Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Dragon Machine (Summarise)

It was raining and George saw his first dragon. He was unnoticed and overlooked. The dragons followed George everywhere he goes. He loved them, and fed them with stinky crackers and smelly cheese. When George went to the library, the dragons followed. There were footprints of the dragons and cracked glass everywhere because of the dragons, and poor George has to say sorry for everything he didn’t do, and he felt annoyed. Then George found a map of where all the dragons live. So he built a dragon machine, and got some smelly cheese and stinky crackers to track them. When George finished building it he flew up, the next minute he saw the dragons behind. When he got there he was so tired he went to sleep. He woke and no dragons were there.... it was all gone. The parents were trying to find him. When they found him they went to their house and baked him a cake for a welcome back. And they brought him a dog for a present. No one knew it was a dog.


  1. WOW Jordenne,

    This is a awesome summery. I really like how you said at the end "no one knew it was a dog" and I really like your picture as well! Keep up the cool work!

  2. Nice story Jo! the dragon must have stinky breath after eating all that stinky cheese and crackers. Really nice picture - love the colours. Keep up the good work bub. Mum x