Thursday, June 28, 2012

The sneetches

In our class we had to retell a story about The Sneetches by Dr. Suess. Miss King said it about racist people. But The sneetches, it not racist people it racist sneetches.

She said along time ago in America there were white people and black people. The white people treated the black people like slaves. Miss King said when ever they go inside the bus they are to sit at the back. The white people said they can't drink from the drinking fountain, and that's pretty sad of them.

So now in America, the white people treats the black people kind and fair. They don't have any trouble anymore.

 Thea,Sela and I were in groups. This is what we said.....

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  1. What a good story for yous to learn about everyone being equal. Noone race is better than the other. We are taught at Sunday School to love one another no matter what their race of color. Dr Suess stories are cool and I loved reading them too when I was your age.
    Mummy xx