Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday: Mufti day(Continued)

Looking around seeing people having fun, I was bumped off by some of the boys. They were running around throwing the balloon in the air. It was good that they were having fun, but they just needed to calm down. So one of our prefects Makerita told us to quite it down and said "Please guys, remember the rules, no running, no shouting." But that wasn't the whole rules.

My friends and I were dancing really hard in the disco. We were having lots and lots of fun. There were lollies given out to people for who is dancing really hard. Meleane one of my friends and I got a lolly from one of the prefects Brooklyn.

Whenever a new song comes up. Everyone starts screaming especially the year 5 girls. Their scream were so loud it was torching my ears. "Booooooh" Everyone said since the music stopped.
"We are going to have a dougie " Everyone started saying yay!

People started having a dougie. Then we came to the final. It was Tevita, Simon, Stevenson, and the girls were Enyahlee,Kevine and Olivia. I was going for Kevine because she was really good.

The prefects were announcing the winner. "And the winner for the girls is Kevine" Yay I shouted.
"And the winner for the boys is.....Stevenson." All the boys jumped up and cheered.

After all, it was fun. I think we have heaps of money. For the year 6 camp. I can't wait!!  

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  1. good to hear that you had fun! when is your camp? that would be something to look forward to.