Friday, August 1, 2014

Retelling Whats For Lunch.

This book we are reading is called ‘What is for lunch’

Mr. Kenna came towards Alex and said to him, that he always has a nutty bar in his lunch instead of some fruit. Alex was careless about his health and said “Who eats fruit?” “Lets find out what our class eats” answered Mr. Kenna. Mr. Kenna pinned up a pyramid full of food, the top was all the junk food, the middle were oily fat food, and obviously the bottom were the healthy food. Alex checked the chart and said to Mr. Kenna that his nutty bar was okay, and Mr. Kenna gave him a food survey chart to fill in over the next five days. Then suddenly Alex chucked his healthy roll and got out his nutty bar and said "Today will be easy for me". His friend looked at him and opened his lunch box and said "I have two apples today. I'll give you one apple for half of your nutty bar." After lunch Alex filled in his food chart, then later Mr. Kenna showed the charts in front of the students of what they had for lunch. Mr. Kenna looked at Alexs charts and was very happy about his improvents.

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