Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our science test

"Uhhmmm, I am so confused" I whispered to myself. On the 12th of June, we had a science test. And the year sixes which is us did it together with the year 4/5. The year 4 and 5's had 30 question and they had 45 minutes.

But the year 6's had 45 questions and had 55 minutes. I was so confused on this one question. I kept and kept on reading it. I did this test last year. The room started to get empty as the year 5 and 4 leaves, and it was only the year sixes.

"20 more minutes year 6's" Mrs Tele'a called out. As we were working, Mrs Tele'a was checking on the answers to see if there's anyone who missed any spaces. Because they don't take the sheet. She takes the answer sheet, and keeps the question sheets. Mrs Tele'a takes the answer sheets to Australia to this machine.

"Oh my gosh" Mrs Tele'a said. "About 2 or 3 people had 5 questions and they didn't answer it! And year 6's you have 2 minutes left." Mrs Tele'a said it will be good to fill all thes paces in. 2 minutes finished and we left everything on the table went back to our class.


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  1. yes - Science can be difficult but like anything you need to study hard and read a lot to understand it. How did you do in the test? Keep working hard ok Jo. love you. mummy x