Friday, July 26, 2013

Gengies for my auntie Lana's 19th Birthday

Last night for my auntie Lana's birthday, we went to Gengies. Gengis was so cool, they have nice food. When we got their we waited for my other families to come. About 5 minutes later Lana came and at the same time my auntie, uncle and cousins came.

When everyone came, we started. My auntie Ria got the cake and put it in front of Lana. Then we sang Happy Birthday. "Happy Birthday to you!" The song finished then we did the prayer. After the prayer all the kids ran for the food.

I got chips, sushi and fried rice. It was nice! So finishing eating I went for seconds. Now I got Marinated beed(it wasn't cooked) with pineapples. In Gengies the meats aren't cooked. You get it then take it to the chef and they cook it. And its cool, because you can see them doing it.

"Thank you" I said to the chef. I got my plate and walked to the table. When I was eating my stomach was getting full. So I didn't finish it, I left it their for the waiter to take and just went for desert. "Are you now going for desert?" Leila asked. "Yeah" I replied.

I walked to where they make the pikelets and waited. "Nice" I said while decorating the pikelets with ice-cream. Lana read my letter then she said "Ohh Love you Jojo". Jojo is my nickname. I saw everyone having fun.

"Jojo come and lets take a photo" my auntie Ria said. I walked towards them and smiled to the camera. "3....2....1...CHEESE" "Cheese" We all said. The camera flashed into our eyes. When everyone finished we all went home.

Lana really had fun! The food was nice!!

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  1. wow! sounds like you had lots of fun and such yummy food to eat! aunty lana was spoilt that night wasn't she...and it was nice to have all of yous around to celebrate her special day. We phoned later on when yous were on your way home. Happy Birthday Lana!!! love yous. mum x