Monday, December 10, 2012


What do you do differently now?
What I do differently now is learning more things on my Netbook. Like learning how to make a movie on this site called wevideo, and sometimes I don’t use spell checker on my Google Docs. But sometimes I do because the first reason why I use spell checker is that I don’t know how to spell the word that I’m trying to look for, and sometimes I am too lazy to type the word. But last year was worst, I had to check my spelling every single time.

What do you think about your learning?
I think my learning has gone a little bit higher because I have learned so many things that helps my brain learn more things.

What would you have enjoyed doing more of this year?
What I would've done more this year was to make more movies, because I love sharing a really cool movie that I want everyone to watch and see.

What are your goals for 2013?
My goal for 2013 surprise everyone with a really interesting movie better than this year.

What has been the best thing about in Yr 5?
The best thing in Yr 5 was having Netbooks. Well not just Netbooks, learning more things
and staying in the same class as last year. But with different people. Yr 5 has been so fun, the best thing I’ve been learning year was inventing a toy that no one has ever invented.
We didn’t invent it we just made a movie of it and drew what it looks like. Here is a link for you to watch my favourite thing that I have done this year.

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  1. Nice to read about your what you achieved this year and your goals for the new year. Always aim to do your best in everything you do. I agree that your netbook has been a big help in your learning of many more things. You had a good year this year Jo and now look forward to an even better one next year! malo lava. Luv mum xxx