Friday, October 28, 2011


Shaking with fear I held tight onto my seat inside the rocket. Soon our spaceship will leave in a minute.

Preparing to launch I was filled with nervous excitement. There was a call and it was counting down. Sweat dripped from my forehead. We were ready to go to space. I haven’t been this scared in my life. Would the rocket go slowly just like I want it to be? Please don’t tell me that it is going to be a dangerous adventure.

The countdown is nearly finished. “Ignition” it shouted. So we lifted-off from the ground and the spaceship cut through the sky with flames making a trail of smoke. I felt like I was going to be stuck in space forever. Boom! I heard flames from outside making noises that were ear shuttering.

Looking around in space I thought all planets were awesome but I think Earth is the BEST!!! I was very excited about visiting the planets everywhere.


  1. Hello Jordenne! I really like some of the descriptive words you use in your rocket story - it makes it very interesting. I wonder what it would be like floating in space, looking back at earth.

  2. Hi Jordenne,

    I really like your story. You have interesting sentence beginnings and your words are more descriptive. It makes your story fun to read.

    From Kashya

  3. Hi Jordenne,
    WOW!!! Your writing has improved!!! I have read your First Netbook post. Your current post about the lift off is better than your First Netbook post. The reason why is because your First Netbook post didn't really make sense. But look at your writing now!! Great Job!