Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Going with my cousins and uncle for a ride

Just waking up in the morning I went to the sitting room and saw my cousin Xavier watching TV.....while his brother Canaan was just sleeping. It was only those two who slept over. I went on the other bed and laid down and watched Dynamo Magician Impossible. It was so cool because Dynamo does impossible things like walking on water, twisting a phone in half, and even walking through a window when people are looking! AMAZING!!

Anyway, I heard footsteps coming and it was my two other cousins, Senila and Samuel. They stayed and watched TV with us. We heard the door opene again and it was Xavier and Canaans dad. Suddenly Canaan just woke up.

"Wake up everyone" Canaan and Xaviers dad said his name was Mene. We woke up and went to brush our teeth, and went to eat breakfast. When we finished my uncle Mene told us that is going to take us somewhere. So we all yelled "Yay!"

When we finished our breakfast we washed the dishes and got ready. But first my cousin Senila and I had to go with my grandma and take the washing and come back. We came back and hopped into my uncles car and went.

We were going to Manukau to my aunti Jacci's work (Menes wife). She was a judge. We all went to the court to pick her up. But we waited for about 30 minutes. "Mum!" Xavier said....he ran to her and hugged her.

So we walked back outside and walked to the mall. We went and looked around for the food court.
Then we saw it, we walked and brought some Burger King. Nearly all of us got a Creamy Mayo but only Canaan had a Cheese Burger.

My uncle was looking for a spare table where no one is on. "There" my uncle said. We walked towards it and sat down. The food came.....and we didn't just eat straight away we did the prayer. After the prayer we just ate. The burger and the chips we so nice!

When we finished, there was Magic show right across form us. So we asked my aunty and uncle if we could go and they said yes. So we walked and saw the magician. He needed a helper for his magic. Everyone raised their hands up, and he chose this little girl. From the back he brought up a Japanese washing machine it was just a small one.

The magician showed us the inside of the washing was empty. So he got two pairs of socks but red and white. He put it inside and told the little girl to turn around this switch. The magician told her to stop and let him see if it was clean.

He grabbed it out and the socks were all ripped up. So the little girl turned it around and stopped, he opened it up and the socks were white with red stripes, and thats when we had to leave. We all hopped into the car and went back home.


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  1. Sounds like a fun time with your cousins and Uncle Mene! What a way to start your holidays bub. The Magic show sounded cool....I wish it was showing when I was there! Enjoy the rest of your holidays! mum x