Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First day of Camp

Walking to the bottom field for our first activity which was Top town, it is an obstacle course. As I was I wondered “Who are we going to challenge first?”. We sat down Mr Jacobsen which is going to be referring told us that we are going to challenge The Band. Our team was called the Force and I was the leader with Christopher.

While sitting down listening to Mr Jacobsen telling us the instructions, I heard someone talking so I told them to listen. After sitting their for a very long time we finally started to play. We had to go and fill up the balloons. Everyone was struggling because it was too small and the tap was too big.

Pehso came up to me and gave him his which was already filled up”Here” he said. He gave to me so I can tie it. “How did you fill it up?” I asked him. “From the water fountain” he replied. The Band and The Force were gathering around two fountains.

I walked towards the bucket next to Miss Lavakula, I was seeing if we have any balloons. Looking down I was scared if their wasn’t. “Yay! There are heaps” I shouted. I heard the siren.
We had to fill it up for twenty minutes, and it was over.

We all ran down back to the bottom field. “GO ON YOUR FORTS!!” Mr Jacobsen shouted at us.
Taimana and I carried the bucket of balloons to the place where we have to throw to the other team...The Band.

Hopping into our fort we all got ready. “GO” The referee shouted. Our first thing was that we all have to hop on a board. If one person falls out then one point gets lost. There were three boards when everyone gets on it we all have to get another one and pass it in the front. We had to go across the river.

“Come on guys we can do it” I encouraged them. One or three people went off the board. Four points went off. Everyone was trying hard and then one person from our team got injured..Sean. His legs were cut from the wood.

About five minutes later our opposition was already there. They had to wait for us. Finally we were there. We had to throw the balloons at them and whoever gets wet the most takes one point off.

“GO!” Mr Jacobsen shouted. We all threw balloons to each other. Everyone was gathering around the bucket for some more balloons. I was reaching inside bucket and felt nothing. There was nothing more but water. We were the wettest.

In first place was The Band. Whoever win had to go their fort and lift their flag up. When we finished our obstacle course the winning team was.............THE FORCE!!!! My team was jumping up shouting “Yay we won!”. “Go back and sit down” Mr Jacobsen said. We all went and sat down.

Our last activity for the day was Kayaking. When we finished we all went back to school and had lunch and a rest. It was awesome.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time at camp. I can't wait to hear about the other activities you get up to. It was a great day for kayaking because of the hot weather. I wonder if you will be going swimming at camp?
    Miss Signal