Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mangere pools

What a cool ending for the year 5 and 6 camp, because we went to Mangere pools.  My friends and I were excited to go and have some relaxing and fun time. One of our teachers said there were slides, so I got even more excited.

Waiting so long for the big slide to open, I started to get bored. Five minutes later I turned around and saw people lining on top of the hill, I ran up and joined  them. My heart was beating faster and faster  because I felt nervous. As I was getting closer to the slide, sweat dripped down from my forehead. It was finally my turn.

I hopped inside the water and zoom, off I went. “Woohoo” I shouted. Today, my life begins. I was screaming really loud. Water splashed into my face as I skidded through the cold water. Zig zagging around the slide it felt like I was going to slip off, but luckily I stayed inside. I jumped out and started to get dizzy. “That was awesome” I shouted with excitement. And I ran up to line up again.

The line for the slide was too long. So I went with Hannah to this really deep pool. As I hopped inside the water I went all the way down to the bottom, then I floated back up. Trying to catch my breath, more and more water splashed in my face because of people jumping in.

Hannah came and got me up and said “Are you alright?” “Yes” I replied. I asked all my friends if we could go back to the pool where we were before. So we walked slowly down the hill without slipping off and saw everyone eating. “What they are eating already?!” I started to power walk towards the yummy food.

After eating all those yummy food I had a rest and went to 1m pool. “Mmmm, that was nice” I said. It was time for the fun to end. Everyone went and got changed. That was the best camp ever!!!

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  1. your camp sounded like alot of fun especially the swimming. Im glad you can swim. dont go into the deep pools unless you have an adult watching you ua iloa. Nice to see you having a good time. Love mum x