Monday, March 31, 2014

All about me

In extension our 1st task of the year was to design all the important informations about you. As you can see there is a picture above. The first picture it shows a rugby goal post and a volleyball net. Those two sports are one of my favourites. It is fun to play and we play it a lot in our family.

The second picture is a picture of the Samoan flag. Under the Samoan flag there its a thing called a 'ava. The Samoans do it a lot, it is for a special occasion. There are 3 objects in the 'ava. The bowl is called a Tanoa, the cup is called a Ipu tau ava and the strainer is called a Fau.

The third design is of a Bible and a Cross. Which means that I believe in The Lord and I go to church. I go to Tamaki P.I.P.C. I bet your wondering what does P.I.P.C means? It means Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church. My grandpa is the minister of that church. He knows lots about God.

And the last design is of my Netbook. I really love my Netbook. It is very fun to work with, better than a pencil and a paper. My fingers never get tired from a Netbook. My Netbook is very special to me as well. And that is my design about me.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Festival of Education

On Saturday the 22nd of March our extension group went to Town at the Viaduct Events Centre. Our extension group had the opportunity to go there to learn new things about education. We had to make a movie with a colleague.

My partner was Gloria. Gloria is one of the leaders (prefect) in my school, so I was very lucky to have her. So first I recorded Gloria entering the Viaduct Centre, saying her oral.

When I have finished recording her, it was my turn. Gloria and I explored everywhere, searching for people, asking them questions. The questions we asked was “What is your booth about?” and “What has it got to do with education?” We gave them thought provoking questions and we received some fascinating answers.

We had a lot of fun! Interviewing people and meeting new friends. Gloria and I got lots of candies from lots of booths. At the end we had to show our favourite interview or part on the big screen. Our favourite part was singing with this Maori lady. She played the ukulele and Gloria sang along with her. When we had finished showing our movies we took a photo of us with Meredith and John. “Festival of Education was awesome!!”

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Skills for adolesence

For our inquiry rotation with Miss Clark we have been learning about the word "Adolescence". Do you know what it means??  It means going from a child to an adult. Their these questions above that Miss Clark gave to us. 

Cyclone Lusi

A cyclone was located in Auckland, New Zealand during the weekend. So far , we saw heavy rain , a system of strong winds and a bit of storm.  But we had been expecting  heavy thunder, big tornados , dark clouds and really really heavy rain! This cyclone has been mostly hitting the North part of Auckland.  

But first. What is a cyclone? A cyclone is when high winds and  bad rain come upon us. There are all types of severe cyclones such as Tropical, midlatitude, and subtropical. Other types are mesocyclones, tornadoes, dust devils and steam devils. ( cyclones are all very dangerous! So watch your back! Cyclone can create gale force wind, and that means that the winds of the cyclone are uncontrollable.

The possibilities of a cyclone: Power outages, severe injuries, death accidents, food and water shortages, broken buildings, land slide. Power outages can happen when the storm strikes the power line. Deaths or accidents can mostly happen on the road or outside. Buildings can be tumbled down by trees falling and the gale force winds pushing against the house.

How can I ever be prepared? To be prepared for the Cyclone, it’ll be best to pack some food and drinks , in case you’re starving or thirsty. Close all windows and all doors , so you and your belongings are kept safely. Pack a radio and some battery , to listen what is going to happen next. Especially you need to keep your family safe from the cyclone! Usually in a cyclone , the power outages gets cut off that's why its best to pack a torch or some candles. Don’t forget some clothes!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

War Diary

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.45.29 am.png

Dear Family and Friends,
Richard Seddon has sent us to war to serve the South Africans. We were only allowed to bring a couple of water and food. Some of my friends are seriously damaged but don't worry they are well looked after. I am so happy that the queen was on the behalf of New Zealand as well.

We eat the same food over and over again. It doesn’t feel the same, I really miss you guys and I feel homesick. I feel so concerned everyday, and I heard that you guys are safe and I am so happy to hear that.  Richard Seddon let us have been training really hard for this war in Wellington. And it’s really tiring, but its worth it.

Keep safe and I’ll come back soon!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fia Fia

Did you know that we have an event called “Fiafia” at our school?

Fia Fia is when we celebrate something for our school, and sometimes we just do it! Last year we had Fia Fia right in the beginning of the year. It was for Pt England’s 60th anniversary. But this year our teachers just want us to have Fia Fia because it’s really fun and entertaining.

Every Thursday we have practices for Fiafia. I’m in the Hip Hop group. My tutors are Miss King and Miss Paget. During the past weeks we have been learning some dance moves for 1 song, well 1 part of the song. Thats why the next practice which is next week we are having Easter who is a really good dancer helping us.

I hope you can come to our Fia Fia. It will be fun and entertaining at the same time! And there will be shops at the Fia Fia. So come along and watch us perform!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toy Design

What is Sketchup..? Sketchup is a designing programme where you create lots of stuff. It is a 3D design tool. If you need to draw something 3D all you need to do is go on Sketchup. Sketchup is fun and creative.

Lots of people around the world use Sketchup. Especially teachers, students, designers and perhaps anyone in the world. Teachers might use it for making something for their class. Students might use it for a project at school. Designers…….well that’s pretty easy! Designers might use it for creating something, like a car or a robot. And you might just use it for fun!

In Sketchup there are lots of tools. There are shapes, tool bar, rotating tool, eraser, selector, shift pad and more. All those features are very helpful. When you first start it will be very hard. There will be tools at the top and it will be so confusing because you don't know which tool is which. But I know that in the end you will figure them out.

In our class our task was to make a 3D toy for the Junior classes. We are making it on Sketchup. Our class had to keep the Junior class entertained if they are bored. So we have been working everyday to make toys for our juniors. They toy I have designed is a minion. Nearly all the kids I interviewed wanted it. So here is the picture of my minion that I have made on Sketchup.  

Sketchup is very special because you can create anything. It is very special because it is fun learning. And also it is fun because you can print it out as a 3D object. And right now I am making a minion in Sketchup. You should use Sketchup as well, it is fun and totally amazing. Go try it out!