Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last day of school for 2012

"Bye everyone!" I cried while doing patrols with Lesieli. It was the last day of school for 2012.
We had our last assembly of the year. My friend I were going to do the haka for the yr 8 to leave 
but then we went to patrols. I didn't even get to say goodbye to my friends.

I was really sad, because I didn't want school to finished. 4 teachers are leaving our school 
and that is Mr Jacobsen(music teacher), Mrs Reid(Reading teacher), Miss Burne(normal teacher
as well as Mr Harris (normal teacher from Australia.

This year I have learnt so many things. I learned create stuff, and tell everyone what we learn.
This year is one of the best year of my life. It was my second year with Miss King.

I want to thank Miss King for being I lovely teacher and for helping us to be a Pt Englander.
She has been great. My best part about Miss King and this year was that she always tells us to make movies. I love making movies and Miss King.

Thank you teachers for being great and helpful especially our principal Mr Burt.


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  1. The last day of school is always sad - especially when you have to say good bye to teachers and friends. yes - you have learnt alot this year and it shows in all your hard work. Good Girl. Great to see you are doing patrol - just like I used to do. Thank you also to your teacher Mrs King - who encouraged and taught you over these last 2 years and help you settle into the NZ way of life. One year finished and a new year with lots of new challenges will start in 2013! You did great in 2012 Jojo! love you always - mum, dad and your bros/sis xxxx