Monday, July 15, 2013

Watching TV

My two cousin's Esrah and Xavier were watching TV. We were watching Sonny with a chance. But they didn't like it...... neither did I. My cousin's and I were just sitting their doing nothing. But we just couldn't wait until tonight at 9 o'clock because we are going to the movies to watch "Pacific Rim". It is going to be Epic!!! But still we just sat there looking so it was Good luck Charlie. "Oh I've seen this part" I said to Esrah and Xavier but they didn't reply, because they were too bored. So since I already see that part I walked to the other sitting room (Big sitting room) and went on my Netbook while my two cousins so nothing.

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  1. Good girl! any free time you get - go on your netbook and write stories so that we can read it here in Samoa. Also remember to do some maths quizzes/problems like your teacher said to do - to improve on your maths ok bub! Have fun during your holidays! love mum x