Monday, June 24, 2013

Jordenne and Ana A writing narrative.

“Ah..” said Angelica when she started to scroll down on her phone to see what was happening in Australia, her home country. She was in Papua New Guinea doing some work there. Angelica found out that there was a masquerade in her home town.

She started packing her bags quickly so she can go to the airport but she didn’t tell her boss because she really wanted to go. Angelica got a taxi and went. “Passport please” said the lady in the check-in. She didn’t have a passport so she ran away so she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Angelica looks around to find a way, she sees bags being put into the planes so she jumping into the middle of the bags to be put into the plane. “Ouch, I’m squashed” said Angelica.   There was something behind her back. But Angelica, just relaxed and slept the whole way.

When she got to Australia, she took a taxi to the place that it was at. Sadly the masquerade was only for people who were invited. She wasn’t going to give up now so she decided to try and do something that they always did in movies. She sneaked into the kitchen so that she could at least see the party.

“Oh, hello” said this girl from the kitchen “Who are you?” she said again. “I’m, ah, I’m Angelica” she said nervously. “Oh, I’m Caitlin. I’m not really invited” said Caitlin telling her the truth. “O, really?” She didn’t want this Caitlin to know straight away.  But then she just wanted to tell her everything what happened, like how she got into plane.

“You went in the baggage area, I went there too.” Caitlin said enthusiastically. “So you were the one who said Ouch!? “Yes I was, how do you know?” she asked confused. “I was in a bag, I now feel kinda bad because I emptied out someone’s bag to fit in.” They went outside and they just saw people like people over 50s, and a sign that said “Over 50’s only”. So they left because they weren’t even close to being over 50 years old.

Angelica and Caitlin became really good friends after that. So both of them went to Caitlin's house and had their own party, and inviting people who is under 20s. The sign “Under 20s ONLY!!”.

Venn Diagram about Emperors and Adelie penguins.

This is my presentation or is it? Informations about Adelie penguins and Emperor penguins.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Smart TV

"Wow!!" I said to myself. Having a smart TV is really cool. We bought a New TV on Saturday.
Do you guys know what happened on Thursday night? There was a lightning in Auckland! I was awake that time when I wasn't suppose to.

Anyway, the lighting stroked the TV, while me and my cousin Esrah were watching. Then it just turned off and our light broke. After all that trouble, on Saturday as you already know we bought a new TV(Smart TV).

It was so big when I first saw it. What is a Smart TV you ask, it is when you can go on internet and it is really cool. I was just too happy that I told everyone!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to score a try

How to score a try:

List of Materials:  

1st step: Run towards the tryline.
2nd step: Keep the ball to your hands.
3rd step: Hold it tight.
4ht step: Run with both legs.
5ht step: Pass it to another person.
6th step: Look for spaces to score it.
7th step: Call for the ball.
8th step: Catch the ball.
9th step: Step the opposition.
10th step: Run forward.
11th step: Jump for the tryline.
12th step: Dive for the try.`

13th step: SCORE IT!!

Step by step of "How to stand on a chair.


List of materials:

 1st step: Get a chair
 2nd step: Put your hand on the chair
        3rd step: Choose a foot
 4th step: Lift your foot up
 5th step: Move it forward
        6th step: Put it on the chair.
        7th step: Lift yourself up
 8th step: Put weight on the leg thats already on the chair so that the other can be light.
        9th step: Lift it up.
        10th step: Move the other leg forward.
        11th step: Put it on the chair.
        12 step: Put your back straight

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Dragon Machine (Summarise)

It was raining and George saw his first dragon. He was unnoticed and overlooked. The dragons followed George everywhere he goes. He loved them, and fed them with stinky crackers and smelly cheese. When George went to the library, the dragons followed. There were footprints of the dragons and cracked glass everywhere because of the dragons, and poor George has to say sorry for everything he didn’t do, and he felt annoyed. Then George found a map of where all the dragons live. So he built a dragon machine, and got some smelly cheese and stinky crackers to track them. When George finished building it he flew up, the next minute he saw the dragons behind. When he got there he was so tired he went to sleep. He woke and no dragons were there.... it was all gone. The parents were trying to find him. When they found him they went to their house and baked him a cake for a welcome back. And they brought him a dog for a present. No one knew it was a dog.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

( Sela and Jordenne's Narrative) A dumb explorer who meets beyonce.

Once there was a man named Pete. He was an explorer, he was a dumb explorer that had been exploring the forest for YEARS and YEARS. While he was traveling, he suddenly heard music playing out of nowhere. Pete felt happy and started dancing. He hadn’t noticed that voice before.

He tracked the music by his ears. Then he found so many Monkeys dancing. Pete started laughing at them because he said they were no good. Then Pete started showing them how to dance.

He stopped dancing, and saw so many paths, he wanted to go to all of them but he knew there was only one way to go to where the music is coming from.  But then stupidly he went to the path on the left and came back with ripped clothes.
He went to the other path on right and came back with bare feet. Everywhere he went it was Dangerous.

Finally he had the chance to walk through the path in the middle that didn’t look bad at all. Walking with damaged body parts Pete started dancing even more and FINALLY saw Beyonce!!! He smelled with shock and also Danced very HARD with her too.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

20hr Famine 2013

"Hello, 2013 20hr Famine team" Mrs Tele'a said. For the 20hr Famine was to try to be like peopel in We had a sleepover at our school.Papua new Guinea,Bougainville. Our team was fundraising for them. I was in yellow team with Raenan, Louis, Kaycee and Kingston. We were playing all sorts of games like charades and pictionary and watched some videos from Papua new guinea.

Later on, all the ambassadors who went to Bougainville, Papua new guinea came to our school to tell us all about them what they eat, what they do and all the other stuff. This woman called Devin came last year. She helped us with games.

All the ambassadors went away and created a game for us. While the other two stayed, those to woman were the ones who we saw in the video, Mandy and Yong. They are very young about in the 20s. Anyway's they were telling us about how it felt like in Papua new guinea. Seeing people just eating one food everyday, and people sick from that.

I put my hand and asked them who did they interview. Mandy interviewed these two best friends Martin and Sawa. She said that they were Martin had a house full of holes. After all those story I felt like helping them.

Devin came and started telling us the game that we are about to play. She said that our whole group has to act like a family. Because its going to feel like Papua new guinea. 5 minutes later, the game was about to finish.

We all went back to the library and started saying good bye to the crew. After that we watched a movie, Wreck-it Ralph. Our bed time was suppose to be 10:30 but since we watched a movie, we slept about 12:30.

The next day we all packed our bags and started to leave. And it was the year 8's last 20hr Famine in Pt England. It was AWESOME!!!

Our science test

"Uhhmmm, I am so confused" I whispered to myself. On the 12th of June, we had a science test. And the year sixes which is us did it together with the year 4/5. The year 4 and 5's had 30 question and they had 45 minutes.

But the year 6's had 45 questions and had 55 minutes. I was so confused on this one question. I kept and kept on reading it. I did this test last year. The room started to get empty as the year 5 and 4 leaves, and it was only the year sixes.

"20 more minutes year 6's" Mrs Tele'a called out. As we were working, Mrs Tele'a was checking on the answers to see if there's anyone who missed any spaces. Because they don't take the sheet. She takes the answer sheet, and keeps the question sheets. Mrs Tele'a takes the answer sheets to Australia to this machine.

"Oh my gosh" Mrs Tele'a said. "About 2 or 3 people had 5 questions and they didn't answer it! And year 6's you have 2 minutes left." Mrs Tele'a said it will be good to fill all thes paces in. 2 minutes finished and we left everything on the table went back to our class.


Thursday, June 6, 2013


Here is a movie that my friends and I made, all about SEALS!! I really hope you enjoy our movie!!

The Balloon experiment presentation

Here is my presentation about our experiment: The Balloon Rocket. Our balloon is called "The Death Defyer". It tells you what was the prediction and what was the findings. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

Jordenne writing.

Once their were 2 men walking around Antarctica. Those 2 men were explorers, and their names are Jason and Sam. As they walked along, a cold strong wind came and they got scared. But then Jason said to Sam”Sam, we are too strong for this wind, we can make it to the end’’

Sam and Jason walked along as the wind came closer and closer to them.”Hold on tight” Jason said to Sam.
Then the scaredy cat grabbed Jason's hand and held it really tight. “3,2,1!!!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

There was silence. Sam got up and looked for his buddy, then he saw something moving in the snow and crying. It was Jason!! Sam got his hand and pulled him up. “Really Jason, too strong for the wind. You were the one screaming”.

The 2 explorers were still walking. “A penguin!!” shouted Sam seeing a real penguin for his 1st time.
“Oh wow! It is just a penguin”, I know it your 1st time. “But I have seen a penguin heaps of times. And they are really attractive”

Sam and Jason walked towards the creature. Jason went up to it and grabbed its beak. Then slowly the penguin jumped up and bit Jason’s nose. Sam held on to the penguins flippers and tried to pull it off of Jason’s nose.
Jason’s nose was so red.

“Are you alright” Sam asked. “Yeah” Jason answered.  “I thought you said they were really attractive” sam said. “They were” Jason replied. Then the two buddies walked back to their helicopter. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh another wind”. BLANK!!