Friday, May 24, 2013


This past week, Iron, Ana and I have been working on our second DLO. It is full of information about Whales. Enjoy:-)


  1. Hey Jordenne
    I loved the movie.But this is what I learnt that we called do that to our movie.The next time don't use the T.V because it went see through just because it is slightly green with a bit of yellow and it will go light green :)

  2. Hi Jordenne,
    I love your movie it had lots of information about whales, I also like it how you made it as a show. Keep up with the good work.
    From: Emmy

  3. Hello I like what you said it gave me a lot of info. I think you need a little bit of fixing up just by speaking a little louder

  4. An excellent DLO girls. I really like watching what you are producing because you girls make such a great team! You have been producing quality work that is full of creativity and relevant information. For next time try working on adjusting the sound tracks so that they are all the same volume. Keep up the brilliant work. Looking forward to your next DLO! :)

  5. hi jojo. CP and I watched your DLO and learnt a few new things about whales that we didn't know. Your team did a very good job - keep up the good work bub. Luv mummy and cp

  6. Hey Jo,
    I enjoyed your amazing and outstanding movie. I actually learnt and new a bit more about whales. You guys explained really well with clear voice. I was blown away when I heard that they approximately weigh up to 25 Elephant (Imagine THAT!) Looking forward to more of your wonderful and astonishing work. IMPRESSIVE! Keep it up.

  7. Hello Jordenne,

    you have made an excellent DLO movie. I thought it was so creative and you for sure put heaps of work into it. I really enjoyed watching you DLO. But for next time I think you can work on the volume and just getting it right. Keep Up the great Work.

    By Rave