Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Last night I went to the movies with my awesome cousins. Before the movie, we went to Pak'n Save at Sylvia park to buy some snacks and goodies. The cool thing about it was that my auntie Lana said that our budget was unlimited which meant we could buy anything we wanted.We watched Pacific Rim which was about these monsters that tried to take over the earth. It was then that the united nations came up with giant robots to stop them. These robots were called AGARS. It was a pretty cool movie. It made me want to fight somebody. But I didn't.

After the movies, we went back home....and guess what? The boys slept over my house and I was the only girl. But I didn't care...... they were awesome. We walked inside and looked in the sitting room. My grandma already made the bed. "Thank you mama" said my cousin Canaan.

So they hopped in their bed while I walked to my room. "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" we all snored.


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  1. Wow - movies already at the beginning of your holidays! What a nice Aunty to let you have unlimited food! The movie sounds awesome - so I must take the kids to see that one too. give our love to canaan and Xavier and mama/papa/lana/aunty pola. Have a Fun holiday! love mum x