Monday, December 24, 2012

Getting the presents ready

Walking inside Sylvia Park, I looked up and saw heaps of elves hanging down from the ceiling
as well as tinsels and mistletoes. Getting off the elevator, the shops was full of people
gathering around the counter trying to pay for their things.

My 3 cousins, my aunty and I went to a shop where heaps of dresses were. In my family
we done secret Santa, so we are all getting our presents ready. My big cousin and my aunty
went inside while me and my other 2 cousins were waiting outside.

"Go get some food it is going to be boring" my big cousin asked, her name was Neta. "We will stay with you" my cousin Hosannah answered. 3 minutes later my aunty and cousin were still inside.
We were so tired.

"Finally, they are out" I said happily. Inside their bag was dresses. We walked to another shop where heaps of jewellery were. The shop was called Michael Hill. That shop was right next to the food court.

My aunty bought a ring. "Let's go and eat" I asked Hosannah. "Yeah" he replied. We told
my aunty that we are going to the food court. My cousin and I had 10 dollars each.

"What can we get for 10 dollars" Hosannah asked. I never replied because I was looking at all the
yummy food. I went to Mc Donald. Hosannah went this shop where you have butter chicken
but he never baught that.

From Mc Donald I got a small Mc attack with a fanta drink. I went to Hosannah, he was still
deciding what to get. "Go look for a chair" he said to me. "Ok" I replied. I found a empty spot,
I sat down and waved my arm to my cousin. He waved back.

As he finished buying his food, he came and sat down.  We started to eat our food.
About 5 minutes later my cousins and my aunty came. They had heaps of things on their
hands from their shopping.

They came and sat down for a rest. "Did you guys already eat your food?" Neta asked.
"Yeah" we replied. My 2 cousins and my aunty went and brought some Mc Donalds.
We started to get really seeing them eat.

Finishing their food, they all came and sat down. My aunty Lana saw us looking at them,
so she gave us $1.20 each. Hosannah brought 2 ice cream for himself, just like me.
I started licking my ice cream.

"So beautiful" I said. When we all finished our food, we went to our car to get ready to go home.
We all hopped in the car and went home.  It was FUN!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last day of school for 2012

"Bye everyone!" I cried while doing patrols with Lesieli. It was the last day of school for 2012.
We had our last assembly of the year. My friend I were going to do the haka for the yr 8 to leave 
but then we went to patrols. I didn't even get to say goodbye to my friends.

I was really sad, because I didn't want school to finished. 4 teachers are leaving our school 
and that is Mr Jacobsen(music teacher), Mrs Reid(Reading teacher), Miss Burne(normal teacher
as well as Mr Harris (normal teacher from Australia.

This year I have learnt so many things. I learned create stuff, and tell everyone what we learn.
This year is one of the best year of my life. It was my second year with Miss King.

I want to thank Miss King for being I lovely teacher and for helping us to be a Pt Englander.
She has been great. My best part about Miss King and this year was that she always tells us to make movies. I love making movies and Miss King.

Thank you teachers for being great and helpful especially our principal Mr Burt.



This is a story that my friends and I made up. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prize giving 2012

Finally the time has come for me to get another prize like last year. Last year I got effort, and I don’t know what I got now.
Anyway, this is about this years prize giving. The prize giving was about to start.

Everyone was all getting ready for their time, to dance or get an award and their dance.
All the kids looked so pretty and handsome. Heaps and heaps of families were waiting for their cousins/siblings/nieces or nephews to dance.

Mr Burt walked in and started the prayer. Finishing off his prayer, he told us a really short korero. He said that once we had $100. That $100 was for our Netbooks. But guess what, 1 Netbook cost $500. So we couldn’t get the Netbooks. Suddenly our parents wanted to help us. The parents paid $1.5 million and the $3 million is from the other people who wanted to help us. So altogether we had $4.5 million.

So Mr Burt brought more than 700 Netbooks form that big money. Next he talked about our sports. We have won so many things. 10 minutes later, he finally finished. The first performance was the Kapa Haka group. Toko came up and spoke Maori.

When they finished their lovely performance, Mr Burt came up and said “Now it’s the yr 5 awards”. He said for best effort Sela Mapapalangi. Citizenship and 100% for coming everyday Jordan Alofi andIron 100% coming to school too!. When Mr Burt finished all those awards I said to myself “Where is my award??”.

Mr Burt was up to the Academic awards. “Drum roll please” Mr Burt shouted. “In 3rd place Iron Talia. In 2nd place Jordenne Eteuati” I was so frightened when Mr Burt my name and that I came 2nd. “In 1st place Iisa Salie”.

Iron, Iisa and I walked up the stage to get our award. I was really proud of myself.
“Wait there people want to take pictures” Mr Burt said. I smiled because people were some pictures because I came 2nd in Academic.

We went down and gave our awards to Miss King. “It is time for the yr 5 item”.
As everyone was cheering team 4 which was us went up silently and got into our positions.
“Lets Rock” I said. The song started and we jumped up. It was the best prize giving ever!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Over here is a picture of a shape that has some cm on the sides.
It shows how far around the outside of a shape is.
This site is called a Perimeter. It is really tricky on level 3.
You just have to practice. Try it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why I want to be an Ambassador

Learn, Create and Share is the way we teach and learn at Pt England. Because when we learn something we start creating it, then we share it to the world on our own blogs.

This year for the Manaiakalani Film Festival, the kids in room 13, which was us, made a movie without any help from our teacher. We learned heaps and heaps of things. We learned all about self management - to get the job done. We learned how to work as a team to make a storyboard so we know what to film and to edit and make decisions about our final product.

When we went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival Iron and I went to present. No one had to tell us how to stand on the stage, no one had to tell us what to wear and especially,no one told us what to say. We both knew what we needed to say and to learn our lines.

We learned so many things that we were lucky to show it to the world on our blogs and on the X-treme screen.
So there, we learned self management, working as a team, storyboarding, editing and checking. We knew that we wanted our movie to look great before we shared it with the world.

My favourite thing is that my mum, dad, my 3 brothers and 2 sisters get to look at my blog in Samoa and comment on my learning and creating. I think that is great because I learn so many things from them and they don’t even live in NZ .

Here is a link to my movie More

I want to be ambassador because I want to speak in front of important people and tell them what I learn, create and share. Why, because I think I would a great and I am really proud of what I do.

I will make a great ambassador because I will speak loud and I will be confident, and I will represent Pt England and tell all about us.

My cousins 5th Birthday

On 10th of the December, we went to my cousins birthday at this restaurant called Genghis Khan. I have been their lots of time for some celebrations and Birthdays. Anyway, it was just
her family and us.

My aunty and I were getting ready for the dinner. It started at 7:00 and it finished around 9:00.
When we finished having a shower and getting dressed, my aunty called out to" Jordenne, come
and I will do your hair". I ran to her room and sat down on the chair.

First she was doing her hair as a bun. I was waiting for her to finish doing her hair. 2 minutes
later she finished doing the last touch of her hair. "How should I do your hair??" my aunty asked.
" I don't know" I replied.

My aunty Lana asked me again"Do you want a plat??". I answered "Yep". So she started platting my
hair. Finishing doing my hair, we went to pick up my cousin, then went to K-mart in Botany.
That is where the Genghis Khan is and that is where we are going to buy my cousin a present.

 I felt so excited to go to my cousins Birthday. Her name was Eden-Rose.
When we got to K-mart, we all hopped out of the car and walked inside. We were looking around
for some toys for my cousin Eden.

"Should we get this??" Lana asked. "Yeah" Hosannah and I answered. It was a Ballerina
toy. When we put got it and put it in the trolley we went and got some shoes. Finishing getting some
shoes. We went and paid for the present.

"Lets go now" Lana said. We hopped inside the car and drove to Genghis Khan. "We are hear" I shouted excitedly. We walked inside and saw the Birthday girl. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" I said.
We all got together and done the prayer.

Finishing the prayer, we all went to eat, and started the birthday. It was awesome!!!

Rotational Symmetry

This is called a Rotational Symmetry. It is where you
draw something and then it appears, it is like your all four sides at the same time.
Here is a link for you to try. Rotational.

Reflective Symmetry

In our class Miss King has showed us another site for maths.
It is called a Reflective Symmetry. It is where you draw something, and then you try 
to reflect it by drawing it again.
It is just like a mirror.
You should try it! Reflective

Monday, December 10, 2012


This is a rabbit made out of different shapes. Miss King has showed us a site called 
Tangram. It is where you make somethings out of 7 shapes all of them.
So here is a link for you to go and have a try at making it.


What do you do differently now?
What I do differently now is learning more things on my Netbook. Like learning how to make a movie on this site called wevideo, and sometimes I don’t use spell checker on my Google Docs. But sometimes I do because the first reason why I use spell checker is that I don’t know how to spell the word that I’m trying to look for, and sometimes I am too lazy to type the word. But last year was worst, I had to check my spelling every single time.

What do you think about your learning?
I think my learning has gone a little bit higher because I have learned so many things that helps my brain learn more things.

What would you have enjoyed doing more of this year?
What I would've done more this year was to make more movies, because I love sharing a really cool movie that I want everyone to watch and see.

What are your goals for 2013?
My goal for 2013 surprise everyone with a really interesting movie better than this year.

What has been the best thing about in Yr 5?
The best thing in Yr 5 was having Netbooks. Well not just Netbooks, learning more things
and staying in the same class as last year. But with different people. Yr 5 has been so fun, the best thing I’ve been learning year was inventing a toy that no one has ever invented.
We didn’t invent it we just made a movie of it and drew what it looks like. Here is a link for you to watch my favourite thing that I have done this year.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Thank you Chris and the Watersafe Auckland for giving us a chance to swim in your pool once a week.It has been fun swimming and learning how to be safe in the water, and it has been a great experience having it. One of our teachers has looked after your pool, and that is Mr Garth Jacobsen and Mr Malloy.

We have been learning so much that I think everyone is going to be safe in the water. Our class has been learning how to float in the water, treading water, has been learning about the life jacket and especially keeping yourself safe.So thank you for your lovely fun pool that you have given us to learn water safety. I enjoyed it!!!