Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to score a try

How to score a try:

List of Materials:  

1st step: Run towards the tryline.
2nd step: Keep the ball to your hands.
3rd step: Hold it tight.
4ht step: Run with both legs.
5ht step: Pass it to another person.
6th step: Look for spaces to score it.
7th step: Call for the ball.
8th step: Catch the ball.
9th step: Step the opposition.
10th step: Run forward.
11th step: Jump for the tryline.
12th step: Dive for the try.`

13th step: SCORE IT!!

1 comment:

  1. Are these the steps that you follow when you play rugby! just make sure that you don't hurt yourself! Good step by step instructions on how to score a try - maybe you should send it to the coach of the Manu Samoa team so that he can teach his players! Good work bub. Mum x