a, when I should've had long time ago for her to fix” I whispered to myself. We had to go to a friends blog and comment on it. As our teacher told us to go, everyone stood up and walked towards the Netbook cupboard. I was the only one heading to the flatscreen, I didn’t want to go on it so I asked Iron.

“Can you share your Netbook with me, please?” “Yeah you can” she replied. So we went to the hallway to work. 3 minutes later while talking to Iron, Miss Garden came and said “What is going on girls, and Jordenne have you given your Netbook to Mrs Tele’a?” I started to get scared so I said no. “Jordenne, I am starting get very angry. You were supposed to give it to her long time ago. Go to the cupboard and get it”.

As I was walking to the cupboard, I looked down for my Netbook and there was NOTHING!!
I started freaking out. “No, no, no this can’t be happening”. I went and told Miss Garden to see if she has it. But no she d. I went and told Mr Mark, Mr Sommerville and every single teacher around the school, but their was one more teacher.... Mrs Tele’a. She was the only hope I have.

I started to calm down and walked to the I.C.T room to see if Mrs Tele’a is there. “Found her” I whispered. While walking to her, I crossed my fingers. “Mrs Tele’a do you have my Netbook?”
I asked calmly. “Nope” she replied. “WHAT!!! Nooooooo” Mrs Tele’a tapped me on the back and said “Yes, I do have your Netbook. I forgot, I came and got it because you were suppose to give it to me about 2 or 3 weeks ago” I started thanking Mrs Tele’a and went back to class. “Yay! Problem solved”.

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  1. im glad to hear that you found your netbook and that Mrs Tele'a put it away safely for you. You must look after your netbook because its expensive and also so you can keep in touch with us here in samoa. luv mummy