Wednesday, July 17, 2013

State of Origin: Who will win?

Do you know what is on tonight on sports? It is the State of Origin. I am so going to be excited. Who do you go for? I go for the awesome team who tries very hard to win and that is NSW(New South Wales)!! Most of my family members go for...... you know the one.....QLD(Queensland). They just couldn't believe that I go for New South Wales.

They say like my cousin Canaan "Why do you go for NSW? QLD have been wining!" Esrah "NSW? Really? QLD is the best they have been wining the most" Now tonight I do agree with them but I just like NSW for some reasons.

So I really hope NSW wins tonight! But if they don't.....Bad luck, they can try next time.

                                  WHO WILL WIN??? Hhhhhmmm....
                 NSW      vs         QLD!
                                         GO NSW!

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