Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last week on Tuesday the 14th of May was our first game of Netball. We were challenging Holy Cross. Holy Cross were the ones we challenged in the finals last year. But then we won! Did you know that Holy Cross have gone much better. But then we won again. It was a very tough challenge.

Afer the game they told us the first player of the day and that was me. I was so surprised. Our manager Yvette gave me this packet of tiny teddies, fizzy drink & chips. It was so nice of her. Then my nana heard and gave me $10.00. I was so lucky!!

So anyway who is your favourite Netball player?? My one is Catherine Latu and Maria Tutaia. I like them because they are very good at playing, well all of them are but my favourite is those two woman.


  1. awesome Jo! yous did so well for your first game and then to be player of the day is excellent. what position did you play? remember play hard bub - keep fit and eat well so that you remain healthy. Daddy was so happy to hear that you played a good game. keep it up bub and make sure you post something after your games ua iloa. love you. mummy xxxx

  2. Hi Jordenne,
    I like your post and I was so happy when you got player of the day because when I was waiting for me to go I watched you and you played good KEEP IT UP.