Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fireworks for the Matariki (The seven Maori stars)

I just came back from Maybury street, because my cousins, uncle and aunty went to see the fireworks for the Matariki stars. "3....2.....1!!!!" Everyone shouted. "Booooooom!!" The fireworks exploded into the sky.

My cousin brought her ipod up and I brought my phone up to video. The fireworks were so loud my aunty and my baby cousin who she was holding were so scared. "Eeeeeeeeeh" The fireworks sounded like a car that was going to crash.

Everyone kept on going like "Ooooohhhhh". Because the fireworks were EPIC!! The loudness of the fireworks just kept on going louder and louder and cooler and cooler. My cousin and I's arm were so tired, so we stop the video and just watched.

But guess what? As soon as we put it down the fireworks just stopped. But it was alright, because we got it all on tape. We went back and hopped into the car and they took me back home. THE FIREWORKS WERE AWESOME!!!

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  1. I am enjoying you holiday posts Jordenne. I watched the fireworks from my house because the rest of my family was watching rugby and I didn't want to walk down to Maybury St on my own
    They even sounded loud from a distance.

    I wish you had uploaded your video to your blog for the rest of us to enjoy!

    Mrs Burt