Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Horror Narrative Title: The dolls

Walking along the alleyway with my friend Lily, we suddenly felt hot. “I feel quite warm..I am going to take off my jacket”Lilly said while sweat came down her forehead. We were wondering why was it so hot? The day just went darker and darker until we looked to our side and saw that there was a fire.

Lily and I ran towards the fire and saw dolls walking around it. Lily grabbed my hand and started to be scared. The dolls walked around, like dead people. “It’s alright” I said to Lily. So Lily looked up and said “Are those my dolls?”

Lilly had dolls everywhere in her room. She always sleeps with them. She had collection of them. “Those are my dolls.....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!’’ The dolls heard them and ran after them. I looked behind and saw them getting closer and closer.

We couldn’t get to our house because it was so far away. So we ran into any house. We locked the door and turned around very slowly. Lily felt something on her leg........she looked down and saw a doll. “Jasmine” Lily said while holding my hand really tight.

Jasmine was one of her dolls.....and that was the one who she always sleeps with. Oh yeah, I had one of her dolls Maddy. “Lily..Lily...Lily” The doll said trying to frighten us. We were so scared. “Aaaaaaaaaah!!!” Lily screamed. She kicked Jasmine off her leg and we ran away.

“There.......... my house” I said to Lily. We ran inside and I shouted “Mum! Mum! Where are you?!” We kicked the door open and saw no one in the house. “I think we are the only ones in this place” said Lily. We both saw dolls coming towards us,behind us, the side of us, around us.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” we screamed. “Hoh!” lucky it was a dream. I turned around and saw a doll....... it was Maddy “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!, oh its not real” I got out of the bed and walked to my mum. “Jojo.....Jojo” I heard someone calling my name. It was the doll Maddy. “Oh my Gosh! Aaaaaah!!”

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