Monday, October 14, 2013

The sleepover

“I’m sleeping there!” shouted my cousin Erene. “No I am!!! All the boys are sleeping on the ground!!” I shouted back. On Thursday we had a sleepover and I was the only girl. Well my cousins Erene and Esrahs little sisters, Eden whose 5 and Eva whose 3. I didn’t play with them because they were in our other sitting room with my grandma.

I was playing with the boys. Erene and Esrah (brothers), Canaan and Xavier (brothers) and Hosannah. All we did was play wrestling. These boys are sooo naughty when they are all together. My grandma walked and saw all the beds she made for us was all messy. She shook her head and walked back to the sitting room. But she was use to it we always mess stuff up.
Since we were playing wrestling Esrah dragged me to the mattress and I bumped my head on the pillow. Then I stood up and jumped on him. His dad came and we all stopped. He came with some movies.

We all went to our beds and started. And then we had a fight on what to watch. The oldest Erene chose a movie and it was called “We are Marshall”. Everyone went silent. Halfway of the movie we paused it. Because my auntie Lana and her mate (boyfriend) came Fou.

“Go into a circle” she told us. We all formed a circle and looked at her. We played a game called Mickey Mouse. 1 person had to go to the front and turn around the other way. And someone from the circle had to say Mickey Mouse.

I got quite bored of that game and finally we changed it we played Pukana. We played on and on and then Lana and Fou went. And we all started playing rugby in the sitting room. When we got tired we went into our beds and continued watching We are Marshall.



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