Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jordenne Artwork Reflection

“Yeah” I finished.
When I was done I was really proud of my creation. What I did well was bending the colour with the water. What I need to do better next time is to, I don’t really know. Because I think I done a really great job. What I enjoyed was all of them. I was working really hard to finish it.

What I need to work on is to put different colours next to each other. So I’m proud of my artwork. `


  1. Hey Jordenne,

    I enjoyed observing your artwork.. I have to agree with you though, you done a great job blending your colours with the water. I think the colours you used really stood out with the black dark outlines you drew. Keep up the great work Jordenne.


  2. love the colours! Can you keep this picture for our house in Vaoala. Make sure you pack it away in a safe place so that Lana can bring it over ua iloa. Your artwork is really improving and I always like the colours you use. Keep up the great work bub. love you. Mummy & Daddy xxxx