Monday, June 24, 2013

Jordenne and Ana A writing narrative.

“Ah..” said Angelica when she started to scroll down on her phone to see what was happening in Australia, her home country. She was in Papua New Guinea doing some work there. Angelica found out that there was a masquerade in her home town.

She started packing her bags quickly so she can go to the airport but she didn’t tell her boss because she really wanted to go. Angelica got a taxi and went. “Passport please” said the lady in the check-in. She didn’t have a passport so she ran away so she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Angelica looks around to find a way, she sees bags being put into the planes so she jumping into the middle of the bags to be put into the plane. “Ouch, I’m squashed” said Angelica.   There was something behind her back. But Angelica, just relaxed and slept the whole way.

When she got to Australia, she took a taxi to the place that it was at. Sadly the masquerade was only for people who were invited. She wasn’t going to give up now so she decided to try and do something that they always did in movies. She sneaked into the kitchen so that she could at least see the party.

“Oh, hello” said this girl from the kitchen “Who are you?” she said again. “I’m, ah, I’m Angelica” she said nervously. “Oh, I’m Caitlin. I’m not really invited” said Caitlin telling her the truth. “O, really?” She didn’t want this Caitlin to know straight away.  But then she just wanted to tell her everything what happened, like how she got into plane.

“You went in the baggage area, I went there too.” Caitlin said enthusiastically. “So you were the one who said Ouch!? “Yes I was, how do you know?” she asked confused. “I was in a bag, I now feel kinda bad because I emptied out someone’s bag to fit in.” They went outside and they just saw people like people over 50s, and a sign that said “Over 50’s only”. So they left because they weren’t even close to being over 50 years old.

Angelica and Caitlin became really good friends after that. So both of them went to Caitlin's house and had their own party, and inviting people who is under 20s. The sign “Under 20s ONLY!!”.

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  1. that's a funny story of how two friends met up! and what an adventure for both of them....all just to get to a party. They probably had more fun at their own party. Nice story bub - keep up the good work! mum x