Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Netball Game

I love netball! Here's a movie of me playing last week. I am Centre. Of course, we won!


  1. Wow! you played an awesome game Jo! I loved watching you play and wish I was there to watch your game in person. You looked a bit tired though so maybe you need to exercise a little bit more aea. I think you make a good Centre - running around all over the court. Good Girl. Keep up the hard work on the netball court...and of course you won! you're a champ like mummy!!! alofa atu. mummy xxx

  2. Hi Jordenne it's Chyna i love netball to i play for a school i go to Henderson Nort school out west.we all ways win to

  3. Hey Jordenne its me Kashya. Its great to hear that you won. I I wish I was back in New Zealand playing netball with you. Hope you win all your other games. Here in Australia im only year 4 and year 4's aren't allowed to play only year 6 and up.
    Hopefully you and your team will come first in the tournament.
    from Kashya

  4. Hey Jordenne!!!
    Looks like you guys played another awesome game! Well done on winning. What was the score???
    Hopefully you have been having lots of fun doing ALL the activities at school.
    Miss you,

  5. Hi Jojo,

    You did an amazing job that I was just so amazed of how you played. You ROCK! And also, you looked like you were acing it. KEEP IT UP!:)
    God Bless!!