Tuesday, July 31, 2012

School Animation

This is a Movie that Sela and I made. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!

Olympic Torch

The Olympic flames started at the ancient games and ignited in Olympia Greece. The flame was lit by the sun.

In Olympia the flames are lit by the sun by women wearing robes. As women pass the torch to runner to runner he passed it on to the host city.

lighting the flame at the stadium is one of the important events. Did you know once the Olympics is over the flame is extinguished.

Thursday, July 19, 2012



In Handball, each team has four-teen players. But seven player play the game and seven players substitute.  

Handball there is two equipment, and that is the ball(soccer ball) and the uniforms.  

Handball, you have to use your hand if you want to get a goal you throw by using your hands instead of kicking. You can take three steps then bounce the ball, then you can do it again. But just two times.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Olympics Ideas!!!

In term 3 our theme is Go For Gold. The teachers chose Go For Gold because it is a Olympics and it is going to be at London. Pt England are trying to Go For Gold. This is some of the sports, pommel horse, discus, weightlifting, volleyball, running, canoeing, boxing, diving and more.

Do you know any athlete that is going to compete in these Olympic games? Well we do. Some of their names are Valerie Vili and Steve Redgrave.