Monday, September 21, 2015

Thinking Blocks

For the past few weeks we have been working on a new site that Mrs Tele'a showed us called 'Thinking Blocks'. Thinking Blocks is where you learn about ratios. In this presentation it will show you the proof of my work on the site, and next to that is just me working it out. This site really helped me learn about ratios, because before I knew nothing about it, but now, I know a lot more than I though I would. Enjoy:)!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Garage Sale

A few weeks ago Mrs Tele'a gave us a task to finish. It is about a boy who does a Garage Sale so he can earn money to buy himself a in-line skates. This presentation will show what we had completed. It twas very difficult but we managed to finish it. We did a lot of working out such as taking 10 percent out of these numbers. Enjoy:)!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Miss Universe NZ

Sixteen out of twenty contestants from Miss Universe NZ had came to Pt England in the senior block. Miss Universe is a competition where women face against each other. One country takes 20 of their top ladies to another place (country) to compete. Who ever is the best out of the 20, gets to challenge against other women who won in their country around the world.

Ella Wilson, Sharne Boot and Gabrielle Manaloto were one of the 3 ladies who volunteered to just talk to us. Ella Wilson introduced to us who they were and what they do. Sharne Boot is a entrepreneur because she had invented a Recycling Business. Also she gave us some really great advice. She said ‘Sometimes people always dream about their dreams, and others chase their dreams. So we either have to keep dreaming or chase it.’ Sharne’s advice were really inspirational and I enjoyed it a lot!

Gabrielle Manoto was the last speaker. She also was another, who gave us some good advice. But before she started talking, she told us to all stand up and repeat what she was doing. And believe me Gabrielle was doing some really funny moves. After a while we all sat down, and that's when she gave us some of the advice. Gabrielle used a simple sentence to explain her advice, “Just Smile!”. It was to ‘Keep smiling. Because when people see you smile, they will feel happy and will want to smile too!” That was a really great advice from Gabrielle, and from all of them.

It was a privilege to have the 16 out of the 20 Miss Universe New Zealand because it was their first time going to a school. And today all the ladies will be flying to Manila, Philippine to compete! Good Luck Ladies!