Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Matching Pictures about the Farm

Today for our activity we had to match pictures and put it together. Since our theme is about Farming it was pictures of animals and more things about the Farm. I didn't really understand some of the pictures. One of the pictures were a snake. A snake in a Farm?? But then Mr Somerville came and explained it.

There was a picture of a snake because that snake is like a worm. Its inside the cows body. It eats the food that the cows eat, and I find that just weird. Do you? Some pictures were some men. I didn't really understood that too. But then I figured it out. Its not about the man its about what the is doing, or where the man is.

When we finished Mr Somerville came and checked it. He changed a few pictures. But we still did a good job. I found that activity quite easy. Here are some of the pictures: 

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