Monday, March 4, 2013

The seed

Once upon a time, there were two tribe of beetles, one was called the Scarabs and the other was called the Chafers. There was a border that divided their two lands, and no one was dared to cross it.

One day a strange thing happened. These beetles were working, and as they were working something like an object fell from the sky. The two tribes tried to figure out what it was.
They took it to their scientist, the Scarabs were looking very close to it and the Chafers were

After experiencing that strange object. They finally found out what it was. It was a cherry stone.
The two tribes knew that it could grow cherries. So their kings ordered their tribes to pull it on their side.

But they didn’t which tribe to take it to. So the Scarabs and the Chafers declared war. Both tribes prepared their amours, spears, nut shields, cannons and catapults. It took years making it for the war.
They built tunnels and shafts to secretly invade their territory.

They were about to start the war when they noticed that the seed was gone. Both tribes was put into silence. It grew it self into a cherry tree. The tree could reach the Scarabs side and the Chafers too. So those two tribes started to share the cherry tree.

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  1. Cool story Jordenne!
    I liked the part where both tribes are fighting then they realise the stone is gone. It's quite funny, it would be cool to see the look on their faces, don't you think?

    Your blog is really cool, can't wait to read more.
    Keep it up!