Monday, October 29, 2012

Made up story: Fighting over the swing

Seeing my little cousin Xavier swinging on the swing he shouted “I feel so alive!”
He swung for such a long time, that I wanted to have a turn. “Come on! You’ve been on since we came. Let me have a turn now.” I shouted angrily while my red face popped out. “Can you be patient?” he replied.

“I’ve been waiting for hours and you're telling me to be patient!” I screamed. “Just, hurry up and let me have a turn”. “No” Xavier answered. So he swung and didn’t even care about giving me a turn.

I was so angry that I couldn’t take it anymore. I sat on the grass watching him feeling happy while I was feeling so jealous. The next minute, he was swinging so hard that he jumped off and flew into the air.

“NEK MINIT!” He landed on mud. My little cousin was covered with mud, he popped out and screamed”Aaaaaah, there is mud on me!!”. I felt so happy that he had come off the swing. Now it was my turn.

Swinging on the swing I shouted “I feel so alive”. But I stayed on just for like 10 minutes, and walked to Xavier and helped him up. “Lets take you home for a shower” I said.  

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  1. is this a true story? well its good that you helped your cousin get up and take him to be cleaned. i can just imagine yous swinging on the swings and Xavier saying that! ha ha...I like your story...
    always help and share with your cousins and friends ua iloa bub. love mum x