Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Education Caravan

This term we had four weeks of ‘Life Education Caravan’ with Lynn. We had been learning about drugs and alcohol and how it affects our body. Lynn showed us some adults who started drugs when they were 11 - 14 years old. Each person had a reason of why they started early. There was Rita, Zeb, James, Jason, Amy and Malcolm. They all nearly had the same reason. The reason were, they wanted to join in with friends, fit in, wanted to be cool and they saw people doing it. They didn’t realize that taking drugs will make them have really bad consequences.

We also learnt different kind of drugs. There was marijuana, P, cocaine and more. Lynn gave us a mint that looked like some panadol. As soon as she gave it to us, some of us ate it. Lynn said and asked “Raise your hand if you ate the mint?” I put my hand up aswell the people who ate it. She said to us why did we eat it when we didn’t know what it was, then she said to us “Imagine that someone came and asked you to eat/drink this drug. What would your reply be?” My first reply was “No thanks” but then Lynn said then you’ll start a conversation and the person will beg you to eat/drink it. So then I changed my mind and decided to say “No thanks, already had one” to pretend. Lynn said that was a good idea.

Lynn taught us what drugs can do to your body. She said that when you drink lots and lots of alcohol, your neurotransmitter slows right down and you won't be able to speak properly. Your words will not sound clearly and the people will not understand. You can also lose your memory of what happened when you started drinking.

Lynn showed us a video of girls who went to a party. There was a girl who completely got wasted and forgot everything. Nearly all of the girls who went said that they nearly got attacked. Lynn told us its alright if you celebrate someone's birthday and you’re drinking. But if you drink too much, you’ll get really drunk!

Now that I know all about this, I don’t think I will ever drink. Life Caravan was awesome!

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  1. Hello Jordenne,
    I really enjoyed your writing about The Life Education Caravan, I really like how you used lots of punctuation in your writing sentences, I also enjoyed how you learnt lots of facts about drugs.

    Keep Up The Good Work!!! :)