Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Funeral in the holidays

In the second Sunday of the Holidays, someone from our church passed away. His name was Falaga'inunu Tele'a. And it was one of our teachers husbands dad, Mrs Tele'a. He had a terrible sickness, and it was cancer.

I was so sad when I heard that. Most of the times, I see him walking around. Anyway, on Sunday it was time to say good bye. Some of the grand kids had some speeches of what was their grandpa like, what they love about him and some stories about him.

Cane was the first one, I think that he is the second oldest. He told us that he loved his grandpa so much. After that he told us story. While he was telling us tears came down his eyes then he wiped it away. "Love you papa" he said. Then he walked back down.

All the other grand kids said some speeches. But then when all of them finished, they sang a really nice song. Ending the song so beautifully, heaps and heaps of people cried. Our children's choir had the opportunity to sing, so we stood up and sung our song. We sang a Samoan song. The song we sang means like to lift your hands up to the Lord, and in Samoan it was Sisi'i ou lima. Our children's choir sat back down and everyone clapped.

Another person came up and did their speech too. It went on and on, and it was time for us to all go home.

The next day it was time for his arrival. Everyone and mostly his family cried.

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  1. Thanks Jojo for your story on the funeral of a very special person at our Church who we'll all miss. Its very sad for his family and all of us - and it just reminds us that we are not here forever and to treasure every moment we have with our loved ones. im sure the kids choir sang a beautiful song as a wonderful send off for one of the oldest Church Elders. love you. mum x