Sunday, August 31, 2014

Argument - 'Should children exercise everyday?'

This is my argument, it is based on ‘Should children exercise everyday?” I agree. Some people love to exercise which is good, but some don’t.

Exercising can help you with a lot of things. It can help make your heart and lungs stronger. So when a kid or adult jogs a half of a kilometer , they won’t get tired. You’ll be extremely fit and maybe you can go further distance(1 kilometer). Unless you want to be unfit, you don’t need to exercise. But I recommend that you get up and start working out.

All the calories that you eat can burn by exercising. And one thing from your body will change, your weight. By exercising it’ll help you manage or balance your weight. But if you think you don’t have that much calories in you, you really don’t have to worry about exercising. In fact you should keep doing it, but not 24/7.

I think when you exercise your brain can improve your learning. You can achieve your goals maybe by just exercising. Everyone needs a fun and active life, but if you don’t you’ll just be un fun and in active. You’ll be sitting at home doing what? EATING! That’s why exercising can prevent you from fatness and can make you healthier.

Not only kids have to work out or exercise to make their muscles big. Adults need to do it as well. Kids are not the only ones that are weak and unhealthy, there are some adults who are just the same. That's why adults should exercise often to strengthen their body.

So now we come back to the question ‘Should children exercise everyday?’ Yes, they should exercise daily because therefore you can get fit, sporty, healthy and strong. So exercise because that can give you a better life.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Why is it so important to take care of your mind and body

Taking care of your mind and body are very important. Why you ask? Because you just have to. Think of your body like its something special to you. What is so precious, so valuable in your life that you just want to keep it safe from any harm? My one is my family. I love my family so much that I would never leave them. So I’ll think of my body as if it’s my family. I’ll keep my body safe from any harm.

There are a lot of wrong, dangerous food (or stuff that people put into their body such as pills) in the world that can make you sick and can also make you die. Drugs are one of the most harmful pills in the world. Do you happen to know what panadol, tablets and all those kind of pills that the doctors gives you? Yes those, they are drugs also. But they are not as dangerous as the others such as, cocaine, weed, P and more.

If you drink, sniff, eat too much of those, you can get very sick and you can die as well. Your brain slows right down and you won’t be able to speak properly. You won’t think straight, and maybe you will get a brain damage. Some people in the world are just addicted to drugs, sometimes I just think you can’t do anything. But most people need it.

To keep your body and mind safe, my decision is you have to stay away from junk food but drugs mostly. You’ll never get a good life if you take drugs. Just like in Harold, a boy lost his chance of going to rugby by taking drugs. A women cannot be a teacher, and cannot go to other countries because of what she did. See, those kind of people have a sad life, all because of drugs. Now I think that they feel sorry for themselves.

Your body needs lots and lots of exercise. Thats how it gets healthy. But not only exercise but eating healthy. You should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Your body works very hard to keep you standing and alive. That’s why its important, you should keep that in your mind. Your body is precious, so don’t put any wrongs in there.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact #2

Today my partner and I have worked on the Astria game. We have found four clues. It was very hard looking all around the place. There's four labs including the council. When we find all the clues and everything we need to stop the astroid coming to destroy the planet Astria, we go to the council and they will take us from there.

Inside the place there are only three labs. 1: Council, 2: Sail lab, 3: Hangar and lucky last 4: Nuke lab. The clues were very hard to find. It nearly took us 5 - 10 minutes to look for one! Right now we have about 36 days left until the astroid hits the place. So we need to look for the clues quickly!!

We had a test on Monday. It was a multiple choice test. We had to chose what the word meant. When we had finished we played the game. Some of the words that we had on our test was on the game, and now I'm starting to know why they put it on the test. This I have learnt a lot about what some words mean.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact #1

In extension we have been given an opportunity from the Auckland University to try out this game called 'Astria'. Our extension group split up into two groups, A and B. I was in B group and we were the second group in the whole world to try it. The A group tried it last week.

I partnered up with Iron and her netbook. It was getting really exciting when we started playing it. Iron and I were one person on the game and we were the Alpha leader. We had to look around Astria and find clues before the astroid comes and destroys the planet. When we started we had 99 days before the astroid comes. In the game about 2 minutes is one day, because right now we have 59 more days.

The most difficult part we had to do was looking for the clues. Right now we only have clue 2 and clue 3 but not clue 1. We need the first clue to finish off the symbol game. This games is really fun! Now starting from today we had to play it every half an hour a day. To be very honest it has helped me a lot!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Education Caravan

This term we had four weeks of ‘Life Education Caravan’ with Lynn. We had been learning about drugs and alcohol and how it affects our body. Lynn showed us some adults who started drugs when they were 11 - 14 years old. Each person had a reason of why they started early. There was Rita, Zeb, James, Jason, Amy and Malcolm. They all nearly had the same reason. The reason were, they wanted to join in with friends, fit in, wanted to be cool and they saw people doing it. They didn’t realize that taking drugs will make them have really bad consequences.

We also learnt different kind of drugs. There was marijuana, P, cocaine and more. Lynn gave us a mint that looked like some panadol. As soon as she gave it to us, some of us ate it. Lynn said and asked “Raise your hand if you ate the mint?” I put my hand up aswell the people who ate it. She said to us why did we eat it when we didn’t know what it was, then she said to us “Imagine that someone came and asked you to eat/drink this drug. What would your reply be?” My first reply was “No thanks” but then Lynn said then you’ll start a conversation and the person will beg you to eat/drink it. So then I changed my mind and decided to say “No thanks, already had one” to pretend. Lynn said that was a good idea.

Lynn taught us what drugs can do to your body. She said that when you drink lots and lots of alcohol, your neurotransmitter slows right down and you won't be able to speak properly. Your words will not sound clearly and the people will not understand. You can also lose your memory of what happened when you started drinking.

Lynn showed us a video of girls who went to a party. There was a girl who completely got wasted and forgot everything. Nearly all of the girls who went said that they nearly got attacked. Lynn told us its alright if you celebrate someone's birthday and you’re drinking. But if you drink too much, you’ll get really drunk!

Now that I know all about this, I don’t think I will ever drink. Life Caravan was awesome!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Remembrance Assembly

Today we had a Remembrance Assembly, to commemorate the people who died in World War 1. We also remembered the centenary of the war. The war started on August the 4th 1914, and that was exactly 100 years ago. Our Prime Minister Mr. John Key told every school to have an assembly to commemorate our soldiers who fought in the War.

Mr. Burt showed us what had happened that made the people fight. There was a man named Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He and his wife Sophie were in a car. While they were driving, a man from behind came and shot them both. There were countries on the Archduke’s side and other countries on the shooters side. This is what Mr. Burt told us that someone said it was known as “A shot that echoed around the world’. So that is how World War 1 started. Lots of countries jumped in and fought.

The thing that interested me the most was that Mr Burt’s and one of our office teachers (Mrs Flavelle’s) grandfathers volunteered to go to the war. Mr Burt even showed a picture of them. I thought that volunteering to help and support your country was very brave. Luckily they came back safely.

Mrs Flavelle’s grandfather came back safe and Mr. Burts came back safe but wounded. When Mr. Burts grandfather came back he married his wife with his uniform, because he had no other good clothes.

When he had told us all about it, we watched the flag go half mast while the bugle was playing.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Retelling Whats For Lunch.

This book we are reading is called ‘What is for lunch’

Mr. Kenna came towards Alex and said to him, that he always has a nutty bar in his lunch instead of some fruit. Alex was careless about his health and said “Who eats fruit?” “Lets find out what our class eats” answered Mr. Kenna. Mr. Kenna pinned up a pyramid full of food, the top was all the junk food, the middle were oily fat food, and obviously the bottom were the healthy food. Alex checked the chart and said to Mr. Kenna that his nutty bar was okay, and Mr. Kenna gave him a food survey chart to fill in over the next five days. Then suddenly Alex chucked his healthy roll and got out his nutty bar and said "Today will be easy for me". His friend looked at him and opened his lunch box and said "I have two apples today. I'll give you one apple for half of your nutty bar." After lunch Alex filled in his food chart, then later Mr. Kenna showed the charts in front of the students of what they had for lunch. Mr. Kenna looked at Alexs charts and was very happy about his improvents.

My Commonwealth country

Samoa is located in the continent of Oceania. Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Island, Vanuatu and more are also located in Oceania. This country is the 9th most populated island/country in Oceania, with the total of 187, 275. That is a lot. The capital of Samoa is Apia. Apia is also the largest city in Samoa with Upolu. In Samoa there are approximately 51.6% (96, 697) of males and 48.4% (90, 578) females. So of course there are more males.  

The culture of Samoa is Samoan and the language is Samoan. But they speak English also. In Samoa the most popular sport to play is Rugby 7’s. They love to play this kind of sport, they also love rugby and volley but 7’s are the most known sport. In Rugby 7’s the Samoan team is called Manu Samoa, and in the Commonwealth 2014 their last game was against Australia and Samoa lost. They came 4th. Samoa is one of the top ten for the Rugby 7’s teams, and they are coming 8th in the world.

On the Samoan flag there are 5 stars. It is red on the outside and there is a blue square on the left corner of the flag with the 5 white stars in it. The Samoan flag has a meaning. It was adopted on the January 1st, 1962. The 5 white stars symbolise the Southern Cross. On the Samoan flag, the blue is said to represent freedom. Red is the representative of courage, and it is also the Samoan colour.

Samoa joined the Commonwealth games in 1970. They compete in Rugby 7’s, Weightlifting, Boxing, Track racing and more. Samoa has only 3 medals, this Commonwealth for only weightlifting. They got 2 Silver medals and 1 Bronze medal, and they are coming 21st on the Medal Table.