Monday, October 29, 2012

Decimals from biggest to smallest

Here is a movie, that Jordan, Bishop, Mary and I made about Decimals from biggest to smallest.

Made up story: Fighting over the swing

Seeing my little cousin Xavier swinging on the swing he shouted “I feel so alive!”
He swung for such a long time, that I wanted to have a turn. “Come on! You’ve been on since we came. Let me have a turn now.” I shouted angrily while my red face popped out. “Can you be patient?” he replied.

“I’ve been waiting for hours and you're telling me to be patient!” I screamed. “Just, hurry up and let me have a turn”. “No” Xavier answered. So he swung and didn’t even care about giving me a turn.

I was so angry that I couldn’t take it anymore. I sat on the grass watching him feeling happy while I was feeling so jealous. The next minute, he was swinging so hard that he jumped off and flew into the air.

“NEK MINIT!” He landed on mud. My little cousin was covered with mud, he popped out and screamed”Aaaaaah, there is mud on me!!”. I felt so happy that he had come off the swing. Now it was my turn.

Swinging on the swing I shouted “I feel so alive”. But I stayed on just for like 10 minutes, and walked to Xavier and helped him up. “Lets take you home for a shower” I said.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Made up story-The annoying wave

While building an amazing sandcastle at the beach, an annoying wave came and ruined it.
So I moved away, and built another one. “Much better no more waves in my way” I said happily.

As I finished building my amazing sandcastle, I walked to my mum and said ”Hey mum, look at my castle. Isn’t it amazing?” My mum turned around and saw nothing. “I can’t see anything” she laughed. “What! It was right there” I screamed. “Wait, it was the wave again”.

Angrily, I walked to the wave and started to kick it. “STOP RUINING MY CASTLE!!!! I HAVE BUILT LIKE MORE THAN 10 CASTLES AND YOU HAVE RUINED ALL OF THEM!!!”. Jumping on the wave, it pulled me under and I began to drown. “Help! Help!”.

I was having a fight with the wave, and it was winning. It was so deep that I kept on shouting ”Help! Help! Help me!”. My mum heard me and saw me drowning. So she ran towards me and grabbed my hand. Trying to breathe, I popped up and landed on the sand.

“Thanks mum” I said. “Don’t go too deep, ok” my mum replied. So I built another sandcastle.
I looked away quickly and looked back to my castle and it was all gone. I kept my anger inside me and breathed slowly. “Wooh”.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Made up story: Halloween

Walking around the neighbour hood with my little brother, we went trick or treating. I was a clown, my little brother was a ninja. He looked inside the bucket and seeing all the lollies, quickly snatched it off me. "Hey give that back!" I yelled as I tried to grab it off him. "I asked for it" he shouted angrily.
"Give it back, otherwise I'll punch you" I commanded."BOOM" Suddenly that came true.
My ninja brother ran crying to my mum. So I started eating  all the lollies before mum got to me. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Made up story: The flood in G.I

Covering G.I was an enormous flood, everyone ran outside of their houses!
There is a boy called Johnny, he lives with his nanny. Her name was nanny Agather. Nanny Agather was inside putting all the furniture, the t.v and everything they had on a higher ground.

Nanny couldn’t do it by herself. So she ran outside calling out “Johnny, Johnny come and help me!! He heard, but then he was stopped by a bully saying “You have to stay here and do a belly flop. If you do it, you can go and help your nanny. But if you don’t, I’ll take all your money”. Johnny was scared.

Nanny Agather was getting a little cranky so she tried again.“Johnny, Johnny come and help me now!!” She went up stairs and looked out the window searching for Johnny. “There he is” she had spotted him. Nanny Agather went back downstairs to go and drag him home.

Walking outside Nanny saw Johnny, he was about to jump. “3, 2, 1!!! GO!” the bully yelled. Johnny jumped from the window towards the flood, putting his hands behind his head. He knew that his stomach would be the first thing to touch the water.

“SPLASH” Johnny was under there for like 5 seconds. Nanny Agather was worried. “Wooh” Johnny puffed. He came up thankful that he hadn’t been hurt. He said to his nanny “I’m sorry for not listening, I’ll come and help”.

Johnnys Nanny turned to the bully and said”DO NOT BULLY MY GRANDSON AGAIN!!!”.
They both went inside the house and carried all the things up stairs.

Monday, October 15, 2012

White Sunday

Celebrating White Sunday, heaps and heaps of families enjoyed watching
the children. White Sunday is when the kids celebrates!

On Sunday, we all got ready for the children's special day! "It is happening" I said
to myself. "It is happening". It was White Sunday!!

I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth really fast and clean. We were in a
big rush. We're suppose to be there at 9.00. Finishing brushing my teeth,
I went to the kitchen and ate breakfast. "Hmm, that was nice".

"Your clothes are here" my Nana shouted. As I walked to her, I saw my dress and it
looked beautiful. I slid inside and I said "Wow I look pretty, I'm going church now".

Walking towards the door I touched my hair and "Aaaaaaaahhhhhh" my hair was messy!
I quickly ran to my aunty and said "Can you do my hair please". She replied "Yes".

My aunty Rivalana, done my hair as a bun. Last year she platted it on the side.
She is really good at doing my hair.

As she finished doing my hair she gave me my earrings. I poked it through my ears and I looked even more 
prettier! I put on my bracelet , my shoes, my necklace and my wreath. "I'm done, I can go church now".

It was time for me to go . Walking inside the hall I saw heaps of kids. They all looked pretty and hansom. I saw my cousins, I said to them " I'm so nervous and excited, there is going to be more
than 100 people. 

We all got into our classes. My grandpa came, he is the minister. He told us to be loud,
be confident and especially smile. "Let us pray" my grandpa said.

When he finished, we all sang a Samoan song while we go inside the church.
We do that every year. When we finished we all sat down.

My grandpa went to the pulpit and told the parents
not to come to the front of the stage to video or take pictures. He said you can sit at the front seat and do it.

First it was the little kids. They were sooo cute! When they all finished their part, they sang "Soon and very soon". That is the time that our class have to go and get ready.

Crawling outside of the church, we all had to get dressed. It wasn't our turn next. It was the other class. We are after them. Our teacher just told us to come. 

It was the other classes turn. About 5 or 10 minutes later, I saw the class coming down off the stage. It's our turn.

The narrator went on. Our story was about Jobe, the servant of God.
I was in scene 3. So the first two characters went on. When they finished their part,It was the other peoples turn.

 We were on after them. Seeing them coming off the stage I felt
sooo excited. Walking up and looking at the people I said my part. 

It was the other persons turn. After her part I had another one.
"Loud and clear, Jordenne" I said to myself. When I finished we both walked off the stage.

The only ones left was our summary and our song.
Finishing those two part, everyone clapped while we were walking off the stage.
I was so happy!! 

When all the classes were finished. All of my cousins came to my house and had a feed.


These words, are room 13 favorite toys! We made this on a site called Wordle.
Here is a link to the website we made it on.

Friday, October 12, 2012

White Sunday practices

During the holidays we had White Sunday practice. It was fun! On Wednesday was our rehearsal.
We had to do it in front of every class. But on the real one there would be heaps of people. I will be 

But it doesn't really matter, because I like saying my parts. I can't wait until it is White Sunday!!!