Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Netball last night

Last night we had a Netball game. We challenged Holy Cross. They were so good. In the second quarter I was Goal Attack(GA). What Goal Attack does is shoot the goals in and help the Goal Shoot get the goals.

Then when I finished I had to go Center. They were wining by one point. "Come on we can do this" Emmy shouted. "One more goal" She shouted again. "Breeeeeeeeeb!!!" The whistle blew. We finished the game and it was 15-8 to Holy Cross.

We are coming 4th and Holy Cross is coming 3rd. Next week, we are going to try harder.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Funeral in the holidays

In the second Sunday of the Holidays, someone from our church passed away. His name was Falaga'inunu Tele'a. And it was one of our teachers husbands dad, Mrs Tele'a. He had a terrible sickness, and it was cancer.

I was so sad when I heard that. Most of the times, I see him walking around. Anyway, on Sunday it was time to say good bye. Some of the grand kids had some speeches of what was their grandpa like, what they love about him and some stories about him.

Cane was the first one, I think that he is the second oldest. He told us that he loved his grandpa so much. After that he told us story. While he was telling us tears came down his eyes then he wiped it away. "Love you papa" he said. Then he walked back down.

All the other grand kids said some speeches. But then when all of them finished, they sang a really nice song. Ending the song so beautifully, heaps and heaps of people cried. Our children's choir had the opportunity to sing, so we stood up and sung our song. We sang a Samoan song. The song we sang means like to lift your hands up to the Lord, and in Samoan it was Sisi'i ou lima. Our children's choir sat back down and everyone clapped.

Another person came up and did their speech too. It went on and on, and it was time for us to all go home.

The next day it was time for his arrival. Everyone and mostly his family cried.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Immersion Assembly

"Give team 4 a around of applause" Mr Burt I mean James Taylor said. Today we had an Immersion Assembly. Our theme is "Life's a Stage". Team 4 was us the year 5 and 6. Their act was the Three Little Pigs. When we finished applauding for them it was time for the team 5(year 7 and 8).

Their one was a movie. "If I were a booooy" The song started and it was the year 7 and 8's teachers(womens) acting in the movie. Pretending they were a boy. "Even just for a day, I roll out of bed in the morning" They rolled out of the bed. And the bed was the sick bay bed.

After that, since there was only one man teacher in the Team 5, on the movie it showed him lip syncing saying "If I were a girl" but he was actually singing right in front of us. And on the movie it looked like he was actually singing.

He did his own version of being a women. When they finished we applauded, and that was the best act of them all. "I am James Taylor" Mr Burt said. He was acting as James Taylor. "Have a Good Morning". 

The song started and it was time for us to leave. Team 5's was my favorite.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My grandparents are leaving to Australia tomorrow.

Tomorrow my grandparents are leaving to Australia. I am going to be so sad and happy. And they are going to be the same as us..sad and happy. Why I am sad is that I am going to miss them, just like they will miss us.

I am happy because they won't  tell me to do heaps of chores.... but I sometimes or most of the times do it. I am telling the truth. And they are happy because their grand kids witch is us, gives them a big headache. So it is good for them to leave so they can have peace and quite.

I bet your wondering why are they going? They are going because they want to have their own Holiday. As you already to have a brake from us grand kids. Since we had a Holiday they are going to have a Holiday too!

Warriors won!

Today when I came back from church I straight away went on my Android. But then I totally forgotten the Warriors vs Storm game. "Esrah can you turn on the TV, so I know who won please." I said to Esrah.

Esrah walked towards the TV and turned it on. "Thanks". I got the remote and went on planner to go on the game. "There" I pressed it and I fast forward it at the end. "Ohhh I hope the Warriors won." I said to myself while crossing my fingers. "Yay!! I shouted. "The Warriors won! Yay!"

. When Esrah and Erene heard it the were like "WHAT?! The Warriors won?! Oh My Gosh" Those two went for the Storm. While they were feeling sad, I was jumping up and down shouting "Warriors won! Warriors won!"

So after all that craziness Esrah turned the TV back off and went back to playing the Android.

                      NICE ONE WARRIORS!!!

Warriors vs Storm @ 1:30


Today at 1:30 is the Warriors vs Storm game. I really want to watch it but we have our Samoan church. So I am going to record it on my TV. I hope our New Zealand team the Warriors win! I am still going to support them while I am in church. Who do you go for? GO WARRIORS!!

                                   If you don't watch it, I'll tell you who won....

School tomorrow!

Tomorrow is school and I am so going to be excited. Have you got everything ready? I have. I wonder what is going to be our theme for term 3. I hope its something easy. Tomorrow I hope I can improve more from last term. I am so excited! Are you?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

How was your Holiday?

This is a form that I made for you to fill in. It is about your Holidays.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Eating KFC

Just waiting in the sitting room with Naomi (5 years old). She was playing on the Android and I was playing Miniclip 8 pool on my Netbook. "Knock,knock" We heard some one knocking but we didn't bother to get it.

"I think its Lana" Naomi guessed. "No, I think it Paula" I replied. Then my Nana went to open the door and it was Paula. "Yes, I'm right". She went to the kitchen and on her hand was KFC!! But still we didn't bother. "Jojo, Naomi come and eat" My Nana yelled.

"Yeah coming" I replied back. But then I got distracted by playing 8 pool so I forgot. "Jojo, Naomi come and eat!" My Nana yelled but even louder. That was so loud that it frightened us. I closed my Netbook and Naomi just left it there.

We walked into the kitchen and saw no KFC. "I thought I saw KFC" I said. "Oh Paula had no money" My Nana said, but she was giggling. "Hhhhhmmmm, why are they giggling for?" I said to myself. I looked around the kitchen. "There it is" I said while walking towards it. "Hahahahahaha" They all laughed.

Naomi and I got the KFC and walked to the sitting room. We were so hungry we stuffed it all in our mouths. "Hhhhhmmm delicious!".

Its nearly school time!

3 more days until school! We have to turn our brains back on again for some more and new learning.
Since the holidays are nearly finished. How was your Holiday? My Holiday was great. But now its gonna be serious we have to be ready.

2 weeks is always not enough for my cousins. They love Holidays. I do to but I want to learn more things. I wonder what our topic is gonna be for this term.

Watching movies at the Holiday programme

Today for Holiday programme we watched movies and had shared lunch. I bought biscuits and 2 chips. We watched Night at the museum 2. It was so awesome. Then after that we watched Avengers. But that movie was even better.

Their were heaps of super hero's from the Marvels in there. Like Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and these two other people. They join together as a group and then they just called themselves the Avengers.

The funniest hero's were Thor, Hulk and Iron man. Captain America was just the good one. Anyway, it was time for us to eat. I went up and got pizza and just a drink. It was yummy!! When the movie finished, Lagi(the boss of the Holiday Programme) gave us a notice because there is a programme after school.

When she finished telling us that she prayed and we all went back home.

Gengies for my auntie Lana's 19th Birthday

Last night for my auntie Lana's birthday, we went to Gengies. Gengis was so cool, they have nice food. When we got their we waited for my other families to come. About 5 minutes later Lana came and at the same time my auntie, uncle and cousins came.

When everyone came, we started. My auntie Ria got the cake and put it in front of Lana. Then we sang Happy Birthday. "Happy Birthday to you!" The song finished then we did the prayer. After the prayer all the kids ran for the food.

I got chips, sushi and fried rice. It was nice! So finishing eating I went for seconds. Now I got Marinated beed(it wasn't cooked) with pineapples. In Gengies the meats aren't cooked. You get it then take it to the chef and they cook it. And its cool, because you can see them doing it.

"Thank you" I said to the chef. I got my plate and walked to the table. When I was eating my stomach was getting full. So I didn't finish it, I left it their for the waiter to take and just went for desert. "Are you now going for desert?" Leila asked. "Yeah" I replied.

I walked to where they make the pikelets and waited. "Nice" I said while decorating the pikelets with ice-cream. Lana read my letter then she said "Ohh Love you Jojo". Jojo is my nickname. I saw everyone having fun.

"Jojo come and lets take a photo" my auntie Ria said. I walked towards them and smiled to the camera. "3....2....1...CHEESE" "Cheese" We all said. The camera flashed into our eyes. When everyone finished we all went home.

Lana really had fun! The food was nice!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My auntie Rivalanas 19th Birthday!

Today is my auntie Lana's birthday! And this morning,everyone in my house woke up early to get her Mc Donalds. Lana was sitting on the chair with my grandpa and grandma. We sang Happy Birthday and she was so happy.

But tonight she would be even more excited. Because we are going to this restaurant called Gengys Khan. Its a really cool restaurant. And we are going to see all our family there.Tonight when I come back I'll tell you all about it!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My auntie Rivalana's 19th Birthday tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my auntie Lana's 19th birthday! I am so excited because we are going to Gengys Khan. Do you know that restaurant? Gengys Khan is a really cool restaurant because we get to see them cook and they even make pikelets.

So tomorrow I am going to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Because I live with her. So excited!!

Food testings with my cousins

"Uuuuuuhhhm......Marmite?" Leila guessed while eating it. Leila and I played food testing. It was her who is going to be tested so I got the towel and tied it around her like a blind fold. The food I gave her was chips with bread.

Leila's first guess was Marmite. But it was wrong. "Uhhhh...peanut butter?" She said. "No" I replied. Then my other cousin Esrah came in and started playing. "Oh I know its chips and bread" Leila said while taking the blind fold off.

"Wanna have a turn Esrah?" I asked. "Nah, I want to watch" Esrah replied. So Leila got the towel and tied it around my face. Leila and Esrah were getting the food ready for me to taste. "Put your hands out" They said.

I put my hands in front of me and they put the food on my hand. "Hhhhhhhhmm??....HOT....HOT..." I said it was chilly on a cracker. I took off the blind fold and went and grabbed a drink of water. "Hahahahahahahahaha" Esrah and Leila giggled.

And it was Leila's turn. Since they did that I did something else......?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Practice our dance tonight for Saturday

Tonight I am going to my church hall to have practice. Its Samoan dance that we are going to do on Saturday. It is going to be fun. I know all the moves because we did it for my grandpas 70th's birthday. He is a minister so we just live right next door.

I am going to be so excited! I love doing the siva Samoa(Samoan dancing). Because Samoan is my culture. I use to live in Samoa but then I came to NZ. Saturday is going to be fun!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Holiday Programme

Today I went with my three cousins Esrah, Samuel and Leila went to a Holiday Programme. Samuel and Leila are siblings. Samuel was the eldest out of all of us. It was me and Esrahs first time there, because the Holiday Programme are people from their church(Grace International next to Pak'n Save).

We walked their and I saw no one. But then Leila said "Its not in here it over their in the basketball room" So we walked inside and I saw heaps of kids and leaders who were obviously teens. Since Esrah and I were the new kids we had to introduce ourselves.

"Hi my name is Jojo" I said. "Hi Jojo" Everyone answered. Now it was Esrahs turn. "Hi my name is Esrah" Esrah said. "Hi Esrah" Everyone replied. Esrah knew some of the boys of them comes to his school and his name is Jacob.

Anyway, when we finished we sat back down. And our leaders who does the programme was Lagi and Jeremiah. They were so kind. We had a Amazing Race but before the Amazing Race we had a warm up. It was a relay.

We had to split into two teams. That church was a skate park too (inside and outside). When Lagi finished telling us what to do we finally started. Leila and I were had to do the squats 5 times. "3...2...1 GO!!" We all shouted while it started first with people ran to the half way line on the basket ball court and tagged their team mate and he or she had to do five push ups.

Then it kept on going and going and at the end when it finished the winner was, no one both of our team won! So went back to the basketball court and started to have lunch/freetime. My cousins and I went to the shops. But we went with the leaders, only two Risa and Destiny.

We went to the bakery and brought chips, then we went and brought some drinks then we went and got some sushi.....just for me and Leila. When we finished we went back and had our lunch. "Everyone come back" Lagi shouted.

It was time for the Amazing Race. We each had to have a partner. My partner was Leila. All the leaders went and spread out G.I (Glenn Innes). Lagi gave us a map of where we go. When she finished handing it out we all had to run to the start of the mission.

We got there but we had to wait for Jeremiah, because he was telling us the rules. When he finished as soon as he opened the gate we all ran out. This boy James was ahead of all of us. James was so fit. But I kept on running so fast and I was coming second place. "Leila hurry up!!" I yelled.

Everyone went through this Alley way. And there we found one of our leaders Memory. She said that we had to find 5 pieces of sticks. ''Got 5" I said. Then Leila gave her the paper to sign. "Lets go" I shouted to Leila.

My legs were so sore and I was trying to catch a breath. So I slowed down and looked behind me, and Leila was all the way at the back. I shouted again "Leila hurry up!!" Leila ran next to me and we saw the other leader Julie. Julie told us to find 5 pieces of leaves. James and his partner Jacob were coming in 1st place.

I picked up 5 pieces of leaves while Leila was still running. "Hurry we need the paper so she can sign it" So she speeded towards Julie and gave her the paper to sign. When she finished we ran back and I saw Leila walking. So I encouraged her to come. "Leila come one you can do it!"

Leila and I saw another leader Risa. Risa said "Find 20 pieces of leaves." I grabbed a whole bunch and counted. "1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..13..14..15..16..17..18..19..20..21..22" I stopped and remembered we just needed 20 so Leila gave it to Risa and signed it.

Running so hard to find the other leader...I looked behind to look for Leila she was just walking. And I shouted "Leila hurry up!". I saw the other two leader Chanella and Destiny. What we had to do was sing a song in front of people who were driving. And try to make them beep the horn.

What me and Leila was the Alphabet song. Everyone who was behind us were catching up. They were just telling them to beep and then they just beeped. But when we told them to beep they didn't beep. So all the people behind us were catching up.

We had to stay their and try to make them beep. "BEEP PLEASE!!!" Leila and I shouted. No one listened then we tried again but we shouted even louder, and one of the car beeped. "Yay" We walked to the leader and they both signed it.

My partner and I ran, I forgot we had to look on the map. We had to go Pak'n Save. There we saw Sammy (its a girl). What we had to do was to sing a song very loud. Again Leila and I sang the Alphabet song.

"A..B..C..D..E..F..G..H..I..J..K..L..M..N..O..P..Q..R..S..T..U..V..W..X..Y..Z NOW I KNOW MY ABC NEXT TIME WILL YOU SING WITH ME!!" When we finished singing the song we quickly gave the paper to Sammy and she signed it.

Now we had to run back to the church but there was one more challenge, and the leader who took care of that was Memory. We had to pick up 30 stones then we had to count how many bars there were on the gate. Well as you know, we all had different answeres.

My cousin Esrah and his partner had 195 and we had 295. Anyway, when we finished doing the last challenge we ran back inside and sat down. While we sat down I took my jacket off because I was so hot! So the winner was Jacob and James.

We came 5th. So when we finished we had some free time. Then we played some more games then it was 3:00pm and it was time for us to leave. It was so AWESOME!!! But even cooler we are going to the Museum tomorrow!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Playing on my aunties android

I have just been playing on my aunties Android nearly everyday. My aunties android is so cool! I normally play on 4 pics 1 word. But guess what? Last night we finished the whole thing. And I played Subway Surf and I got the highest score.

The android is so fun to play with. It is kind of like an ipad but different. Androids don't have the circle button on the bottom. And I think Androids are quite smaller. So my aunties android is so fun!

Fireworks for the Matariki (The seven Maori stars)

I just came back from Maybury street, because my cousins, uncle and aunty went to see the fireworks for the Matariki stars. "3....2.....1!!!!" Everyone shouted. "Booooooom!!" The fireworks exploded into the sky.

My cousin brought her ipod up and I brought my phone up to video. The fireworks were so loud my aunty and my baby cousin who she was holding were so scared. "Eeeeeeeeeh" The fireworks sounded like a car that was going to crash.

Everyone kept on going like "Ooooohhhhh". Because the fireworks were EPIC!! The loudness of the fireworks just kept on going louder and louder and cooler and cooler. My cousin and I's arm were so tired, so we stop the video and just watched.

But guess what? As soon as we put it down the fireworks just stopped. But it was alright, because we got it all on tape. We went back and hopped into the car and they took me back home. THE FIREWORKS WERE AWESOME!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Watching Step up 3

We just finished watching Step up 3 and it was so awesome! One of my most favourite actors was the robot and the two Argentinian twins, they are so funny. Do you know what Step up is about? Its a dancing movie. You should watch it. They have some crazy moves in their....when I say crazy I mean AWESOME!!!!!

That movie was so amazing. I keep on watching it everyday. It never gets old (to me). I love that movie because I love to dance. Some of my family members say that dancing is my talent. And I was quite happy to hear that.

At school we have hip hop dances and sometimes I go and try out. Then I perform!

Just home with my cousins

In my house we do nothing but watch TV. While I was watching my two cousins Senila and Samuel came. "Hi" I said to them. They sat down and watched with me. "Do you want the remote?" I asked my cousin Senila. She was the oldest....... she is 11 turning 12 and Samuel is 9 turning 10. Anyway, I gave it to her while I went and brushed my teeth.

When I finished I went and got changed, and went back to the sitting to my cousins. "Go and make your breakfast" My nana said while she turned off the TV. We all walked to the kitchen. "Should we make Pancakes?" Senila asked.

"Yep" I replied. We went and checked the cupboard while Samuel was just doing nothing. "Oh, there is no flour" We were thinking of what should we do. "I know we should make scrambled eggs" So I got the pan out and the eggs.

Senila was doing the eggs, I was doing the teas and Samuel.......Samuel was just playing the piano. When Senila finished cooking the eggs we sat down, did the prayer and ate. That was a yummy breakfast!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Movie Night and State of Origin

Did you watch the State of Origin last night? I didn't because we had a movie night. But I just kept on checking the points. My aunty and uncle and cousin's came to my house and watched some movies. There were only 5 of us who were watching the movie, because my uncle and aunty left and my other cousin the oldest grandchild watched State of Origin.

So our movie started and the first movie we watched was 2012. Do you know what that movie is about? It is about the world ending. So when the movie nearly finished I went and looked at the points for the State of Origin. When I looked at it, the game just started. But then I stayed there for a little while......"Noooooooo" I shouted. I walked back to the other sitting where the movie night was and started to be silent.

"Why did you shout no? Did QLD get a try?" my aunty Lana asked. "Uhhhmmm....yes." I replied. My aunty and my cousin Esrah shouted Yay! While I was facing downwards. 2012 was finished, ESrah went on the computer searching for other movies.

"Do Despicable me" Lana said. "Yay'' my two little cousin yelled. So Esrah pressed Despicable me and went and sat down. I was still angry that QLD got a try! So during the movie Despicable me I fell asleep. "Zzzzzzzzzz"

I woke up early in the morning and remembered the State of Origin. So I hopped out of my bed and went to the TV. I got the remote and went to the State of Origin. I fast forward it at the end. And guess what?.....QLD WON! "Noooooo" I was so upset.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

State of Origin: Who will win?

Do you know what is on tonight on sports? It is the State of Origin. I am so going to be excited. Who do you go for? I go for the awesome team who tries very hard to win and that is NSW(New South Wales)!! Most of my family members go for...... you know the one.....QLD(Queensland). They just couldn't believe that I go for New South Wales.

They say like my cousin Canaan "Why do you go for NSW? QLD have been wining!" Esrah "NSW? Really? QLD is the best they have been wining the most" Now tonight I do agree with them but I just like NSW for some reasons.

So I really hope NSW wins tonight! But if they don't.....Bad luck, they can try next time.

                                  WHO WILL WIN??? Hhhhhmmm....
                 NSW      vs         QLD!
                                         GO NSW!

Going with my cousins and uncle for a ride

Just waking up in the morning I went to the sitting room and saw my cousin Xavier watching TV.....while his brother Canaan was just sleeping. It was only those two who slept over. I went on the other bed and laid down and watched Dynamo Magician Impossible. It was so cool because Dynamo does impossible things like walking on water, twisting a phone in half, and even walking through a window when people are looking! AMAZING!!

Anyway, I heard footsteps coming and it was my two other cousins, Senila and Samuel. They stayed and watched TV with us. We heard the door opene again and it was Xavier and Canaans dad. Suddenly Canaan just woke up.

"Wake up everyone" Canaan and Xaviers dad said his name was Mene. We woke up and went to brush our teeth, and went to eat breakfast. When we finished my uncle Mene told us that is going to take us somewhere. So we all yelled "Yay!"

When we finished our breakfast we washed the dishes and got ready. But first my cousin Senila and I had to go with my grandma and take the washing and come back. We came back and hopped into my uncles car and went.

We were going to Manukau to my aunti Jacci's work (Menes wife). She was a judge. We all went to the court to pick her up. But we waited for about 30 minutes. "Mum!" Xavier said....he ran to her and hugged her.

So we walked back outside and walked to the mall. We went and looked around for the food court.
Then we saw it, we walked and brought some Burger King. Nearly all of us got a Creamy Mayo but only Canaan had a Cheese Burger.

My uncle was looking for a spare table where no one is on. "There" my uncle said. We walked towards it and sat down. The food came.....and we didn't just eat straight away we did the prayer. After the prayer we just ate. The burger and the chips we so nice!

When we finished, there was Magic show right across form us. So we asked my aunty and uncle if we could go and they said yes. So we walked and saw the magician. He needed a helper for his magic. Everyone raised their hands up, and he chose this little girl. From the back he brought up a Japanese washing machine it was just a small one.

The magician showed us the inside of the washing was empty. So he got two pairs of socks but red and white. He put it inside and told the little girl to turn around this switch. The magician told her to stop and let him see if it was clean.

He grabbed it out and the socks were all ripped up. So the little girl turned it around and stopped, he opened it up and the socks were white with red stripes, and thats when we had to leave. We all hopped into the car and went back home.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Last night I went to the movies with my awesome cousins. Before the movie, we went to Pak'n Save at Sylvia park to buy some snacks and goodies. The cool thing about it was that my auntie Lana said that our budget was unlimited which meant we could buy anything we wanted.We watched Pacific Rim which was about these monsters that tried to take over the earth. It was then that the united nations came up with giant robots to stop them. These robots were called AGARS. It was a pretty cool movie. It made me want to fight somebody. But I didn't.

After the movies, we went back home....and guess what? The boys slept over my house and I was the only girl. But I didn't care...... they were awesome. We walked inside and looked in the sitting room. My grandma already made the bed. "Thank you mama" said my cousin Canaan.

So they hopped in their bed while I walked to my room. "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" we all snored.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Watching TV

My two cousin's Esrah and Xavier were watching TV. We were watching Sonny with a chance. But they didn't like it...... neither did I. My cousin's and I were just sitting their doing nothing. But we just couldn't wait until tonight at 9 o'clock because we are going to the movies to watch "Pacific Rim". It is going to be Epic!!! But still we just sat there looking so it was Good luck Charlie. "Oh I've seen this part" I said to Esrah and Xavier but they didn't reply, because they were too bored. So since I already see that part I walked to the other sitting room (Big sitting room) and went on my Netbook while my two cousins so nothing.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Typing test Highest Score

I was just playing typing test and I got 52. I wish I could show it to you but when I screen shot it, I don't know where it is. So I am so happy with my score. I hope I can do better. If you wanna try and beat 52 and you don't know where this typing test is. Just click this link and you will go to it. Hhhhmmm can you beat my score??


How is your Holiday? I know its just started but I'm just so excited until tomorrow because that is when our Holiday starts. Tomorrow I think all of my cousin's which are boys are going to come to my house. I am always the only girl and I have to play with them. But they are really awesome cousin's. Well, sometimes they messy the house by playing wrestling. And you know.....I play with them. So I can't wait until tomorrow. And I hope you have a great rest from school!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


My mum going back to Samoa mum just left and feel quite sad. But not really because she is coming back on October and my dad is coming on September Yay!! I am so going to be happy then. When I went to the airport I said goodbye to her and I didn't cry because I knew that she is going to come back. And I am going to keep in contact with them on my mail. My brother and I are going to mail each other. I just came back and already miss her. I really had fun with my mum, and she was awesome!!!

Going to Sunday school


I love going to Sunday School because we learn new things about our Mighty God. We have been learning about the 12 disciples of Jesus. Do you want to be one of Jesus's disciple? I do and I am. Only if you do right things. If you do the wrong things then you are not one of Jesus's disciples. So that is what we learnt; to obey God and obey your parents too! I love learning about God.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Going to Henderson to visit my grandparents.

"Oh..I don't think anyone is here" My mum said to me. We went to Henderson to visit my grandparents. Anyway,  I had my phone on my mum asked "Text aunty and tell her that we are waiting at her house" So I started texting, her name is Mautinoa for short Noa.."Beep beep" my phone started to vibrate it said Low battery. So I texted fast....''Send".

We waited about 5 minutes then she texted back and said that there was a key in the box across from the door. So we walked to the door and saw a key. My mum picked it up and opened the door. "Oh it's so warm in here" I said while rubbing my arms.

My mum and I went and sat down. I turned on the TV but there was just nothing cool on. My mum was just reading the news paper. "Knock...Knock" I heard someone knocking on the door and it was my grandpa.

I opened up the door and hugged him. My mum came and hugged him too! So I went back and wrote my name on a paper while my grandpa and mum were talking. We waited and waited and waited until my aunty and Nana came.

They bought KFC. "Can I take Jojo?" My aunty said to my mum. Yeah, Jojo is my nickname. Anyway, I had to go with my aunty to go and measure me for her wedding on September. We hopped in the car and went, but first we went and picked up my aunty Sina.

I don't really know her but yeah. We went to the sowing shop and started to measure both me and my aunty Sina. My two aunties and I walked inside. There so many pretty dresses. "Hello dear" the sowing lady said to my aunty Noa. Her name was Monicha.

My aunty Noa knew her form my other aunties wedding. We walked in and started to have a talk. Then she started measuring Sina. When she finished it was my turn. She started measuring my waste and other parts. Then she finished.

I am not going to be a flower girl because I am too big. So that's why I am a junior bridesmaid just like my other cousins. Monicha and my two aunties started to talk about the wedding. "Bye" we said her waving at her at the same time.

We went back and dropped off Sina back to her house, then we went to our house. When we walked inside there were still left over KFC. I went and sat on the table and started eating it. 'Hhhhhmmm...yummy"
My mum wanted us to go to my dad's brother to see his twins.

So my anuty,my mum and I hopped into the car. There house we sort of far away. When we got there we went outside of the car and went inside the house. I saw my aunty, and I saw two babies. It was the two twins, and it was a girl and a boy twin. They were so cute!

My mum went up and carried the girl, and my aunty Noa went and carried the boy. We sat down and the older lot talked while I was watching the rugby game. They talked and talked and talked and while they were talking the day just went darker and darker. And my mum wanted to go back home before it gets late.

We said bye to them and went in the car. "Bye,Bye" we went back to my Nana's house. Now we had to go in our car back to our own house. I kissed my Nana and said goodbye. "Have a nice trip back to Samoa" My Nana said to my mum.

My mum and I went in the car and went for the road. It was so fun!

Shopping with my mum.

Today I went to Market in Otara with my mum. It was packed. We went in the morning. The food smelt nice. My mum and I looked around for something's for my siblings in Samoa. My mum is leaving tomorrow. About 5 minuted later I was so hungry because I didn't eat breakfast just my mum.

I asked my mum if we could go eat. Then she said yes. We walked to the takeaway shop and saw a few people there. My mum and I waited in line. When it came to us, we ordered the things that we wanted.

It was nearly time for us to go somewhere else. So we walked to our car and went to the second hand shop in G.I(Glen Innes). My mum went to buy some chairs. After buying chairs we went home and had a rest.

So next we are going to my dad's parents in Henderson.

Shiquera and Enyahlee leaving our school

In this picture it is Shiquera and some of my friends.

On the last day of school these two sweet girls named Enyahlee and Shiquera were going to leave our school to go to Hastings. There were more people leaving but Shiquera and Enyahlee were the ones from our class. Those two girls are very kind.

Since it was the last day of the term and their last day....they got the duffy certificate. We had shared lunch for those two. But only if you bought something. So Shiquera told me that they are leaving to Hastings next Saturday.


Friday, July 12, 2013

My Highlight for Term 2

Today is the last day of term 2. I am so excited and not so excited. I'm excited because our brains can have a rest and why I am not so excited because I'm going to miss my friends. Anyway, the highlight for this term is learning about Antarctica and playing sports. The sports I play is Rugby and Netball.
I am going to miss playing rugby because I like to tackle people down(only for a game). And I am going to miss Netball because I like shooting the ball in the hoop. But learning about Antarctica is so cool. We learn about whales, penguins and seals. So the highlight was learning and investigating about the place that we don't even know about but now we do is fun!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Horror Narrative Title: The dolls

Walking along the alleyway with my friend Lily, we suddenly felt hot. “I feel quite warm..I am going to take off my jacket”Lilly said while sweat came down her forehead. We were wondering why was it so hot? The day just went darker and darker until we looked to our side and saw that there was a fire.

Lily and I ran towards the fire and saw dolls walking around it. Lily grabbed my hand and started to be scared. The dolls walked around, like dead people. “It’s alright” I said to Lily. So Lily looked up and said “Are those my dolls?”

Lilly had dolls everywhere in her room. She always sleeps with them. She had collection of them. “Those are my dolls.....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!’’ The dolls heard them and ran after them. I looked behind and saw them getting closer and closer.

We couldn’t get to our house because it was so far away. So we ran into any house. We locked the door and turned around very slowly. Lily felt something on her leg........she looked down and saw a doll. “Jasmine” Lily said while holding my hand really tight.

Jasmine was one of her dolls.....and that was the one who she always sleeps with. Oh yeah, I had one of her dolls Maddy. “Lily..Lily...Lily” The doll said trying to frighten us. We were so scared. “Aaaaaaaaaah!!!” Lily screamed. She kicked Jasmine off her leg and we ran away.

“There.......... my house” I said to Lily. We ran inside and I shouted “Mum! Mum! Where are you?!” We kicked the door open and saw no one in the house. “I think we are the only ones in this place” said Lily. We both saw dolls coming towards us,behind us, the side of us, around us.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” we screamed. “Hoh!” lucky it was a dream. I turned around and saw a doll....... it was Maddy “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!, oh its not real” I got out of the bed and walked to my mum. “Jojo.....Jojo” I heard someone calling my name. It was the doll Maddy. “Oh my Gosh! Aaaaaah!!”

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our shared lunch

"Hhhhhhmm" I said while eating the doritos. Our Netball team had a shared lunch. We are called the Red Ferns. The food that our coach Harry and our manager Yvette was so yummy. You know what they did.....they did not get any food from the shops they made food from their house. Like pasta,jelly and some spaghetti on bread. Very smart.

Our whole team enjoyed the lunch. But now it was time for the certificate. Harry our coach said "If yuo want your certificate you will have to dance first." We all the started to laugh. "No, no I don't want to dance" Ofa said. He called out 2 people at a time.

Harry called out the first two people and it was Ofa and Meleane. Meleane stood up and walked up like a ganster. But then went it came to dancing she was just shy. Just like all of us were. And it kept in going and going. Until it came to the end.

Bell rang and all of us went back to class. I was still eating my cupcake and drinking my fizzy. It was really fun!!

                                      THANK YOU YVETTE AND HARRY FOR COACHING OUR TEAM.
                   RED FERNS RULE!!

My report!

Hi guys I am so happy that I had a good report last night from our really cool teachers! I had fun listening to them telling our parents what we do a lot. I'm just so happy, even my parents are and my family. I wish I could show you my report but my mum put it somewhere. So if you are in Pt. England and you are reading this...I hope you had a better report!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Parent interview

Today at 6:20pm, my mum and I went to my school for the parent interview. As my mum was driving I was thinking in my head "I hope I have a good report" I crossed my fingers while we nearly got to school.

When we got there, we hopped out of the car and started to walk to my classroom. We walked inside and saw some parents talking to their child's teacher. After waiting for about 2 minutes it was our turn to go and talk to my teacher Miss Garden.

They talked and talked and talked. My mum was telling Miss Garden about her living overseas in Samoa. So my mum wanted her email her the reports so that she can show it to my dad and my siblings in Samoa.

After talking to my home teacher we went to my literacy. Do you remember my post at the begining of the year. It was about our big classroom. Yeah anyway, my mum walked to my literacy teacher Mr Somerville.

"So Jordenne" Mr Somerville said. My mum turned to me and said "They are pronouncing your name wrong". Did you know all these years all the teachers have been calling me Jordenne. Well that's my name but it is pronounced as Jordan.

My mum told Mr Somerville that my name was pronounced as Jordan then he said "What, you haven't told me that" So he started laughing. Mr Somerville was struggling. After that he started telling my mum what I'm good at and what I am not good at.

So after that we went to my Maths teacher Mr Marks. Mr Somerville told Mr Marks that my name is pronounced as Jordan.  Then Mr Marks replied and said"No I did not know that" My mum and I walked to Mr Marks. He was telling her everything I do.

So it went on and on until we finished. When we walked outside my mum hugged my really tight and said "I am really proud of you". We went back home and told my family.

My whale animation

This is my whale movie. I have been working really hard on this. I REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

My mum from Samoa

Last night my mum came from Samoa at 11 o'clock at night time. I was awake during that time. My Nana and my Aunty went to the airport to get my mum. As you know or don't know I don't live with my family. I use to but not anymore.

My parents thought it would be good for me to come to NZ and have a great school. When my Nana and Aunty went I  went to my other aunty who is the youngest out of the family(my mum's sister) and watched movies with her. She is just 18 turning 19.

I was lying next to her. It was 10 o'clock I was suppose to sleep but I wanted to wait for my mum. We watched 2 movies. But we didn't finish the second movie. So after that I went to my grandpa in the sitting room. He was by himself.

So I went and slept. I felt something and I woke up and it was my mum. I hugged her and went to the room that we made for her. There I slept with her. I was so HAPPY!! I haven't seen her for a long time!! Well sometimes I go Samoa and visit them and come back. But I still I'm happy that she came.

And today she is coming for the parent interview.

J.A.M Arohatia Te Reo Maori


This is a movie about Maori. In this movie it has some info about the language Maori. I hope you enjoy this movie that we have made!!

Hannahs Birthday and sleepover!(Continued)

"And the winner was......Iron" We had to see which one is the smallest chocolate and as you already know who the winner was it was Iron. "Now lets get ready to go somewhere" Lama said. "YAY!" We all shouted. "But where are we going?" Iron asked Hannah. "I'm not telling you" Hannah replied.

We all had to split into three's. I went with Lama,Hannah,Olivia and Iron. And Sela, Asena and Leila went with Maria. As were on the road, Iron asked again"Hannah can you please tell me where we are going" Hannah just ignored and started giggling.

There we saw the Panmure Mc Donald's and the bowling, I was thinking to myself "Hhhhhmmm we might be going to bowling." Iron snapped her fingers and said as we turned into bowling"Hannah, I know where we are going now......bowling"

But then Hannah didn't answer that it was Lama. He said "Well we are" Iron got so excited. We saw the other crew. We stopped and opened the door, our friends car were across form ours. All of us walked into Bowling.

We saw heaps of people. "The first thing we are going to do is...."Lama said while we were all staring at him. "Lazer strike" We all jumped up and started to get excited. Maria got the credit card and payed for the Lazer strike.

All of us had to walk inside this room. My jacket was glowing, because it was white. There was a TV on the wall. It was telling us the instructions, and telling us how use the guns and the gear that we were about to wear.

When it finished we again had to split into three's....well the same team from the quiz. But first we took some photos. The man opened the door for us. It was dark in their. My friends Sela which was my opposition was scared, it was her first time.

But during the game she was so good she kept on shooting me since it was her first time. Our The Legends spread out. I found out that Lama was in their team. I ran everywhere trying to look for my opposition.

I heard something, I was getting shot. I turned around and it was Sela. My gun turned off because someone shot me. I had to wait......"It's on" I said. I ran everywhere trying to shoot them.
But I was too slow. I kept on getting shot.

At the end, we all walked out feeling very hot. We were all sweaty and we smelt like B.O. "It's time for bowling" Maria said. We walked to our spot. As we were walking I was so thirsty. We all wrote our names down on the board.

Hannah was the first one to bowl. We watched her very closely it was going straight but then suddenly she missed. But we still clapped for the Birthday girl. Next it was Leila but on the screen she called herself Liam on One Direction.

Liam bowled but then she MISSED!! She started laughing really hard. Right after Liam it was me Jojo I named it Jojo because that is my nickname. I focused I bowled it looked like it was going for a strike.
It was going from the middle, but now it was a split.

I had to get both of them. I was thinking inside my head "I can't get those two, they are splitted up".
So I waited and started to focus. I went for it and I missed. We all had our turns. When we finished, we had some tokens to play some arcades.

After that we started to get tired. So we went to Domino's to get the pizza that we ordered.  Then we went to the video store to get some movies. We chose Mt. Zion and Parental Guidance.We went back home...then we started Hannah's and Asena's challenge. The challenge was to eat four dried Weet-bix.

"Ready set go!" They stuffed the weet-bix inside their mouths. Asena grabbed all of them and put it inside her mouth. We were laughing really hard. The crums of the weet-bix went on the floor. "3,2,1"
They had to stop.

We all had to go on the table and started to eat. But first we did the grace. After the grace we went for the pizza's. "We are going to make our own desert" Lama said. "Yay". About 3 minuted later, all of our stomach were full.

It was time for us to make our own desert. There were banana's, sprinkles, white chocolates and ice creams and wipped cream. Before we made it Maria came with a big cake with cupcakes around it.
We sang the happy birthday song...but then we found out it on Tueasday July the 2nd it was Asena's birthday.

So she went and stood next to Hannah. Then we sang the Happy Birthday song. After that we made our desert. It was yummy. Our stomach was we went and made our bed and started to watch the movie. It was fun!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hannahs Birthday and sleepover!

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" Stuffing the marshmallows inside my mouth I was so tired. I was having a challenge with one of my friends called Leila. Oh yeah I forgot, my friends and I went to my other friend Hannah's house for her 11th birthday/sleepover.

Anyway, there were 6 of us.....well actually 7. It was Asena, Iron, Sela, Leila, I especially Hannah and Hannah's 8 year old cousin Olivia. During the birthday, me and Leila were having a challenge, each one of us gets to have a turn doing an activity. The dad Lama and the mum Maria setted these activities up for us.

I was trying so hard to fit heaps of marshmallows in my mouth. But then we had to stop. "How many did Leila have?" Lama asked. "7" My friends replied. Then he said again asking how many did I have.
They all said 8. So I was the winner.

Now Asena, Iron Sela and I had to go in the spare room and play buzz while Leila, Hannah, Olivia and the parents tries to think where we should go.

"Yay I won" shouting excitedly. I won the buzz. Hannah came and said its time for a quiz. We all walked to the living room and sat down. Lama said that we had to be in a group of three. So the teams were Sela, Iron and Asena. And Hannah, Leila and I. We had to make a name for our team.
The other team were called S.I.A stands for their names and we were called The Legends.

He asked us some questions and we had to write down the answers. At the end when we finished, we had to check it. When we finished Maria and Lama had to tell us the winner. "The winner is..............................The Legends" We cheered and jumped up while the opposition were just clapping.

Now it was time for Iron and Sela's turn for their activity. Their one was eating a Pixi caramel chocolate. It has been in the freezer for 2 nights. Lama told us that the Pixi caramel chocolate was on a  add on the TV.

It was a man who was in jail. The police was pointing a gun to him and said"Any last words?" Then the man said "Can I have a Pixi caramel". So they gave him one and started chewing it. The Pixi caramel was so hard the police men started to fall asleep. So the man in jail escaped.

Behind Lamas back he brought in front of him 2 Pixi caramel. Iron and Sela had to try eat it. "3,2,1 Go" They opened up the chocolate and started eating it. "Ouch!" Iron shouted while her eyes were getting watery.

Iron thought that her teeth came out but then it wasn't. About 2 minutes later they had to stop. And the winner was......


Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday: Mufti day(Continued)

Looking around seeing people having fun, I was bumped off by some of the boys. They were running around throwing the balloon in the air. It was good that they were having fun, but they just needed to calm down. So one of our prefects Makerita told us to quite it down and said "Please guys, remember the rules, no running, no shouting." But that wasn't the whole rules.

My friends and I were dancing really hard in the disco. We were having lots and lots of fun. There were lollies given out to people for who is dancing really hard. Meleane one of my friends and I got a lolly from one of the prefects Brooklyn.

Whenever a new song comes up. Everyone starts screaming especially the year 5 girls. Their scream were so loud it was torching my ears. "Booooooh" Everyone said since the music stopped.
"We are going to have a dougie " Everyone started saying yay!

People started having a dougie. Then we came to the final. It was Tevita, Simon, Stevenson, and the girls were Enyahlee,Kevine and Olivia. I was going for Kevine because she was really good.

The prefects were announcing the winner. "And the winner for the girls is Kevine" Yay I shouted.
"And the winner for the boys is.....Stevenson." All the boys jumped up and cheered.

After all, it was fun. I think we have heaps of money. For the year 6 camp. I can't wait!!  

Friday: Mufti day.

Coming to school seeing heaps of people in mufti I was so excited. Our school had a mufti day for the year 6 camp at the end of the year. I saw my friends dressed really well. We are going to have a disco at lunchtime, just for the year 4 to 6.

Everyone in mufti must of had a gold coin. Because mufti is for 1 gold coin and the disco is for another gold coin, so that makes $2:00. We went to assembly and did our normal things. After the assembly we went to class.

When it is lunchtime my friends and I are going to the disco. And I'll tell you all about it.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trip to: Kelly Tarltons

Kelly Tarltons was so fun! We saw heaps of creatures.....normally from the sea. Acctually all of them were from under water. We went there to learn about Antarctica. Investigating new things we didn't know about the coldest,windiest country in the world.

Our groups walked into a class. In that class, there was a women named Janice who taught us lot about Antarctica. What I learned from her was that there was a man called Scott. He was the first..... well atcually the second person who had been to Antarctica. Imusdent was the one who came first, right before Scott.

How did Scott get to Antarctica you ask? Scott went there on a boat that Sir. Edmond Hillary built. In Antarctica the Americans had there own base called the Mc Murdo. They had 3 bases, but the biggest was Mc Murdo. Even NZ had their own base called the Scott base.

All of there buildings were green. Why? Because it reminds them of the green grass in NZ. It was quite a smaller base than the American one. 

They had heaps of recycle bins. One of them were named after the Skua bird(Skua bin). It is called the Skua bin because Skua birds goes inside and eats whatever they see in there.

In those times they wore way differnt clothes than us. One of our students went up and tried the clothes that Scott had woren. And another wearing the clothes that we where this time. Scotts clothes didn't really look warm.

They had a something that protects their face from the snow. Imagine the freezing snow went on your face and it dries on it, if you try to pull it off then your skin will come out. So thats is why they made something to protect their face.

After having a great time learning with Janice we went and looked at some more creatures. My favourite part was seeing all the penguins and learning with Janice.