Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Reflection

This year has been awesome! My teacher has taught me a whole heap of things! For writing: When you finish writing a story, you always have to read it and re-craft it before they proof-read it. For reading: Reading helps you with writing. You can always learn new words. And more! For Maths: Maths has been a challenge for me. We learnt some new skills/strategies for how to work out a hard questions. So to make a hard question an easy question.

I learnt how to communicate with others when I need help. To share the learning that you have created! My friend has taught me to always stick up for each other. Never let people down and to always be happy! One of my friends which was Hannah taught me to always be there for each other when they are feeling blue.

When people ask me for help, I always encourage them to strive to succeed. Just like our Pt. England logo “Strive to Succeed”. Encourage them to reach their goals, encourage them always do the right thing and encourage them to follow their dreams! 2013 has been really fun! It has been a real challenge for us. But next year I am a year 7 and it will be bigger!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stop Think and Do

Here is a movie that Iron, Ana and I made. It is called "Stop....Think and DO!!!" Get Ready To Be ENTERTAINED!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

My grandparents 44th anniversary

On Friday the 29th of November it was a very special day for my grandparents. It was their 44th anniversary. And in the morning we woke up and we all did a short prayer. Then my aunty, cousin and I went and made breakfast. My aunty made pancakes, spring rolls while my cousin and I setted up the table and put the cereal on. When we finished putting it all together, we called them to come and eat. As soon as they walked in and saw the food that we have presented for them....their eyes went wide. They sat down and we all did the prayer first then we ate. "Hhhhmmm....this is the best breakfast!" My nana said while chewing her pancake. When we ate it all we had to go change for school. Since there were some spring rolls left we took some for school.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Camp at Kawau

Here is my presentation about our amazing fun camp at Kawau Island. I hope you enjoy reading what had happened during camp!!

Year 6 - Year 7

What I want to do when I am a year 7:
I want to show the visitors around the school
I want to play more sports
Achieve more goals
Work harder
and especially to....
Strive so I can succeed

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fish Of Maui

Here is a movie about "The Fish Of Maui". I really hope you enjoy my hard work! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Camp Benzon on Kawau Island

Next week we will be heading to Camp Benzon on Kawau Island. It will be some much fun because there are going to be a lot of games. There will be.....Volley, Orienteering, rock climbing, Swimming and much more.....I am looking forward to eating the delicious food made by our chef Mr Coop.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Our camp to Kawau Island

Next week is our year 6 camp to........Kawau Island!!! I am so excited because we are going there for 4 days and 3 nights. And because we are going on a ferry for 40 minutes. But first we have to go on a bus and that is for 1 hour. I wonder who our leader is going to be, they are telling us this week! A leader can be hard work, you will have to tell your group what to do. I am going to pack and get everything ready before this awesome day!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Reading: A bowl of rice

There is a boy named Duy who lives in Vietnam near the city of Quy Nhon. His family have their own Paddy field where they grow rice.

In spring the rice is planted, first the bullocks come and plough the paddy fields. Now its summer, everyone wakes up early in the morning for them to harvest the rice, because the stalks have turned yellow, and the seed heads are ripe. There was no school…….so Duy and his sister helped too, and what they did was chasing the geese away and get some water for the workers/farmers. And then when the long stalks of rice have been cut off, those two siblings go help and gather them up. Then Duy and his sister take them to their dad at the Threshing Machine. The Threshing Machines job is to separate the rice grains from the stalks. And when the basket if full of rice grains, Duy helps the workers/farmers to pour the grain into this really large sack, and so when the grains are dried the workers/farmers drags the big sacks and they tip it out and rake the grains along to the side of the road so that it can get dried in the hot sun. The next day on their way to school, Duy and his friends walked over the rice, cattles trampled (crush) on it and cars and bikes rode over it. But the grains were not damaged because it was protected by the husks of bran. After the grains are dry, Duys dad cleans them up by sweeping it and then he pours them into the milling machine. And when they finish everything, Duys mum and his aunt uses the stalks to weave baskets and hats and sell them in the supermarket. Duys mum has made vegetables and steamed rice for their lunch. “I Love Rice!” says Duy.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Presentation About "Guy Fawkes"

Here is my presentation about "Guy Fawkes". Is that his real name check out my presentation. And you might know why we celebrate it. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Narrative Test

This is my writing test:

“Hhhhh” shivered Caleb. Caleb was all alone walking on the foot path with no one by his side. He was going home. It was nearly evening, there were dogs growling and birds going back to their nests. It got darker as the moon replaced the sun. Caleb opened his front door and grabbed a bucket because he forgot to milk the cows. So Caleb got a torch and walked out.

Some of the cow were asleep. Caleb had about 21 cows and only about ⅓ of them were awake. He didn’t bother waking all the other cows up. “Ssssss” Caleb stood up and got his torch up. “Who’s there!?” He looked around with his torch shining on the cows. “uh uh… hello, uh who’s there?” Caleb looked behind him and a cow was staring at him. He was so frightened he ran in his kitchen chucked the bucket on the floor and hid under his blanket.

“Hwaa” Caleb yawned. He walked into the kitchen and saw milk everywhere on the ground. Caleb was too tired to clean it that he walked over it. He staggered outside, to check if the cows were alright and to milk the cows. Caleb felt weird because every morning they always make lots and lots of sounds, but now its all silence. He walked and saw cows surrounding something. Caleb pushed through the cows and saw 1 cow lying on the ground. He fell on the ground and got his phone and called the vet. “Hello, you need to come quick my cow is sick!” and he rang his friend Tommy too to come and look after the cow.

The vet people came as well as Tommy and walked to the cow who was sick Sandy. Thats what he Caleb called her. They put her inside their car and went off with Caleb. “Is she going to be alright.” The vet person Sally and Michael looked at Caleb and said “Sandy is uh…..pregnant” Caleb’s eyes went wide.

When they got to the vet centre, they put Sandy into this room. “I’m sorry Caleb you're gonna have to wait here” Michael said while putting his hand Caleb’s shoulder. Caleb sat and waited for 2 whole hours. “Moooooo!” Sally came with something on her hand. Caleb stood up and looked. “Is she alright?” “Yes” nodded sally. “Sandy is gonna have to stay here for about a week with her baby, then you can come back” Caleb walked out feeling happy and went home.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Presentation about "My Awesome Friends!!"

Here is a Presentation about "My Awesome Friends!!". Hope you enjoy!!

My own writing: Night Alone Narattive

W.A.L.T: Show not tell when writing a paragraph.

I was walking alone in the darkness, the sun setted and birds going back to their nests. The moon slowly replaced the sun. Heavy winds blew past my face, I wrapped my hands around my body and started shivering, not only shivering with coldness shivering with fear. I looked up seeing trees going back and forth and side to side. It was so dark that I kept on tripping up on some sticks. When I was on the ground I saw a really big dark shadow above me. I looked up and......

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Re-telling of Rousie

There is a girl named Rousie who lives in a Farm, and on October her dad brought a mob of sheep to get ready for them to be sheared. They have used the dads old horse Zhivago and the dogs to gather all the sheep in. Rousie has to wake up early at 6.00am and go to the shed to take the shorn fleeces from the stand and getting all the sheep together for the shearing since there are 15000 of them! Her job is to clear out all the wool off the floor for the shearers. Rousie worked all the way through till lunch, she drinks smoko then goes back to cleaning. At the end of the day it was time for the truck to load, and to let the sheeps out, and she watched the truck drive away. Rousie was proud and happy because the bales meant money to run the farm.  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jordenne Roller Coaster Narrative

Clear And 'Juicy'Some of my writing can be understood by my audience.My message is able to be understood, and my writing does not turn off the audience.My writing has audience appeal and the message is very clear.
ContentI've attempted to write about one main idea.I have a key idea in the first sentence with supporting details in the following sentences.I've used sentences that are connected and build up the main idea
Sentence BeginningsI've attempted to use more than one varied sentence beginning.I have a key idea in the first sentence with supporting details in the following sentences.I've used carefully chosen vocabulary/clauses as sentence beginnings.
Variety of sentencesI've attempted to use a variety of sentence types, lengths or complexities.I've used a variety of sentence types (.?!"") and sentence lengths and complexitiesI've carefully chosen a variety of sentence types, lengths & complexities to enhance the paragraph.
VocabularyI've attempted to use some clever vocabulary.I've chosen some clever vocabulary and have tried to use it appropriately.I've carefully chosen clever vocabulary and have used it appropriately.
“Please, please mum!” cried the the twins (Jasmine and Kate). “No! I have told you both you are coming with us, on a family trip!. So come and help me carry these bags” Jasmine and Kate looked at each other. “What are the bags for??” “For our food” answered the mum (Jamie). “But…..” “No I know what you’re thinking, so we are not eating stuff from the carnival. Today we are eating healthy”

Jasmine and Kate rolled their eyes “Gooosh!” And they stomped their way into the car. “Mike!!! Josh!! Hurry up we’re going now” Mike (dad) and Josh (son) was doing their hair. They got the gel and wax and wiped it on every single part of their hair, and brushed it again. They walked outside with Mohawk. The mum was going to say take it out but it was too late, they had to go.

“Lets get this party started!” Josh shouted as he hopped in the car. Jasmine and Kate still begged their mum. “But mum…..our friends Jackson, Kelly and Rachel are going to be there” Jamie looked back at them and said “Oh great! Then they can come with us” Jasmine mumbled and said “But we don’t want to go with you” Josh heard and shouted “Oooooohhhh mum!” Jasmine grabbed him and blocked his mouth with her hands. “Yes Josh” Jasmine looked at her mum and smiled “Nothing mum, nothing” Jasmine looked down at Josh and gave him the evils. So she blocked his mouth the whole way.

“Wow! It looks awesome!” Mike said. “We’re gonna have heaps of fun! Oh look at that roller coaster. It’s HUGE!!” Mike said again excitedly. Jasmine took her hands off Josh’s mouth and jumped “Eeeeewww!! There are slobs everywhere on my hand! And it smells disgusting. Ew! Please, please say yes Josh. Did you….” She paused for a second then continued “Brush...your...teeth?!” Josh looked at Jasmine and said “Yes” Jasmine screamed and said “Aaaaahhhh!! He didn’t brush his teeth!!” Jamie got some tissues and grabbed Jasmines hands. “Get over here! You're embarrassing yourself” And she wiped it off. “What was it” “Uhm…..” Jamie looked at her angrily but then Jasmine was saved when Jamie her friend and hugged her.

They had to wait for her. Kate jumped up and said to her twin. “Jasmine I have an idea!” She whispered it into her ears. “Brilliant!” Mum looked at her and said “What?” Kate covered for her and said “Uhm...It’s great for us to be here as a family” The mum looked at her friend and said “Thats weird?? They didn’t want to come” They both laughed.

Jasmine and Kate looked at Josh and smiled but one big evil smile. Josh was scared and said “What?” Jasmine bent down and giggled “You want 50 bux?” Josh smile and nodded. Then Kate said “You do...if you want it run away!” Josh turned that smile upside down and said “But…...Oookay” They gave him $50.00 and he ran away.

“Ok, bye Josie” Jamie waved. “So let’s go!” They all walked and the two twins smiled and fist pumped each other. When they got to the Dodgems Jasmine and Kate saw their friends Jackson, Kelly and Rachel then they cried “Mum, Dad! Where is Josh!?” They frightenly looked at them. “I thought you had them!?” The mum shouted. “Well, lets go look for him!” Jamie and Mike ran everywhere looking for Josh.

Jasmine and Kate waved at their friends and told them to come. “Hey guys!” said the two twins. They all hugged each other and started talking. About 5 minutes later the parents were still looking and searching. “Josh! Josh! Where are you!?!?” Jamie shouted. “Oh look! I can see a little boy!” They ran towards the boy and told him to look up. “Josh? Honey is that you?” The little boy looked up. “Well, close enough” Mike said.

Jamie stared at Mike and said angrily “Hurry up!” They searched everywhere, “Josh! Honey where are you?!” the mum cried. Josie looked up at Mike. “Look up there” Josie stood up and looked. “Is that Josh?” asked Josie. “Yep, yep it is” Mike answered. Josh came down and there, he saw his parents. Then he blocked his face with the candy floss. Josh saw a hand on his candy floss, and it peeled the candy floss away from his face. “Hey mom, hey dad” They both shook their heads and asked “Why?” And he told the parents everything that had happened.

Back to the twins they were riding the Dodgems with their friends. “Aaaahh!” screamed Jasmine. “This is awesome!!” shouted Kelly. When they finished they got out and they saw their parents and Josh. “Oh you found Josh!” They ran up to him and hugged him. “Where have you been? We were all worried about you!” acted the sisters.

“Jasmine, Kate you can stop because we know what happened.” said the mum. “You do? Did Josh tell you?” The parents nodded their heads. “Look mum, we’re sorry, we just wanted to spend time with our friends” Josie looked sad and said “So you want to spend time with them then you’re family?” Then they walked away. The twins felt ashamed of themselves, so Jasmine and Kate ran up to their mum and hugged her. “Mum we are really sorry please forgive us” They smiled at her and the mum replied. “Well….sure ok” They all hugged each other. “This is very sad” Josh cried. “Group hug” Then he jumped in with them.

“Josh, we are sorry too, and sorry for being bad sisters. We love you.” They kissed him and hugged him. “So Josh you wanna go on that ride again” asked the mum. “Yes,yes!” He jumped up. “Let’s all go as a family” The twins said. And they all were happy!

The End

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Practice test Narrative

Clear And 'Juicy'Some of my writing can be understood by my audience.My message is able to be understood, and my writing does not turn off the audience.My writing has audience appeal and the message is very clear.
ContentI've attempted to write about one main idea.I have a key idea in the first sentence with supporting details in the following sentences.I've used sentences that are connected and build up the main idea
Sentence BeginningsI've attempted to use more than one varied sentence beginning.I have a key idea in the first sentence with supporting details in the following sentences.I've used carefully chosen vocabulary/clauses as sentence beginnings.
Variety of sentencesI've attempted to use a variety of sentence types, lengths or complexities.I've used a variety of sentence types (.?!"") and sentence lengths and complexitiesI've carefully chosen a variety of sentence types, lengths & complexities to enhance the paragraph.
VocabularyI've attempted to use some clever vocabulary.I've chosen some clever vocabulary and have tried to use it appropriately.I've carefully chosen clever vocabulary and have used it appropriately.
Title: Never Give Up!
One day, there was a man named John Randal. He owned a paddy field where beautiful rice grew everyday. But he couldn’t work there all by himself. So he decided to drive around town, asking people if they wanted a job in his field.  

There was one man sitting down doing nothing. So John asked “Hey I’m John. I just came to ask if you need a job?”. The man looked up and started coughing and replied “I’m Josh. What kind of job is it?” “Its a paddy field” Josh put one eyebrow up…… show John that he had no idea what a paddy field was. So John answered “It’s where rice grow” Josh nodded his head and said “Sure……….but you need to teach me how to do it”. John laughed and started walking around with him looking for more people. At around 2 o’clock they found another man walking around the supermarket looking at the food. John and Josh walked up to him and asked “ Hi I’m John and this is Josh. I have a Paddy field and we just came here to ask if you want to work there?”. The man looked up and answered “ I’m Andy. So… much do we get paid?” “About $10.00” He replied. “Then lets go!” The 3 walked around looking for more people to work. But when afternoon fell and the moon replaced the sun, it was time for them to go home. “Ok, you guys come tomorrow and there, you will start your job.” So they both nodded their heads and walked off.

The next day at 9:00am John walked outside and saw Josh and Andy. “Morning guys, you can both start now. I will be going to get more workers”. John hopped into the car and drove away. While he was driving he was looking around. About 2 hours later at 11:00am 1 person caught his eye. “Hhhhmmm.. this man should be it” John jumped out of the car and started eavesdropping. “YOU GOT FIRED!!!! Why! Why do you always get fired from a job! You ain’t living with us if you don’t find another job!” The woman slammed the door on his face and he started walking away.

While the man was walking sadly John turned around and said “I’m John. You know I can make that lady proud for you” The man looked at John weirdly and said “How?” John bent down to his ear like he was telling him a secret and whispered “I have a job for you at the paddy field. You know...where you grow..” “Yes, yes I know” So they both hopped inside the car and drove away. “I think you’re gonna like this job, and you're gonna meet heaps of friends” When they got their John parked the car and they both hopped out.

Josh and Andy heard the car so they ran towards it. “Josh and Andy this is…..? Oh I’m sorry I didn’t give you time to introduce yourself. So whats your name?” “I’m Michael” he answered.
“So Michael you're gonna work with these 2 brilliant workers. Well 1 brilliant worker.” So off they went while John drove around and looked for more workers. After days and days, the first 3 workers Josh, Andy and Michael hasn’t been coming to their jobs. Andy was wasting his money by not buying stuff for his family. Michael was showing off his money to his wife. And Josh was just staring at his money, because he had no idea what to do with it.

John waited and waited for them, he looked at his wristwatch and it was passed 9:00am. “Where are those boys??” John was getting a little cranky. “I can’t waste my time waiting for them. I’ll get new workers!!” John went into the car with an angry face and started searching…… again!

While he was searching he saw Andy, Josh and Michael. He hopped out of the car and said “Where have you guys been?” Andy, Josh and Michael looked at each other. “You know John we didn’t really want to work! We wanted money.” John looked angry and drove away. He saw them laughing.

His crops were dying. He was so sad, John was about to give up but then 1 brilliant idea popped inside his head. He got a pen with a lot of papers and started writing. The next day everyone saw a sign up that said “HELP WANTED AT THE PADDY FIELD!” John woke up and heard people outside of his house. He opened the door and saw people with his signs that he has been writing all night long! He smiled and shouted “Come and give me your name. Then lets get started!” Andy, John and Michael walked passed Johns field and saw people!

They ran to John and said “Who are these people?!” John looked at them and replied “Oh Hi guys. These lovely people are my new workers. I’m so sorry I don’t have time because I am busy. Sorry Susy I’m coming!” He shouted. “Should we come back to work?” Josh asked. “No!” Then they walked away feeling bad!!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Pizza

In Extension we made pizza and it was based on Labour Day. But first we had to plan on what to put on the pizza and get a partner. I partnered up with Iron. Our first idea was pepperoni then cheese......well obviously we do need cheese on our pizza so it doesn't taste dry. Then ham, capsicum and pineapple.

When we finished writing it was time to make it! Iron got our dough. "Put it down here" I said to her. While she was doing that I went and got the potato paste and spread it around the dough. Next we got the 8 pieces of pepperoni and that represents 8 hours of workers (we couldn't really see the pepperoni after putting on the cheese because our teacher Mrs tele'a spoilt it by growling us to "PUT MORE CHEESE ON!!!!")

I went and got the ham, 1 big piece of ham. So Iron cut the ham and made it into 28 pieces and do you know what that represents? It represents how 28th of October is Labour Day! Capsicum....well we put the capsicum on because it taste yummy just like the pineapple.

After putting all those ingredients on the dough, it was time for it to go into the oven for 15 MINUTES!!!! Iron and I waited and waited until Mrs Tele'a told us it was ready. We walked to our pizza and it looked so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Mrs Tele'a gave me the knife to cut it. I cut it into 8 pieces and that again represents the 8 hours of workers. "Who wants to be nice and take it to one of the teachers?" We all said me. Iron and I were thinking of a teacher. "Oh I know Mrs Nua" We walked into her office and gave it to her. "Hope you enjoy it" We said and we walked back to the kitchen hall.

Next we wanted to give it to our teacher Mrs Tele'a. But then she said "Oh I know you should give it to Miss King she sent someone to give it to her. From the door Miss V came and looked at all of our pizzas. "Those look beautiful" she said. So we thought we could give her one. Iron grabbed one and handed it to her.

It was fun working with Iron! And especially making pizzas for Labour Day!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Farming Fish

In a village called Togori on the Island of Maikra in the Solomon Islands. There is a boy named Richard Bekaraifaka. When their weather is fine and the sea is calm, people go out to sea with their canoes and catch some fish for their families. Richard Bekaraifaka has an uncle called Isaiah who is the chief of their village , he decided that he could make the water from the river flow through the plastic pipes from one pool to the other the back into the river. People thought that he was crazy but they built it anyway. It took to make the pool 1 and a half years! When the pools were finished they had to join the pipes up together with the river. One of Richards favourite jobs was feeding the fish with larvae and white ants. The fish go CRAZY OVER IT!!! They were all so proud of themselves because they can go catch their fish anytime they want.

Retelling An Organic Orchard

Marjorie Clark runs an organic orchard in Kerikeri. Rather than spraying her orchards to keep them healthy. She explained to the school journal editor how organic growing works..... and well.

Marjorie Clark thinks nature is like a whole lot of see-saws. Everything in her orchard is balanced, just how she wanted it to be. She asked, "If you take a big weight off one see-saw, what will happen?". It will go out of control. Just how she used sprays and artificial fertilisers. And she thinks that using those things affects nature. It upsets the natural balance of things.

When she first began not spraying her orchard, things went really wrong, the insect pests that had been killed by the sprayers were coming and all the fruit was being harmed and going rotten. She nearly even got out the sprayers at one point but didn't.

Then the green beetle came, a lot of people in the North are having trouble with them. Green Beetles can be a real problem to orchardists and nut growers. 1 year or 2 the green beetle had almost disappeared from her orchard.   

At the end it all went back to the way she wanted it to be. People has been coming and buying my fruits because its organically grown. She said that if you want your dream to come true. You will really have to believe in something. Then your wish will be granted.

Laser tag and Bowling


“Wake up! Wake up!” Lana shouted. We all stood up and started cleaning our beds. I ran to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth while all of the boys were watching TV. Quickly I wiped my face with the towel and started changing.

Lana was doing our breakfast. “Wow!” I walked to our sitting room and saw heaps of food on the table. I ran and sat down with all my cousins. Before we ate we did the prayer. When we finished the door opened and my cousins came Senila and Samuel.

“Saaaaam!” shouted my cousin Esrah excitedly. “Are you hungry??” Hosannah asked them. “No thanks” Senila answered back. Lana and Fou went to Fous house. When we finished eating we ran outside and started playing.

Xavier rode on my bike and we all played with my rugby ball. About 1 hour later my grandpa shouted “We’re going now, Lana and Fou is here.” Senila, Xavier, Eden and I hopped into Lanas car and we were all squashed. All the other boys were coming with my grandpa.

Off we went. While we were on the road we were talking about how excited we are! “We’re here!” Xavier shouted. We all hopped out and ran inside. We went to the check-out centre to get our tokens. As soon as we got our tokens the boys came. There was one boy missing Samuel.

He had to stay because the car was full. My grandpa went back to get him. When he came that's when the craziness started!!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Story tell 'My Tale'

Once there was a little girl named Sina who ran away from her home. Because her mother keeps on growling her.

So she ran off without getting caught by her parents.

A few day later Sina found a home in the middle of nowhere. She walked inside the house and there was a porridge.

She was so hungry that she ran and grabbed a spoon and started eating.

Then she went upstairs and fell asleep.
While Sina was sleeping the door flew wide opened and….3 people came inside.

It was a family of 3. A mother, father and a son. The mother heard something. It sounded like someone was snoring. The mother held the kid back and tracked the voice by her ears.

The mum checked everywhere. But there was only one more room that she hasn’t checked. Her little son’s room. The mom walked slowly and peeked through the door. She was frightened because she saw Sina lying on her son’s bed. The she screamed! "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!" BLANK!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Matching Pictures about the Farm

Today for our activity we had to match pictures and put it together. Since our theme is about Farming it was pictures of animals and more things about the Farm. I didn't really understand some of the pictures. One of the pictures were a snake. A snake in a Farm?? But then Mr Somerville came and explained it.

There was a picture of a snake because that snake is like a worm. Its inside the cows body. It eats the food that the cows eat, and I find that just weird. Do you? Some pictures were some men. I didn't really understood that too. But then I figured it out. Its not about the man its about what the is doing, or where the man is.

When we finished Mr Somerville came and checked it. He changed a few pictures. But we still did a good job. I found that activity quite easy. Here are some of the pictures: 

Monday, October 14, 2013

The sleepover

“I’m sleeping there!” shouted my cousin Erene. “No I am!!! All the boys are sleeping on the ground!!” I shouted back. On Thursday we had a sleepover and I was the only girl. Well my cousins Erene and Esrahs little sisters, Eden whose 5 and Eva whose 3. I didn’t play with them because they were in our other sitting room with my grandma.

I was playing with the boys. Erene and Esrah (brothers), Canaan and Xavier (brothers) and Hosannah. All we did was play wrestling. These boys are sooo naughty when they are all together. My grandma walked and saw all the beds she made for us was all messy. She shook her head and walked back to the sitting room. But she was use to it we always mess stuff up.
Since we were playing wrestling Esrah dragged me to the mattress and I bumped my head on the pillow. Then I stood up and jumped on him. His dad came and we all stopped. He came with some movies.

We all went to our beds and started. And then we had a fight on what to watch. The oldest Erene chose a movie and it was called “We are Marshall”. Everyone went silent. Halfway of the movie we paused it. Because my auntie Lana and her mate (boyfriend) came Fou.

“Go into a circle” she told us. We all formed a circle and looked at her. We played a game called Mickey Mouse. 1 person had to go to the front and turn around the other way. And someone from the circle had to say Mickey Mouse.

I got quite bored of that game and finally we changed it we played Pukana. We played on and on and then Lana and Fou went. And we all started playing rugby in the sitting room. When we got tired we went into our beds and continued watching We are Marshall.



Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Three Little Pigs

This is my Three Little Pigs Movie. I have made up some bits..because I didn't have enough time. Try and figure it out. hope you ENJOY!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Nearly my birthday!

On Monday is my 11th Birthday! I am so excited. I wonder what I am going to do for my special day. Well going to school. I just want to wish myself a happy early birthday! If you have the same birthday....Well happy early birthday to you too!

Monday, August 26, 2013

My cousin Kitione's 5th Birthday!

"Wooooooooooh!" I shouted while I slid down the slide. Yesterday on the 25th of August we celebrated my little cousin's 5th Birthday at......CHIPMUNKS!!. His name is Kitione. Kitione's actual Birthday was on the 20th.

His favorite thing in the whole world is Spider Man. Kitione even wore a Spider Man costume there. And even cooler he had a Spider Man cake. Everyone was playing on the playground (kids not adults).

I was on the big slide with my cousin in-law Sia: 14, a girl from my church Sulu:12 and my cousin (a boy) Sana:12. "Come on and climb" I said to my cousin while trying to hold on to the rope. Finally we got to the top of the slide.

There were heaps of little kids on top but not sliding down. "Hurry up and slide" My cousin shouted at the little kids, well about 7. When they finally slid down it was our turn. I was holding Sia's ipad to record and take pictures of the Birthday.

"Woooohooooooooo" We all slid down. "Everyone its time to eat now" Taupea said on the speaker. We all went and sat down. But all the little kids sat on the small table. Kitione sat on the Birthday chair and we sang Happy Birthday as soon as he blew the candel.

"Happy Birthdaaaay to yooouuu!!" We ended the song and Kitione sang a Samoan song. He sang a song that was made up in his pre-school. He actually sang to songs. I took heaps and heaps of pictures. When he finished, we did the prayer and ate.

We went up and got some food. They looked yummy! I took photos of the food. Sia, Sulu, Sana and I went and sat back down. "I'll get some drinks" I went up to my uncle Livingston and asked "Can I have 4 drinks" He gave 4 to me and I went back and sat down.

"Thank you" They all said to me. We started eating and talking. As soon as we finished eating we stood up and was about to go to the playground but then Taupea said "There are some desert on the table" We looked at each other and we ran to where the deserts were.

I was so full so I didn't get any. But there was heaps of yummy stuff. I was just playing games on the ipad. "Lets go now" We went back to the slide and slid. The slide is the best part of the playground. Because its big.

About 8 minutes later my grandpa called out to me and said "Get Sana we are going home now" I gave the ipad back to Sia and said bye to them and went to the Exit and got some party bags from my cousins Zina (Sana's sister) and Vanila.

But we have to take a photo. "Bye" It was awesome!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Last Tuesday was our 3rd to last Netball game challenging Revelation. I don't actually know what school they are from. Revelation team are coming first and we are coming 4th. Our team, the Red-ferns wanted to play hard.

So when the whistle blew the Center which was me passed the ball to Meleane and she was Goal Defense. The time went on and it we stopped we finished the 1st quarter. Now it was the second quarter. It went on and on and our game finished.

The final score was.....22-15. It was a great game. But even though we are coming first we still had fun! I can't wait ti'll this Tuesday...because we are gonna go serious! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Brave Little Tailor

One summer’s morning a little tailor was sitting on his table by the window; he was in good spirits, and sewed with all his might. Then came a peasant woman down the street crying: ‘Good jams, cheap! Good jams, cheap!’ This rang pleasantly in the tailor’s ears; he stretched his delicate head out of the window, and called: ‘Come up here, dear woman; here you will get rid of your goods.’ The woman came up the three steps to the tailor with her heavy basket, and he made her unpack all the pots for him. He inspected each one, lifted it up, put his nose to it, and at length said: ‘The jam seems to me to be good. I’ll buy a jar.” The women, who had hoped to sell far more jam, gave him what he wanted but went away grumbling.
‘Now, this jam shall be blessed by God,’ cried the little tailor, ‘and give me health and strength’; so he brought the bread out of the cupboard, cut himself a piece right across the loaf and spread the jam over it. ‘This won’t taste bitter,’ said he, ‘but I will just finish the jacket before I take a bite.’ He laid the bread near him, sewed on, and in his joy, made bigger and bigger stitches. In the meantime the smell of the sweet jam rose to where the flies were sitting in great numbers, and they were attracted and descended on it in hosts. ‘Hey! who invited you?’ said the little tailor, and drove the unbidden guests away. The flies, however, understood no German, and came back again in ever-increasing companies. The little tailor at last lost all patience, and drew a piece of cloth from the hole under his work-table, and saying: ‘Wait, and I will give it to you,’ struck it mercilessly on them. When he drew it away and counted, there lay before him no fewer than seven flies, dead and with legs stretched out.
The taylor looked at the flies that he had killed, and could not help admiring his own bravery. ‘The whole town shall know of this!’ he said. And the little tailor hastened to cut himself a belt, stitched it, and embroidered on it in large letters: ‘Seven dead at one stroke!’ ‘What, the town, the whole world shall hear of it!’ he exclaimed. and his heart wagged with joy like a lamb’s tail. The tailor put on the girdle, and resolved to go forth into the world, because he thought his workshop was too small for his valour. Before he went away, he looked around the house to see if there was anything which he could take with him; however, he found nothing but an old cheese, and that he put in his pocket. In front of the door he observed a bird which had caught itself in the thicket. It had to go into his pocket with the cheese. Now he took to the road boldly, and as he was light and nimble, he felt no tiredness. The road led him up a mountain, and when he had reached the highest point of it, there sat a powerful giant looking peacefully about him. The little tailor went bravely up, spoke to him, and said: ‘Good day, comrade, so you are sitting there overlooking the wide-spread world! I am just on my way there, and want to try my luck. How about you come with me?’ The giant looked contemptuously at the tailor, and said: ‘You wretch! You miserable creature!’
‘Oh, indeed?’ answered the little tailor, and unbuttoned his coat, and showed the giant the belt, ‘there may you read what kind of a man I am!’ The giant read: ‘Seven dead at one stroke,’ and thought that they had been men whom the tailor had killed, and began to feel a little respect for the tiny fellow. Nevertheless, he wished to try him first, and took a stone in his hand and squeezed it together so that water dropped out of it. ‘Do that,’ said the giant, ‘if you have strength.’ ‘Is that all?’ said the tailor, ‘that is child’s play !’ and put his hand into his pocket, brought out the soft cheese, and pressed it until the liquid ran out of it. The giant did not know what to say, and could not believe it of the little man. Then the giant picked up a stone and threw it so high that the eye could scarcely follow it. ‘Now, little mite of a man, do that,’ ‘Well thrown,’ said the tailor, ‘but after all the stone came down to earth again; I will throw you one which shall never come back at all,’ and he put his hand into his pocket, took out the bird, and threw it into the air. The bird, delighted with its liberty, rose, flew away and did not come back. ‘How does that shot please you, comrade?’ asked the tailor. ‘You can certainly throw,’ said the giant, ‘but now we will see if you are able to carry anything properly.’ He took the little tailor to a mighty oak tree which lay there felled on the ground, and said: ‘If you are strong enough, help me to carry the tree out of the forest.’ ‘Readily,’ answered the little man; ‘take you the trunk on your shoulders, and I will raise up the branches and twigs; after all, they are the heaviest.’ The giant took the trunk on his shoulder, but the tailor seated himself on a branch, and the giant, who could not look round, had to carry away the whole tree, and the little tailor into the bargain: he behind, was quite merry and happy, and whistled the song: ‘Three tailors rode forth from the gate,’ as if carrying the tree were child’s play. The giant, after he had dragged the heavy burden part of the way, could go no further, and cried: ‘Now I shall have to let the tree fall!’ The tailor sprang nimbly down, seized the tree with both arms as if he had been carrying it, and said to the giant: ‘You are such a great fellow, and yet cannot even carry the tree!’
The giant said: ‘If you are such a brave fellow, come with me into our cave and spend the night with us.’ The little tailor was willing, and followed him. When they went into the cave, other giants were sitting there by the fire, and each of them had a roasted sheep in his hand and was eating it. The little tailor looked round and thought: ‘It is much more spacious here than in my workshop.’ The giant showed him a bed, and said he was to lie down in it and sleep. The bed, however, was too big for the little tailor; he did not lie down in it, but crept into a corner. When it was midnight, and the giant thought that the little tailor was lying in a sound sleep, he got up, took a great iron bar, cut through the bed with one blow, and thought he had finished off the grasshopper of a man for good. With the earliest dawn the giants went into the forest, and had quite forgotten the little tailor, when all at once he walked up to them quite merrily and boldly. The giants were terrified, they were afraid that he would strike them all dead, and ran away in a great hurry.
The little tailor went onwards, always following his own pointed nose. After he had walked for a long time, he came to the courtyard of a royal palace, and as he felt weary, he lay down on the grass and fell asleep. Whilst he lay there, the people came and inspected him on all sides, and read on his belt: ‘Seven dead with one stroke.’ ‘Ah!’ said they, ‘what does the great warrior want here in the midst of peace? He must be a mighty lord.’ Soon the Taylor was brought before the king how had a request to make of him.
“In the forest roams a magical horse with one horn – a unicorn which does great harm attacking people all around. If you can can rid me of this unicorn, you shall have the hand of my daughter in marriage and half my kingdom.” And the Taylor thought to himself, “It is not every day that I receive an offer such as that” and he replied.
I do not fear one unicorn. Seven at one blow, is my kind of affair.’ He took a rope and an axe with him, went forth into the forest. The unicorn soon came towards him, and rushed directly on the tailor, as if it would gore him with its horn without more ado. ‘Softly, softly; it can’t be done as quickly as that,’ said he, and stood still and waited until the animal was quite close, and then sprang nimbly behind the tree. The unicorn ran against the tree with all its strength, and stuck its horn so fast in the trunk that it had not the strength enough to draw it out again, and thus it was caught. ‘Now, I have got it,’ said the tailor, and came out from behind the tree and put the rope round its neck, and then with his axe he hewed the horn out of the tree, and when all was ready he led the beast away and took it to the king.
But the kind was sorry that he had promised his daughter to the little man, and and made another demand. Before the wedding the tailor was to catch him a wild boar that made great havoc in the forest. And so the taylor went into the forrest where the boar was roaming.
When the boar saw the tailor, it ran on him with foaming mouth and sharp tusks, and was about to throw him to the ground, but the hero fled and sprang into a chapel which was near and up to the window at once, and in one bound out again. The boar ran after him, but the tailor ran round outside and shut the door behind it, and then the raging beast, which was much too heavy and awkward to leap out of the window, was caught. The hero, went to the king, who was now, whether he liked it or not, obliged to keep his promise, and gave his daughter and the half of his kingdom. The wedding was held with great magnificence and small joy, and out of a tailor a king was made.
After some time the young queen heard her husband say in his dreams at night: ‘Boy, make me the jacket , and patch the trousers”. The next morning complained of her wrongs to her father, and begged him to help her to get rid of her husband, who was nothing else but a tailor. The king comforted her and said: ‘Leave your bedroom door open this night, and my servants shall stand outside, and when he has fallen asleep shall go in, bind him, and take him on board a ship which shall carry him into the wide world.’ The woman was satisfied with this; but the king’s armour-bearer, who had heard all, was friendly with the young lord, and informed him of the whole plot. ‘I’ll put a screw into that business,’ said the little tailor. At night he went to bed with his wife at the usual time, and when she thought that he had fallen asleep, she got up, opened the door, and then lay down again. The little tailor, who was only pretending to be asleep, began to cry out in a clear voice: ‘Boy, make me the jacket , and patch the trousers”.. I smote seven at one blow. I killed two giants, I brought away one unicorn, and caught a wild boar, and am I to fear those who are standing outside the room.’ When these men heard the tailor speaking thus, they were overcome by a great fear, and ran as if the wild huntsman were behind them, and none of them would venture anything further against him. So the little tailor remained a king to the end of his life.

Title: The Brave Little Tailor

Author: The Brothers Grimm

Characters: Tailor, Giants, King and the Princess

Setting: In a old town in a room. In a castle.

What was the problem? On his belt it said “7 dead in 1 stroke”. So when he met a giant, the giant looked at his belt and thought he killed humans. But actually he killed 7 flies in 1 stroke. So the giant tested and see if that was true.
What was the solution?  
The Brave Little Tailor tricked the giant, so he can think that he is strong.

What was the Moral of the Story?
To be Brave!

My favourite part of the story was?
When the Little Tailor tricked a Giant.

Caption: The Brave Little Tailor