Friday, August 22, 2014

Why is it so important to take care of your mind and body

Taking care of your mind and body are very important. Why you ask? Because you just have to. Think of your body like its something special to you. What is so precious, so valuable in your life that you just want to keep it safe from any harm? My one is my family. I love my family so much that I would never leave them. So I’ll think of my body as if it’s my family. I’ll keep my body safe from any harm.

There are a lot of wrong, dangerous food (or stuff that people put into their body such as pills) in the world that can make you sick and can also make you die. Drugs are one of the most harmful pills in the world. Do you happen to know what panadol, tablets and all those kind of pills that the doctors gives you? Yes those, they are drugs also. But they are not as dangerous as the others such as, cocaine, weed, P and more.

If you drink, sniff, eat too much of those, you can get very sick and you can die as well. Your brain slows right down and you won’t be able to speak properly. You won’t think straight, and maybe you will get a brain damage. Some people in the world are just addicted to drugs, sometimes I just think you can’t do anything. But most people need it.

To keep your body and mind safe, my decision is you have to stay away from junk food but drugs mostly. You’ll never get a good life if you take drugs. Just like in Harold, a boy lost his chance of going to rugby by taking drugs. A women cannot be a teacher, and cannot go to other countries because of what she did. See, those kind of people have a sad life, all because of drugs. Now I think that they feel sorry for themselves.

Your body needs lots and lots of exercise. Thats how it gets healthy. But not only exercise but eating healthy. You should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Your body works very hard to keep you standing and alive. That’s why its important, you should keep that in your mind. Your body is precious, so don’t put any wrongs in there.

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