Monday, August 4, 2014

Remembrance Assembly

Today we had a Remembrance Assembly, to commemorate the people who died in World War 1. We also remembered the centenary of the war. The war started on August the 4th 1914, and that was exactly 100 years ago. Our Prime Minister Mr. John Key told every school to have an assembly to commemorate our soldiers who fought in the War.

Mr. Burt showed us what had happened that made the people fight. There was a man named Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He and his wife Sophie were in a car. While they were driving, a man from behind came and shot them both. There were countries on the Archduke’s side and other countries on the shooters side. This is what Mr. Burt told us that someone said it was known as “A shot that echoed around the world’. So that is how World War 1 started. Lots of countries jumped in and fought.

The thing that interested me the most was that Mr Burt’s and one of our office teachers (Mrs Flavelle’s) grandfathers volunteered to go to the war. Mr Burt even showed a picture of them. I thought that volunteering to help and support your country was very brave. Luckily they came back safely.

Mrs Flavelle’s grandfather came back safe and Mr. Burts came back safe but wounded. When Mr. Burts grandfather came back he married his wife with his uniform, because he had no other good clothes.

When he had told us all about it, we watched the flag go half mast while the bugle was playing.

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